For the year 2018., we, writers of Hermit Fool (Sofia, Vita and Ija) decided to give you guys a yearly forecast for your rising signs, sun signs and sprinkle all that with the petite but sweet Tarot report 🙂

In this article you can read predictions for Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

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Let’s go!


Important influences:
For those born in early days of Cancer Moon is in their 12th house carrying a very sensitive feelings story and perhaps some time off, hermit mode and isolation, a need to go away and leave some things behind. And those born in later days will directly experience it’s Moon activation through personal and direct 1st house. Learning how our emotions are very easily projected through others and bounce back. A year of learning about their own emotions through the eyes of others. Grand Water trine (Moon, Neptune, Jupiter & Mars), getting in touch with our inner feelings of joy, pain, happiness and fear, using higher source for help, protection and shield. Getting protection from the universe. Richness of emotions and inner world. Smaller trine (Neptune, Sun,Venus,JupiterMars), Neptune & Chiron on MC confronts us with deep wounds and asks if we want to be healed. Pain caused with breaking of the illussions. New year Full Moon happening through 1st and 7th house, breaking point in relationships. North node in Leo in 2nd house calls for re-evaluating your own values,especially in sexual and romantic matters (Sun in 7th house).



Cancer – the Crab, detail from the Horoscope from ‘The book of birth of Iskandar”


What we consider values are not only values in the form of money, Cancer. It’s also about how much we value what we own. This could be the story of thinking we can own somebody in personal relationships by using form of values in cash, or jewelery. Dear Cancer, if you have been feeling that you had to work hard so much to win somebodies love in the first place, making you lose your energy and emotional stability it’s time to cancel it out. Your quest this year calls you for recognizing your personal creative spirit and build your self-worth and self-evaluation through it. Releasing a blocked sexual creative energy is important, but it’s also important that we release it in healthy way. North node in Leo is currently in your 2nd house of financial and overall values creating squares to your 5th house of fun, enjoyment but also gambling games. So dear Cancer, if you’re planning on gambling this year make sure you think twice about overextending yourself. Mars with Jupiter in your 5th house in the sign of Scorpio can simply overextend (Jupiter) our actions (Mars). Since Mars Jupiter combination can extend our confindence also, we could easily lose a LOT if we keep using beginners luck as a charm. Seems like a cause of this is in deeper emotional nature. It’s really important that we feel well, then even the finances will bloom, because remember Cancer, everything we send out, comes back to us in one form or another. So why not send something that incudes will, patience and love? If there is a good chance for international jobs, you may as well accept it since there is a good chance that job will bring you some sense of security and financial fundations, but first take some time off and clear your mind, decide exactly what you want.

Well if we could sugarcoat things, I would say that this year you will learn to see a bigger picture, but I feel you’re struggling to see all the small details that are of much importance. When our mind gets too much information, we can mix things up. Our mind is in very dual nature and our mind is not something to be trusted. Mercury in Sagittarius is in your 6th house of everyday work, routines and rituals. This means you will either be physically traveling or spending a whole lot of time thinking. But this thinking will not be something that you’re used to, it won’t even be conventional way of thinking. More so, you might even get bursts of unexpected news, words, like a stream of lightening. There could also be some unexpected happenings career wise or job wise since Uranus in Aries is making an opposition to Mercury in sixth house. Many of you Cancers may even decide to end a form of career that didn’t make sense, or it caused them extreme mental and physical exhaustion.
Cancer, I can only assume how hurt and disappointed you are, but past is the past and we always have a consicious choice of making a decision of stopping the victim cycle. We don’t need to be a victim no longer, just as we can consciously decide stopping ourselves from making others victims as well. All the lies, deceiving, misunderstandings and sufferings can end, only if we decide so. Your mind could be occupied with relationships and romantic relationships, or you may be facing much challenges in that point. However all these transits offer a high chance of conscious decision making, especially relationships wise. Now it’s the time to decide, Cancer. And you know you’re not alone.

Your inner self still feels weakned from emotional turmoil and challenges you have been facing in the past. Maybe so much that even your physical body is weakened. At times our thoughts can become obsessive and manipulate illussion into reality, creating many false images to keep us from achieving our true soul purpose and goals. This can happen in the form of drama, feelings of being cut on two sides of attachment vs.freedom or simply failing to see trees from woods.
Dear Cancer, this year you are asked to put some routines and controls on your mind. To practice patience and discover a lifes higher sense through your mind and emotions. But for that, you will need to accept yourself as 1. Emotional , 2. Sensitive , 3. Caring creature. At times, you can appear so strong, building a very hard shell on the outside so everybody knows you’re nothing to mess with. But what are you defending yourself from all the time? Perhaps your home situation is what is causing problems in the first place, even the health wise ones. Your connection to home is understandable, but you’re not obligated to live other peoples lives for them. You deserve your chance and you will get it. Basically Cancer this year is full and rich of emotional learning, growth, learning important lessons in the form of emotional exchange, communication, contemplation, meditation but also where you’re giving yourself some relaxing alone time by removing yourself from environments that caused you pain. Mercury is on the degree: „Pelicans, disturbed by people, move their habitad.“ This is perfectly described by turning away from past toxic influences and opening yourself to new and unconventional changes that Uranus in 10th house brings. You will not regret this.

Nothing is perfect and everything is an illusion. Everything is perfect and nothing is illusion. Everything is at the same time perfect and not perfect, depening on the perspective. Usually we get fixated on the thing that is not perfect and by judging past experinces we tend to think nothing is working out. And by that, we’re missing out things that are literally in front of us, such as our friends, family, children, pets and all the things that make life a little easier to handle. This year whole Capricorn stelium travels through your 7th house of equal partnerships but also open enemies. With Pluto roaming around here we can always expect rough changes and complete transformation of our personal relationships that will definitely have huge impact on our personality. Perhaps a relationship that lasted for a longer time or business partnership may suddenly break due to conflict or power struggles. This could be caused by our need for warm, safe relationships being in conflict with the behavior we tend to take over when we feel unsafe such as with aspects of Moon and Venus.
Perhaps somebody shook our emotional security, using our good will and patience. We are asked to recognize our own power and authority in relationships and to take the course and become the captain of the ship. Many people forget about the word relating inside the word relationship. Sometimes then relationships simply becomes a ship, filling with water (emotions), earth (possesion), fire (drive), air (mental) until it finally drowns, or get’s burned or smacked into the shore by the heavy wind and waves. Relation inside relationships is important, but so is empathy.
Dear Cancer, your heart may get cold this year, but this is not because you have feelings of revenge inside yourself. I think it’s because you’re learning to see the world and your own world importantly from unattached perspective, where you have full control of your situation. This may include some patience and can take longer time than usual, because what’s happening this year is your learning of learning not to answer every little call for help (especially from people who use you), but also year of learning to become responsible for your own mistakes in dealings with other people, learning to say no when you mean no and recognizing that huge source of power and leadership inside of you. Otherwise, others may practice that on you, or you may have a close encounter with your bosses or supervisors. All in all, relationships may be on a rocky shore, but it’s not as strange and unusual, more so it’s a same old territory with same old stories, but the thing is, you’re not a same person anymore. Dear Cancer, you will get tough and on time, and we’re cheering for you.



Molly collage



Health wise, we could say, lots of things are going on. As we already mentioned before with Mercury in fiery and mutable Sagittarius and it’s detriment sign roaming through your 6th house, many of the health problems may be caused by overthinking. Since Jupiter and Mars are in your 5th house and in the sign of Scorpio, many of that thoughts are result of perhaps unpleasant emotional triggers involving either creativity or romance. If there is any chance, you are advised to use sports and physical exercise as your emotional filter, or simply doing something very creative where you can simply let go watery canal through paining, sketching, acting, singing, or anything you can procreate or create.
It looks like there is a lot on your mind and thoughts need to be re-arranged, with attention paid to smallest details since it seems we keep on missing or forgetting little things that help us make up that big picture. Especially in this moments we can expect help from our brother,sister or cousins.

Focus on emotions (Moon in Cancer in 12th/1st 180 to Sun, Venus and Saturn in Capricorn 6h/7th house
Quest for self-value (North Node in Leo in 2nd house)
Coming of higher source protection (Grand Water trine Moon Neptune Jupiter Mars)
Career changes (Uranus in 10th house)



Early Cancer Risings (1-11 degrees)

Saturn conjunct Descendant

Dear early Cancer risings, this year is testing your maturity in relationships. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and restrictions is entering your 7th house. This means that the relationships that you have are running into great challenges, and if you haven’t been satisfied, they even might end, because you simply don’t have any more tolerance for the bullshit you used to have. You will gradually realize that you have better things to spend your energy on that the eternal serving of your significant other’s needs.
On the other hand, you might attract someone new in your life, and if you do, this relationship will be a lasting one. Because everything Saturn touches, becomes serious. This particular person may be someone from the past, or someone much younger or older than you; it may be some kind of an authority to you, a professor, mentor, tutor. This is the time for reevaluating all of your partnerships and relating to others, and growing up in a way. A serious, earthly approach to the matters of love, dear Cancer. It’s time you get what you deserve. Stand tall, early Cancers, it was about time to cut the crap. ❤



Later Cancer Risings (18-29)

Pluto conjunct Descendant

For you, my dear later Cancer risings, this year brings – a deep change. Your relationships are going through a major transformation, meaning that all the ways you used to guard yourself are sinking into mud now. But don’t be afraid, dear Cancer, because this means empowerment. Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, is crossing your Descendant and entering your 7th house, and is bringing all that you’ve been hiding to the surface. All the defense mechanisms you used to have are going down, and guess what? YOU are bringing them down all by yourself! That’s right Cancer, you are desperately seeking for empowerment through love, and it is exactly what you will achieve. You might become obsessed with someone , and through that obsession you may find a lot of what you have been suppressing in yourself. You will discover parts of yourself you didn’t even know were there, but don’t be afraid, it’s just the beginning of the transformation. Just like a caterpillar has to get rid of its old shell to become a butterfly, you will want to get rid of your old self, and that will set you free. t’s time to deal with that buried baggage once and for all. As a result of this, you just may be sick of wishy-washiness in your relationships and you just might go for that which you crave. You may decide to let go of the thing that has been weighing you down for so long. You crave deep, intense devotion, and if it hasn’t happened yet, soon it will. Stay brave, it’s time for change!




Hello you fellow Cancerians, tell me how ya’ doing 😉

This year will be interesting, you know what you always think when someone mention “comfort zone”, for you, that term is so unrealistic, and you don’t get the negative side of it. When they start to talk about things like- you have to move on, get out of your comfort zone..for you that crap it’s like- yo! what are you talking about, everything could be a comfort zone, just bring the pillow and the blanky, turn on the Netflix and viola!  You just can’t get what they are saying, you will make everything comfort and nice, and warm and cosy, soft and fluffy- and why would anybody want to get out of that, right?! That is a comfort zone for you 🙂





Well, you will see what that “comfort zone” really means in 2018. Somethings will never be the same again, some of you will get married, some of you will break up, some of you will get kids, some of you will flunk last college year, problems in school, or work, with you bosses and colleagues.

You will catch yourself feeling so tired of things changing around you and then, finally,  you will start to do some changing about yourself, like literally move on of your comfort zone, you will mos def learn what that means this year. ‘Cause surly it’s not all that “sofa and Netflix” thing, it is much deeper and complex, and you will realize that past few years with everything that was going on around you, you forgot  how to act, like really act, stand up for yourself and move some mountains on the way.  You will again meet your inner strength and do things that you thought you will never be able to do.

Just guys, be brave, even if all that means moving to another country, loss of dear family member or a friend, change of  the career, starting the new life… believe me you can get pass of all that, and you will most certainly gain something from all things that will happen to you, you will gain your power again. Fierce and strong my fellow Crabs, remember your intuition is impeccable, rely on it guys! And don’t worry, there will be cosy moments with your love ones, but maybe in a different order, with different people, in different room, or a house, or a country, with new job, new baby, new partner, new pet  🙂







keywords/ Suspicion, boldness, readiness, strength, suspension, delay, adjournment, discretion, discernment, persistence and perseverance, unexpected gain, stability, knowledge, ability, defence, resilience, reward

PLANT/ BAYBERRY BARK, or any stimulant  for circulation, blood flow,  energy and for gums- AND NO, I DON’T MEAN COCAINE, don’t get all Pablo Escobarish  😀




Important influences:
North node in first house calls for creative self expression with a clear warning for ego wilding out. Capricorn stelium in 5th house repeats importance of creative personal self expression but calls for very much creative practical purpose. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio are in 4th house of emotions offering chances and opportunities with many changes in home and personal private environment. Source of income may come from selfless and occult work which could be connected from working from home. Anger issues are to be controlled since Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio may create tensions in the home environment if not channeled into creative purpose through self expressions. Romance and relationships could lead to excess in good or bad way, good way could be through investing lots of time in quality time together, growth and adventure while challenges could arise from conflicts wanting to connect emotionally and also wanting to connected in the sexual way.



EGYPT  ‘Leo on astronomical ceiling at Dendera.’


Virgo is ruler of your 2nd house cusp for this year Leo, and ruler Mercury is in the Sagittarius and 5th house connecting the themes of knowledge and teaching or learning themes in your life, but in very fun and creative way. This could be connected to group work, and also incude working from home since Mercury despositor is Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Mars in 4th house of our intimate and personal environment, but also female figures, and mothers. You could also be working with smaller ammounts of people, perhaps including an emotional and deep psychological subject in your work, or simply be working work that includes helping others, initiating changes in life of others. Mars in this connection is involved with cusp of 9th house so definitely some type of higher knowledge is involved. This could desribe work of teacher, consultant, professor, publisher, traveler, guru or similar callings. In some way, this is very much connected to your soul purpose. This work environment may bring some new and unexpected knowledge in your life, and if you haven’t already get involved with divination practice, either in the form of astrology, tarot, runes, iching or crystals. Uranus in your 9th house Aries, giving you that incredible adventure and new begining in your spiritual field.

Eclipses in August and expecting eclipse in January activates your Ascendant-Descendant axis, or if you’re born with Sun in Leo,which ever house your Sun is in. For this year particulary dear Leo, you’re expected to have very fun and pleasing journies which offer business purpose as well, and will mostly be connected with your creative inner purpose or you may travel with your lover. Travels may be inspirational, followed with all fine Neptunian things, such as music, dance, selfless helping, spiritual groups and creative groups in general. You could be traveling to visit different concerts, festivals.
Your mind may become your main source of income this year, along with your selfless and helping nature, but you need to pay attention not to spend everything you get. Ruler of your third and forth house is in the sign of Libra, and Venus is conjunct Sun and Pluto in 5th house Capricorn. Practice patience, and economic point of view. Get that piggy bank full Leo, invest in your future, this is a good time for that since at this point you also have support of your peers and partner.

It’s very hard to speak on such thing without mentioning again the soul purpose. Inner you is very connected to your private thoughts and home right now. You’re best of dealing with recent changes by focusing on creative purposes. Practicing emotional stability and control even through crisis. Your emotional ruler for this year is Venus in Capricorn conjunct Sun and Pluto, giving your inner emotions a very gentle but serious and contained nature. Romantic relationships may take a bit serious note or go through changes and foundation shaking. However, Saturn offers longevity and comfort in waiting till the storm passes. If looked from bright side Venus Neptune may create a common ideal in dealing with relationships and emotions. In bad way, it may attract situations in private life where we feel personally attacked or victimized if we show outside in public. Many inner challenges and conflicts may build up creative or sexual tension that is advised to be released through definitely persuing a work that involves contacting with other people, especially in the field of consulting or engaging in joined creative projects, especially involving friends or groups of people.




Each relationship is prone to change, something that lasts is cursed or blessed to change over time. Some relationships change for better and some change for worse in their paths towards creating or meeting their destiny. This year you have two planets involving themes in your relationships, first planet is Jupiter in Scorpio conjunct Mars in your 4th house, making private changes but offering sort of a blessing and protection. Many quality time hours will be spent inside a home. But there is sort of an issue here involving Jupiter and sign of Scorpio since Scorpio nature is so triple in it’s effect. One story is story of separation, declining to connect, usually with no need to connect and relate to partner. Usually we are fixated on bad things; especially related to past and we keep provoking them. In this case, we can become very mean, lead by our inner emotions of rage (Mars in Scorpio) using tactics to win over our partner in arguments, eventually creating a very cold and manipulative environment where relationship becomes battle of egos. Second type of Scorpio is kundalini snake related to our sexual energy. This brings a story involving two types of sexuality. One sexuality is involving stripping of ego and connecting in kind of Marvin Gaye sexual healing type of relationships. Where our sexuality is used as a gift and in self-control manner, involving also a healing type of sexual energy exchange. Other form of this is darker, where sexual energy is used in manipulating other person into getting what we want. But highest form of Scorpio sign is a dove of peace, where forgivness is met and given, where we accept other as it is, as an individual…which is a theme of second planet ruler involving themes of your personal relationships may bring the themes of what Jung would call individuation and that will be in the form of reflecting. You may see past patterns repeating and old themes being brought back into your life. You may also have to face some unexpected changes in relationships such as becoming friends again with your lover after getting your pride hurt many times. Perhaps in the past you were very focused on your partner, but with North Node sitting on your ascendant, your focus this year will be on you but you may miss the confort of having your partners support. Some sacrifices are to be made, but all in all Jupiter and Uranus grant great adventures followed with many rewarding and unconventional situations. If you and your partner are both adventurous this year could be a blessing for you. You may even get a feeling that blessings are fallling from the sky, one by one. Use it wisely, nothing lasts forever Leo. Invest in your joint future, make your love bloom even more.

Remember how last year you were thinking a lot about your health and diet, thinking about things that cause you troubles? Well this year you’re definitely going to change things, and it could be very short cut Pluto way. Even your daily habits and usual diet will simply be transformed. Pluto likes to cut things off when they no longer work, or have purpose by creating completely new values. Using some old knowledge (Saturn in Capricorn in 5th house) in creative ways of cooking will be very useful.
Staying fit and working out is of course very much advised and you will have plenty of energy to do so. Leos born in later days of Leo are advised to do a regular yearly systematic health check and to pay attention to their food intake and health in general. Some diets may be causing shrinking or losing too much weight.
There could be some problems involving libido or sex in general. Saturn is dry and cold and may take mind off sex, even creating very frigid and cold emotions. This is probably caused by too much focus on work and duties. One should be careful not to practice obligatory only sex but to create rather sensual atmosphere with their loved one or partner. It’s great to use all red stones which will help with desire and libido if that is the problem. Single Leos may be dealing with similar situation involving sexual frustration or simply abstence of sex. This is not a theme for a whole year but rather begging of the year of 2018., as time moves, Leos will learn how to properly channel their sexual energy and libido and will improve their health, diet and routines.

Quest for individual self: North Node in Leo in 1st house
Using inner creative resources: Small water trine involving Jupiter Mars in 4th house, Neptune in Pisces in 8th house and Sun and Venus in Capricorn in 5th house
Finding comfort in friendships: Moon in Cancer in 11th house
Personal vs. Nonpersonal (Moon in Cancer in 11th house in opposition to Sun and Venus in 5th house)



Late Leo rising (16-29 degrees) and early Virgo rising (1-11 degrees)

Jupiter square Descendant

There is another thing going for the earlier Virgo risings as well as late Leo risings.
This may be an exciting year for you folks! However, in your love life, you may tend to overdo things. A simple «what if..» may just be too much. What seems as an amazing opportunity may later turn out to be a miscalculated fail, so you may want to weigh things well before you take action. You might feel easygoing and that you have the support of the Universe when you actually don’t. So, now is a good time to do what you do best, Virgo – calculate the future outcome when it comes to the relationships, or, check out how much that person really is into YOU and your future together, Leo! You may feel lucky when you are actually put on a test of patience and right decisions.
This may be a period where it seems like whatever you choose, it’s going to be OK, but you might want to ask yourself, is this really what you want or you are just grabbing the opportunity?

There is also a tendency to go another mile when you shouldn’t. Remember, Jupiter is all about intuition, and actually when there is a square with Jupiter in play, our intuition is heightened – BUT in this case sometimes we just won’t listen to it! Listen to the little signs in and around you, and your overall good luck shall manifest itself.




Ciao Leo!

You my dear ones will work your ass off in 2018. There is a lot of working hours, with lot’s of not so cool people, especially if you are actually working with people, like maybe in shops, customer services etc. Your ego could get some slaps now and then, but don’t get too sassy in confronting your customers, bosses etc. You could maybe think about changing your career path in a way that suits you, your talents are big and shiny, so try to use them, don’t work for somebody, work for yourself. If you are a hairdresser open your own salon, if you are a doctor open your own practice, if you are plumber open your own business, you get what I mean, and if there is just no option to do so, then change your job,  take some new courses and build up your knowledge, don’t be taken by the fool, ’cause you certainly ain’t one, use your famous pride.

Watch with gambling, when I say “watch” I mean don’t do it, it is just not your game this year. Any form of gambling, like Paul Anka sing in his song :

“Don’t gamble with love
It’s only for fools
So play by the rules
Don’t gamble with love..”

That word “love” you see there ^^, change it with the word “anything” 🙂



Love situations will get very hot by the end of the year, younger partners, foreigners, new ideas with sex will spice up your mojo, that may be sleepy now and in the near future. For you in long term relationships, things will get on the next level, if your partner is Cancer- marriage is near for sure, or maybe a baby 🙂

But if you got some crazy ass fun loving Sagittarius, please watch not to gamble your house away :D, just kidding (or not), you will really have some fun in the ending of the 2018., but either way, this is just generally speaking with this sings.. Leo, this year will not be so easy going and charming like yourself are, but you will get by, watch for your stomach, you will not be able to process just anything, emotionally and physically and with diet.

Your Tarot card is WHEEL OF FORTUNE– Ever-changing cycle of life, wins and losses, ups and downs, unexpected luck, advancements and setbacks, success and failure – the duality of things.



Fyodor Pavlov Tarot X Wheel of Fortune


keywords/Chance, optimism, karma, fate, destiny, irony, visions of the whole, adaptation, change of fortune, chance, new beginnings, protection, success, elevation, luck, the wheel is always turning, unexpected change, good fortune and becoming master of one’s own destiny.

PLANT/ SLIPPERY ELM, but you can use all natural tonics for stomach, ulcers and stomach acid.




Important influences:
Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio offering lots of mental challenges and opportunities in fields of learning and travel. Moon in 10th house Cancer brings chances of popularity gain at work or career and emotional involvement in it too. Uranus in 8th house of death and rebirth bringing unexpected, strange, occult themes in your resource and deep psychology life. You may take chances in unusual jobs or receive money or emotional support from strange and unusual people or for unusual reason. Ruler of 8th is Mars in 3rd house, and you’re advised to drive slowly and pay more attention to the road if you’re driving a car, and if you’re in transport in general simply watch out and avoid conflicts on the road. Additionally you may have transport problems this year. Neptune in 7th house brings themes of letting go and practicing compassion and empathy in our close or personal relationships.

Power is in your hands dear Virgo, literally. This year is very good for the beginning of a business or an economic venture. Devoting attention and effort to matters that are more material and building a sold base for future growth. Practical attitude which has very grounding nature. Material considerations and economic savings of money, there may be a significant amount of money appearing in your life and all at the same time you may discover a new spiritual dimension of the material world. This is a year where you finally make some concrete projects in the material world and gain some financial opportunities as well. This also means that your financial situation is recovering and even increasing through promotions or salary increase at work, but for that to happen we have to be working with practical matters. You could also be travelling for your work or be visiting a friend through work. Either way this is very hard foundation in material ways and prosperity and general blessing. Members of your family could be very supportive through your career and ambition periods.



Sheeba-Maya “Virgo”


Virgo is turning to Snoop Dogg this year chanting: „With my mind on my money and my money on my mind“ but it’s not just about money, it’s also about independence in both material and emotional way. Only thing that can get into a way of your peace is breakages and crisis at home and your inner private world which can create pretty obsessive and dark thoughts where you feel haunted and even ready for revenge. Best thing is to let go. The more you want something, harder you get it. Virgos may as well get into their super detective mode and deal with intense emotional stories filled with all the main scorpionic themes; sex, money, power, gamble and control. Pluto could bring unpleasant past memories to surface and activate things that haven’t quite been dealt with yet. This could involve power struggles with a male dominant figure in your life but also women around, people who we call house friends. Also you may decide to switch or change addresses or you might experience living in two places at the same time, or alternatively travelling for work. Mercury is in Sagittarius and in your 4th house making opposition to 10th house of vocation and ambition. Mercury is also ruler of your 1st house of self and 10th house of career.

Much of your inner world is going through psychological expansion. At this point you may use your past examples and stories and understand much higher sense of it. Your 4th house cusp is in Sagittarius and ruler Jupiter is with Mars in Scorpio in 2nd house. In this past year you have been learning so much about your own self-value, building a healthy emotional foundation in your life. You have certainly become a much stronger emotional wise than in your past, and much more aware of some of your past actions. This year is very strong with intuition and receptivity, feeding on some quality that comes from a well deep inside and coming in contact with depths of your emotions. Your inner passion is also awakened and you might even give birth to many creative projects and literally „feed them“ to others. You may become very much involved in very inspirative and healthy relationship which will require your emotional dedication and you will feel like you have to guard it. Just don’t guard it too hard, hold it gently. In positive sense it’s the purity, beauty, acceptance, subtle emotions but sometimes on lower level of expression it can be connected to misleading, cheating and impurity, the total other side of above mentioned. Your inner private world, your home and your most inner emotions are your field of work this year, and you are to learn to be very patient with yourself and with your inner richness since it’s offering much different kinds of potential. You might even meet guru in your inner self and your experiences, but be careful not to become bathed in your ego. You’re never too knowledgable to learn new things Virgo, even you know that you are forever student. This year might bring introverted in you,where you will be guarding your privacy and valuable assets holding strong feelings under control. You will be expanding,but from the inside discovering limitless wisdom coming from the fountain within.


Paula Duro


Dear Virgo, this year your relationships get a serious and mature tone. It’s like with vine, the older the better. This could mean that single Virgos may meet a person that is represented by Capricorn or Saturn, where person is either older in age, or simply mature in their behavior and have controlled actions. For sex questions, tone is serious and Virgo may find time excuses of not having sex. Fifth house cusp is in the sign of Capricorn with Saturn in his home sign of Capricorn is laying in 4th house of our roots and inner psychological self. Perhaps sex problem is related to sort of fear of connecting, prefering hermit mode and alone time to spend time with our inner world. But Virgos could give sex practical meaning and boundaries, negotiating with partner about avaliable times. It will definitely be a spiritual and expertise mix when it comes to love and love relationships. Virgos who are involved in relationships are building hard foundations in 2018., more so they are building a Love Temple piece by piece and all the skills and talents are finally paying off. Partnerships or alliances are definitely bearing fruits and have good prospects. In lower degrees of consciousness this aspects can bring depression and coldness inside relationships with feelings of emotional disatisfaction caused by lack of time and too much work. Sometimes our expectations are ruined and we get emotionally hurt. Capricorn always says: No expectations-no disappointments. There has been a purge going on in your personal relationships, and you’re required to develop empathy in your close relationships but also to keep a cool head and heart during few crisis which will occur this year. Forgiving others, and especially old friends may come as a challenge this year. You have so much to give, but are you ready to recieve love as well?

Of course we won’t forget about your health Virgo. We here understand how important health is to you and how much attention you pay to listening to your body processes. Aquarius and Leo being rulers of your houses regarding health promise something very fun and unusual. But since Saturn is traditional ruler of Aquarius something regarding health will experience advancement in practical direction. You may experience a very productive expression of creativity having a clear goal in your sight. What may cause problems in your health could be the constant persuit of work and money without reaching material stability which causes exhaustion and frustration. With Aquarius on your sixth house cusp and Uranus sitting in your 8th house of transformation you may try out some alternative and different methods of diets and health and body care, even using metaphyiscal properties of crystal stones and minerals, along with other magical things. All your hard work will pay off and your goals will be longterm. Luckily you’re grounded and pragmatical, patient and honest and you care about your progress. Perhaps you even learned many of the self-healing techniques in the past which now you can use in helping to you and others health wise. You are represented here as very responsible person with many unusual skills and techniques. Challenge here may be unconsciously developing ego problems with your health skills, if you’re not 100% sure in your methods, continue learning because you’re on a good way. You’ve been gifted blessing of gods, don’t misuse it and get burned from fire of Gods. We can become dangerous when we think we’re all mighty. Practicing an unusual spiritual discipline may bring grand benefits to your body.

Building spiritual and material wealth (Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio in 2nd house)
Dealing with hidden (Capricorn stelium in 4th house)
Important message at home (Mercury in 4th house)
Quest for past friendship healing (North Node in Leo in 11th house)



Mid Virgo rising (11-16 degrees)

Neptune conjunct Descendant

Dear Virgo rising, this year might be something new for you. You may experience an encounter with someone who feels like pure magic. For planet Neptune, the planet of spirituality, dreams, inspiration, illusion and divine connectedness is crossing your Descendant, the point of partnership, your significant other, marriage, but also open enemies. So this year might bring someone who affects your in such a subtle way that you simply don’t understand it, and I know there is nothing more valuable for you in this world than understanding something. They may be so precious to you that you lost interest in everything earthly. Or someone might become your fantasy. Or you may fall for someone who you just can’t be with – for whatever reason. This can be beautiful. or stressful.



But don’t worry dear Virgo, all you have to do in order to understand and heal from these encounters is exactly what you love to do – work, work, work. Since Neptune sometimes might make us see and believe the things that aren’t really there, the best way to deal with such confusing feelings is to simply deal with what you know is there and will stay there. Material things. Ground yourself Virgo! You can ground yourself by doing things that don’t leave space in your head for overthinking , such as sports, cooking, running errands, or taking a walk in the nature. The true goal is to keep your mind busy so it doesn’t wander where it should not, causing confusion and distracting you from what you truly love – work and organisation. I know it’s hard to let go of those thoughts, dear Virgo, but sometimes to deal with some problems is to just put them aside and let your mind be preoccupied with here and now.
So the people who will come into your life this year might be the creative ones, artists of all kinds, but also dreamers and those who seem to have a reality of their own. They may also have a tendency for spirituality, or may be someone who is prone to addictions of some kind. You may have this urge to save them, to help them, to forgive them. Unconditional love, dear Virgo, or at least an illusion of it. Your capability for forgiveness and tolerance are increased during this period, so you might find yourself too stretched and a bit confused. But whatever happens, dear Virgo , don’t panic – just remember to ground yourself with some physical work and remind yourself it’s all temporary.




Virgoos, hi!

Don’t be so shy!

Really there, listen up- there are some really good potentials ahead of you in your love life this year, do not mess it up by overthinking, getting anxious or scared, hey dude, you really deserve happiness in love. Be mature, don’t hide, don’t get distant,  grab your opportunities, there is a really great potential for your future relationships, you can get pretty serious pretty soon, just don’t be too scared. You will learn that all your sacrifices in the past were not in vain.



Pay attention on your spiritual life, interesting things will happen on that field.

Combine your knowledge and intuition. You may meet some spiritual person who will inspire you, or you will practise your own knowledge and search for more. Books, videos, workshops…

Moms and Dads Virgos, you could get in some problems with your offsprings, they could really act out, especially if they are teens. School will be problem, they may fall in love a bit stupidly, you will be against it- but try not to lose your mind over that, the more that you are nervous about it, the more you losing the power over your child, stay aside, try to be more friendly, give it a chance, or should I say, give your kid a chance, don’t yell too much.

For some Virgos something will brake in them, you will be thirsty for adventure, I mean travel, go to some places you haven’t ever been before, but have always dreamt about.

Some new wave of courage will flush you, it is definitely a recommendation to book yourself a trip, vacation to some distant place where you will learn, see and feel things that you haven’t before. Don’t look too much on the money, or anything else, maybe it will cost a little too much, but things that will come in return are magnificent.

Your card for this year is HANGED MAN- A sacrifice must be made to gain something of greater value.


Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card by Sasha Fitzgerald


keywords/ Letting go, reversal, suspension, sacrifice, isolation, spiritual independence, initiation, higher wisdom, crossroads, decisions, potential growth, change, transition, meditation, inspired spiritual enlightenment, circumspection, discernment, trials, intuition, divination, prophecy, voluntary sacrifice is needed to achieve your goal and/or purpose, perseverance, acceptance, reflection, observant, calm.

PLANT/ KELP- or any other herb or plant, that will help you stimulate metabolism.



And that is all for now, soon you will be able to read predictions for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, stay tune and follow Hermit Fool 🙂


Yours truly,

Vita, Sofia and Ija




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