Tarot weekend report

Weekend is here, things are interesting, seems like everyone is busy, doing something, almost forgetting that is the end of the week. Energy is boosting up, winter sleep was long and kind of a weird, although that is still pretty cold here in Eastern Europe region, it is almost you can smell spring behind snowflakes.




Birds are singing, flowers and leaves are blooming and snow is falling at the same time. Just like the nature, energies are divided, it’s like you have a great plan to do something before getting in bed, and in the morning you are too lazy to get things done, but around 6 P.M., you are actually using that vacuum cleaner and washing the floors, or calling your mother.

So, for this weekend things can get a bit off the timeline, wishes and plans, but after all it will all align somehow.

Maybe you will get phone call from your friends to go to some party and night out, but you will say no, and when the suns comes down, you will send some whatsapp messages – “where are you, I will be there in 5”. And get a bit too perky, eager and over enthusiastic  🙂




Or, if you are feeling sick, or cold and just want to stay in bed for the rest of the weekend, you may have some unplanned visitors, so make sure your dishes are clean 😉

In background to all that things, there will be some work related vibrations around you,  like thinking about new ways how to represent your work, or how to make your boss look at you in a better way, mind will be working pretty hard, even though your body could be in sleeping position 🙂

It’s Mercury retrograde time, your actions could be delayed and a bit clumsy, but keep tryin, practice makes perfect 🙂

If you are in love, and hoping for your chosen one to be in one of the places that are you going this weekend, you could feel disappointed, not that this person will not be there, but it will be with someone else, or in some hideous clothing, or shoes, or haircut.  Superficial mode will be on this weekend.




Long Term and serious relationships will get their spark on, even though this spark will be mostly negatively presented,  like some fights and silent treatments, when you add things up, it is not all for the worst, you will have your peace in some way, and this tension is good to be broken sooner than later.  Go out with your girls or boys, or watch netflix in the other room, drinking cocoa or tea with extra sugar 😉 . Don’t overthink it, in day or so, things will be fine again.


Oh, yeah, funny thing,  you could reveal your secret admirer this weekend, but it will turn up to be more like stalker then admirier, but, potatoes , potatos ..


Have a great weekend 😉




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