Yearly Forecast/ Astrology&Tarot (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius)

For the year 2018., we, writers of Hermit Fool (Sofia, Vita and Ija) decided to give you guys a yearly forecast for your rising signs, sun signs and sprinkle all that with the petite but sweet Tarot report 🙂

In this article you can read predictions for Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius.

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Let’s start!



Important influences:
Venus, Sun and Pluto in fourth house of home, memories, deep buried things but also hidden and buried treasure if we could only appreciate what we found. Sun with Venus in 4th house positive manifestation can bring lots of creativity, especially in couples, but in some other manifestation power struggles and domination themes since Sun is conjunct Pluto which are calling for reduction (Capricorn). As Saturn approaches Venus, who btw. can spend (Venus) on expensive things (Capricorn) will now face Saturn’s reduction. Although this is not a bad time for you, Libra since Capricorn is your well known cardinal friend, and you’re lucky to be the sign of Saturn’s exaltation, and Saturn being in Capricorn now, may offer you a chance to find solid foundation in your life, especially home wise.




Libra, this year you may become stupid rich or simply feel blessed on the area of finances. You have Jupiter and Mars in your second house all connected to a grand water trine, from fourh house to MC. It’s also possible that yyou will be making money with or through your partner. Just watch for overspending with Mars & Jupiter in your second house regarding things we own, such as house, car, wallet, money, or love, or self-respect. Depends what you prefer. On the field of finances similar to tarot card of „6 Coins“, expasion, abundance of resources and possible ways to advance. With Jupiter there is a positive outlook, expansion and possible succes. Jupiter and Mars may offer great balance between stability and movement if you incorporate Saturn’s qualities in your life; like saving up and not overspending. Similar like Sagittarius since you’re both experiencing similar themes in 2018. Having your rulers connected.

Inner you/private:
You’re moving from neighborhood literally (third house) into something much more serious, such as place you live & your career (4th-10th house axis). Home atmosphere may get a bit serious, more quiet, emotionally distant yet very productive since you have a lot going on in your fourth house of family, deep roots, our ancestors and our deep inner psychology. Fourth house may also point into our hidden self, where we try to hide from all the rest. Something that is well known nly to us and our family. Your emotional responses may be pretty much focused on your career and you may experience several shut downs during this period if you don’t manage to take your emotions and mind of work and career. Hard to say, but it’s not the most important thing in the world for you right now. Rather focus on sharing responsibilities in all your surrounding relationships. Make sure you filter your thoughts often and don’t be afraid to take few days off for yourself, to enjoy quiet moments and to think about things you want to or have to change about yourself and the way you live your life. This is alarming situation to sit alone with your thoughts, and communicate them with people who you trust. You’re definitely human, Libra, confirmed.
(01111001 01101111 01110101 00100111 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100110 01101001 01101110 01101001 01110100 01100101 01101100 01111001 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100, though)




South node in Aquarius sitting in your 5th house of romantic relationships and creativity will experience two eclipses (Jan 31 & Feb 15) with similar themes such as ones experienced during the summer time with other eclipses in Leo and Aquarius. These themes are concerning love and friendship themes and having Uranus, ruler of Aquarius in your seventh house of partnerships only confirms it. In personal relationships, and combining personal & non-personal relationships, creativity, sex and fun. Libra, you have been learning very important lessons so far,and lessons are not over yet. You are called to think about meaning between love and affection, personal and non-personal sharing with others and learning many important lessons regarding love and friendship in general. This is also concerning your groups and associations.
Ego clashes or simply clashes between personalities are to be expected but Libra you must now that not everybody needs to be your friend, and that your honesty inside relationships is also something people appreciate. Sometimes people are simply tired trying to take off every single one of your masks to approach you,since not everybody is fooled that easily. Do you really think the real you is so hard to love?

Ruler of your sixth house is Neptune and Jupiter. You have Neptune in your sixth house and Jupiter in your second house. Neptune in sixth house says your health may be especially sensitive in this part of year, especially in the very beginning of 2018. but it also has to do with something you value things, or how you spend things you earn. Emotional health is especially sensitive this year and you should practice building self-confidence and approach values with much more respect since resources (2nd house) won’t last forever. There is a grand water trine including your 2nd house and 6th house with Moon, Neptune, Jupiter and Mars there is no time to joke around. Take care of yourself Libra, sometimes not even medicine can help healing what can only be healed with patience and discipline.
Advices of the year:
Moon on MC- Emotionally married to career
Neptune, Jupiter, Mars (Grand water trine) – Imaginarium
Uranus in 7th house- expecting the unexpected in relationships
South node in 5th – Return of the Creation Force



Libra rising 0-16 degrees

My beautiful Libra Risings!
This year may seem a bit tough for you, but it brings the necessary process of growth.
Saturn, the planet of time and karma, is squaring your AC and DC, making a conjunction to your IC. Your overall task this year is to learn how to give structure to your emotions – how to control your reactions. The success or a failure of this, will, of course, manifest in your personal relationships (DC), which will be squared by Saturn.

You might experience this through the situations where your kind words and just motivations just won’t meet understanding and cooperation. Suddenly, you will feel as if there is no other way but to stay cold and harsh in some situations, because it is the only thing that works. This may be something very different to your usual sense for balance through politeness and fairness, but this is a necessary process for you to learn to stand your ground and not to make compromises where you should not. If you are in a relationship, this is the time to evaluate it, for you may meet some obstacles that will need tremendous patience to be solved.




If you survive this, there isn’t much that could threaten you as a couple. If your base was not strong enough though, this may be the time where your lack of mutual understanding and respect may prevail. However, if you acknowledge this on time, if you are ready to shine a light on your own mistakes and inappropriate behaviour, if you are ready to work on yourself patiently and firmly, this period might be a blessing, bringing you closer on the whole other level and developing your trust big time.




Hi Libras! If you are thinking about getting yourself a new home this year is good for that! You will be thinking a lot about your own place, or if you already have one, you will be focused on improvements. Well, it’s not only the place of living  that you will be changing, it is also relationships, jobs etc. But everything for the better, just be on that wave of bravery and do things for yourself, stay focused and know what you want.



Sharman-Caselli Tarot


Hey! Nine of Pentacles is your card this year! We are talking about: Great abundance, growth, self-reliance, contentment, domain, plenty, material wellbeing, balance, rewards, prudence, safety success, accomplishment, discernment, certitude, fortitude, seeking a purpose, achievement, reflections, analysing plans and goals, satisfaction, pleasure, material gains, self-esteem, reward for effort. Yeah these are all keywords for you this year. But, nothing is ever so great, and nothing fall of the sky.  But you have great power this year to actually realize this things for you.  Watch your mouth, your words can sometimes be really harsh, and after they have been said, everyone, including you feels bad. So  pay attention. Patience  is also very important for you this year, don’t get over controlling and try to be yourself always.. It seems like sometimes in year 2018, you will lose you natural charm, and you will try to be someone you are not just to get in some “cool gang”- believe me, your natural self will get much more points in that field, be yourself!  Whatever you may gain in this following months save, manage with things rationally. Handle your affairs wisely  and control of your finances, lifestyle and life in general. Find that perfect scale 😉




Important influences
Very intense year themes with Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio in your first house, affecting you directly through personal relationships bringing very intense period of changes and expansion but through crisis. With Sun Venus and Pluto in your 3rd house of communication you may experience manipulation or sparke very intense conversations or writings. You may also be on a quest to find ideal place to live with Neptune in 4th house or lure many inspirational things from your home life.

Ruler of your 2nd house is in your first house & conjunct Mars which means that this year you will get really busy with making money and working on your own values as well. Simply put, this year you may become your own source of income. This may not be that pleasant since Mars in Scorpio just likes to spice things up to make them intense and dramatic, digging deep into roots of staying alive and battle for life and death.
You may experience much focus and income coming through the themes of your third house; Capricorn where Pluto-Sun-Venus reside, placing you in jobs such as writing, talking, sales, but also occult or deep psychology. More so, Mercury, ruler of your 8th house of shared resources is in your 2nd house of money with Venus. Doesn’t sound bad at all. Only thing you have to pay attention to is discipline. Saturn tends to overwork yet Venus likes to enjoy. Try to balance both and this year you’ll be stacking some mad guala. With Saturn residing in your 2nd house of money and material values it can be a very challenging time to get rich quick, but at least you will learn how to make a good schedule and get job done on time.



Saatchi Art


Well, dear Scorpio rising, you really have a lot on your mind this year. Some things are nice, like thinking about relationship that could be long lasting and fruitful but simply slipped into a colder phase or you may be thinking about that special deep intensity you want to share with that special someone but you both seem very distant from each other, not to say cold.
Venus in your third house of short travels, brothers and sisters, cousins and our immidiate surroundings may offer a pleasant short trips but in sense of obligation or work. It’s advised and recommened to take short trips to visit elder family members, like mothers & fathers or grandfathers and grandmothers.
To get back to your mind, dear Scorpio, Venus and Sun with Pluto in your third house also calls for lots of creativity work, similar to „Five of Wands“ tarot card, of course Venus-Sun and Pluto are in Capricorn so that creative work surely won’t be a piece of cake, but something very practical,hard-working yet rewarding at the end. Make sure you use advantage of time! Make schedules and give yourself and your loved one a short romantic trip together. You won’t regret it.

Inner you/private:
Aquarius on your 4th house cusp and south node parked there says that this area of your life is very prone to unexpected happenings this year. Energy of south node is very similar to nature of Saturn; it shrinks, and it may give unpleasant feelings… But south node is also a very karmic one, brining past themes back in present life. Some friends you have considered very close or intimate may come back into your life unexpectedly and give you important new, especially regarding health issues or career, since you will be experiencing both eclipses (Jan 31,2018 & Feb 15,2018) in your 5th-11th house and 6th-12th house axis which will involve themes of friendship, public life and creativity and highlight eclipses that happened here during summer of 2017.
In 2018. you may experience some very unexpected ideas that will come in your head in the speed of lightening and you may come up with some really original and inovative ideas or you may find out some shocking, occult, metaphysical background story regarding our roots, family past and ancestors. Make sure you give it some thought, write it all down or speak about it.
Home may become either a place of high sensitivity (Neptune in Pisces in 4th house) or a place of achieving the ultimate peace and final harmony. Also, feelings of mystery, devotion and submission to something beyond yourself. Sometimes with Neptune, we may remenisce over something that is gone or absent, therefore also including paranormal things going on at home, like spirits and ghosts.
Your 4th house specifically this year with Neptune in Pisces here is similar to „Ace of Cups“, you’re blessed with peace and angelic protection from your ancestors. If only you could shut your mouth and open your ears.



Tabula Mundi Tarot-Ace Of cups


Pisces on your 5th house cusp with Chiron there, squaring your 8th house Gemini Moon says you’re entering this year with your chest wide open. Mentor appears in the form of lover or creative personal project mates. According to Barbara Hand Clow and her book „Chiron- rainbow bridge between inner & outer planets“ Chiron in this house always creates a powerful sense of the child within and this chid can be a monster, demanding, first place or a powerful generator of creative force. Energy of Chiron in fifth is sensual, erotic and cretive and with Pisces, it’s also a place of Venus exaltation, even more reason to unleash or transform sexual energy into a creative force.
Chiron is a wounded healer & fifth house is house of sex, but also house of personal creativity and sports and children. It’s very important that we talk about those themes and not to keep them hidden in 2018.
Taurus on your 7th house cusp and Venus next to Sun in 3rd may point either to often frequent visits from your boo-boo or you and your boo-boo spending much time in conversations or short trips together.

Aries on your 6th house cusp and Uranus there call for action and activation. Waking up earlier than usual, having an unusual diet, everything is slowly changing and it will be interesting to see your final transformation once it’s complete. This year is definitely yours with personal transformations.
Your daily routines will definitely change and it will be unusual and unconvential one, some people may even call it „weird“, „eccentric“, „new age“ or simply „crazy“, but you don’t even need normal this year. You’re upside down and that’s the way it should be really.
Mantras and chants will help also, just like drumming, meditation and magical healing work. Also, breathing wll be of much help. Don’t be afraid of trying new and perhaps „unconventional“ methods but don’t accept crazy and dangerous offers either.
As far as health goes; you may experience short intense migraines and checking your blood is advised too.

Advices of the year:
Uranus in 6th: Unusual daily life
Neptune in 4th house: Well of Fortune inside
Mars Jupiter in 1st house: Adventure called „Me“
Sun Venus & Pluto in 3rd house: „Mind as creative river“




Scorpio rising 16-29 degrees

This is a very fine year for you, my dear Scorpio risings. This year Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and fortune is crossing your Ascendant. This means dreams coming true! Wherever you go, whatever you do, there might be a feeling of being lucky. This year everything seems like going smooth – so use this well. Jupiter crossing your AC means it is making an opposition to your DC.


b44618e0f331f964a5b81dca92fa8998 (1)


This means new opportunities for love; the universe is bringing you someone right in that moment when you needed it. This someone might be a person who will broaden your horizons, someone who has «seen the world», someone connected to foreign culture, higher education, or simply someone – opinionated. This is an easy period for you, however, don’t let that fool you. I have written earlier about the traps of Jupiter, so be aware to reconsider those opportunities every now and then.





Hello fellas, I really like you guys, that deep energy, yet steady but unpredictable, and slow but powerful, it’s like dub music. Strong bass, echos, vibrations.. This power that I’m talking about will be crucial this year. From time to time in this 2018., you will feel irrational fears, in sense that no one likes you, problems with communication. You will be trying to verbalize your senses and vibration, but that won’t work, so from time to time, just like I’ve said, there will be some miscommunication.. But nothing dramatic, chill, cool down bro! Things are going in your way, don’t get all anxious, use your power to stay above the ground this year. Don’t get lazy, but do relax.



David Palladini, The Sun


Your card for this year is Major Arcana THE Sun- great card, it tells you that your time is now! Be happy, don’t be afraid of happiness, use your dub rhythm and make it ska, just for this year, try it, you will like it! Success is near, in love you will meet some new persons who will lit up your world, not just in intimate but also in platonic relationship, and that will be great experience. Watch out on your diet, make sure you eat regularly and healthy, get off sweets 😉




Important influences:
Mercury in 1st house marks this year as very mental one with lots of thoughts, words, communication, writing and sales, especially since sales are Mercury area. Saturn is slowly leaving your first house (early Sagittarius) or left already (later Sagittarius) and it’s in your second house of money and values. How ever hard it is to say, sometimes luck just isn’t enough. With Saturn in your second house only hard work pays off. Moon in seventh house of relationships may experience sensitivity clashes with romantic or business partners.



Capricorn on your second house cusp with much planets here (Saturn, Venus, Pluto) says this year, Sagittarius, you may expect money but only if you play your cards right. That means, in Capricorn language; SAVING MONEY AND RESOURCES.
Yes, saving, reducing, introducing discipline and self-control in your life, especially through money matters. If this Venus was in easy, fun loving sign of Sagittarius Id’ advise you to enjoy life by all means, but Capricorn is very responsible, slow and self-controlled sign who likes to take it slow, invest, save and plan ahead knowing that tomorrow everything can change. Your second house of money and values is very busy and offers will be arriving from all sides, but watch for dead lines and obligations towards others, especially things involving communication, writing and speaking as they’re all connected to your career now. Story will most likely involve your friends in it oo, your 2nd house Venus rules 10th & 11th house of career, friendship and groups.
Aquarius on your 3rd house cusp has south node in it, bringing themes of old friends into your immidiate surroundings. Friends you may have considered brothers/sisters are no where to be found, life has changed in many ways, on the very start of a new year. But don’ be sad, eclipses that happened in the past in this houses (Jan 31-Feb 15 and during summer time of 2017.) are highligting the area of your 3rd house which includes the way your mind functions, your immidiate surroundings but also themes of writing, thinking,communicating and expressing thoughts.
Don’t forget third house is also house of our brothers and sisters, relatives and those we consider so close we call them brothers and sisters. You are advised to use your mind and thoughts through themes of fifth house, children, creativity (personal expression) and through romance.
With Neptune here in 3rd house, these is like a full color collage in yourmind, but you may be forgetful or keep lies and secrets from people around you or you may try to play victim if confronted, avoid it and take full responsibility for your actions. Your mind is going through structuring and learning about rules and shared responsibilities. If you learn it, you may surely expect rewards. If ynot, you will experience very unpleasant things that you will probably then percieve as „punishment“.
Another thing about your third house is appearance of Chiron, the wounded healer there. Chiron is wounded healer but it represents appearance of a mentor, this mentor appears as someone willing to solve your crisis of integration here on Earth that involves communication, agility and personal mastery. With Chiron in 3rd house, Barbara Hand Clow says there are usually problems with discrimination, and the native undergoes many wasteful experiences until maturation.
Since Chiron and Saturn are so connected, dear Sagittarius you have to grow up and it won’t be that easy. Practicing what you preach for example could be a first step towards that.



Jean-Baptiste Regnault. Education of Achilles


Inner you/private:
Your fourth house cusp is in Aries with Mars and Jupiter in your 11th/12th house. Definitely you will be experiencing changes in your home, either you already moved or think of moving plces or you’re simply experiencing changes in your personal intimate areas, home and fammily. These changes may include friends, but connection to 12th house also speaks on sort of „hidden things“ or simply spending much time in isolation, behind closed doors or in the warmth of your home. Again, Mars ruler of your 4th house is conjunct Jupier, so please make sure you don’t get in conflict because of overdoing or overexpanding yourself (Jupiter). As far as that goes, you may be spending lots of time with your loved one, or have moved in together.

From one point, you’re experiencing that lovers can be friends too and vice versa. Uranus in your fifth house may make romantic relationships strange, unusual and „ready to explode“ or you may experience unexpected pregnancy or children on the other hand.
If you’re experiencing any friction in relationships, try to incorporate something new, unusual and eccentric in them and you will proabably fix Uranus horrible nature that reacts to boredom.
Moon in Gemini in your seventh house of long term, equal partnerships may make this year much more emotionally sensitive, especially to partners who are in long term relationships. Particually they may meet problems in the area of feelings, sharing thoughts and communication and it will be your main challnge this year to work on communication, emotions and obligations inside your personal relationships, both romantic and business ones. You are advised again, to practice what you preach and to live and appreciate truth over comforting lies.
Even if that means changing the way you lived & loved so far.

Taurus on your 6th house cusp with Venus next to Sun & Pluto calls for heads up. Yes, Venus is minor benefic planet and usually it has something to do with pretty things in life, hedonism included. Everybody loves to eat well and enjoy millions of flavors but that’s really not the point of living and there is no energy exchange if we keep wasting resources we have. Taurus and Venus are known for indulging in all that has to do with our senses, but most importantly it’s the taste. Venus is also connected to our bodies and our skin, biggest organ of our body.
Venus in Capricorn calls for rational use of resources and food, even introducing fasts and living consciously and economically.
Pay attention to your knees and bones especially. Walk as much as you can, or hike if you can.

Advices of the year:
Mercury in 1st: Mercury in 1st
Moon in 7th: Rocky Love Boat
Uranus 5th/Mars Jupiter 1st house: Re-evaluating friendships and relationships
Neptune in Pisces in 3rd: Inspirational mind



Sagittarius rising 11-16 degrees

Dear Sags, you’re finally out of Saturn’s reach. Feeling old and wise, huh? Well, keep that in your pocket, cause you’re into some magic. Neptune, the planet of inspiration, illusion, spirituality and higher consciousness is squaring your DC. It means that your imagination is leading the way now. Your love life may be something of a fantasy now, your heart wishing for someone who is simply not available for whatever reason. If you are in an existing relationship however, there may be someone aside to catch your eye, or that same scenario might happen to your partner.




Your imagination, better said, cause you are easily projecting your fantasies onto people in this period. If you come into temptation, dear Sag, just remember to ask yourself – is it worth it? There is one thing about Neptune transits, sometimes it gives you even more satisfaction to dream about it, than to actually do it, so keep that in mind. Also, Neptune is best used creatively – you just might find yourself easily seduced by art; music, movies, books, whatever suits you. Now is the perfect time to get lost into those things.
There are some of you of course who won’t experience these kinds of situations, but who will simply just put partnerships and love on a pedestal. What I always say, and will again for Pisces risings – CREATIVITY will save the day!

Good luck!


Yo Guys! Your intuition will be wild this year! You will feel, you will see deeper than before. You will try to learn more and get in contact with all that artsy, occult and dreamy sphere, and if your best friend is Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces, you will have so much fun in this spiritual paths. Go travel together, visit Iceland or some other nordic place. Your card is Major Arcana High Priestess which is always reminder of balance.





Try to see bigger picture in every relation, business and plan, be wise to keep your ideas, visions and intentions to yourself at this time as you have to complete faith in your own abilities, rather than taking on the advice and opinions of others. In love relations it may seem that you really want to go steady with someone or be in a long term relationship but this opinion is very changeable, you will be hard to catch, try not to get lost in your aspirations. Your friends will need you, share your optimism but save your energy, try not to burn out. Get easy on money and watch your footsteps, your ankles, knees and bones are your weak point this year. And read Hermit&Fool , share your interesting views with us, I can’t wait to read your comments 🙂



Mucho kisses,

Sofia, Vita and Ija


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