Numerology: E i g h t

Happy Thursday, day of #Jupiter. Here is a new #numerology post. Number 8, connected to #Saturn & #Scorpio, Read more in link!

Number eight important in numerology, but as well it’s a second most magical number in nuclear physics. In particle physics, the eightfold way is used to classify sub-atomic particles. In astronomy, Messier object M8, a magnitude 5.0 nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Eight (

The New General Catalogue object N…

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°° Solar and Lunar Leo with Virgin Rising. Uranus dominant with many Plutonic mind tendencies. Simply not your average Lioness. °° Lux e tenebris. Astrologer, psychonaut & human psyche explorer. I'm interested in researching all aspects of life and death, microcosmos & macrocosmos. Using sky as endless inspiration. I am obsessed with pattern finding and research, especially of dramatic and heavy aspects, family ties and karma but also accidents and preventions. °Author & initiator of Hermit Fool project, where through group work we offer services of astrology, tarot and crystal education and consulting. For booking consultation please contact facebook page Hermit Fool or simply send me private e-mail on :

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