For the year 2018., we, writers of Hermit Fool (Sofia, Vita and Ija) decided to give you guys a yearly forecast for your rising signs, sun signs and sprinkle all that with the petite but sweet Tarot report 🙂

In this article you can read predictions for Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

So,  let’s start with ARIES



Important influences:

Uranus in Aries <unpredictable happenings in 2017, surprises, feelings of detachment, rebelling against, focused on opening in the relationships completely in 2018. Very adventuristic and sexual year. Should pay more attention not overdoing in sex since Jupiter Mars in Scorpio are in their 7th and 8th house of relationships, sex, but also death and inheritance…Their ruler Mars is ruler of 1st and 8th which suggests a personal and very transformative years with perhaps few crisis ahead, which will ultimately lead to transformation.


Year full of pleasant hard work and possible promotions on the workplace. Good to incorporate new things and approaches in career, perhaps include partner and make sure you’re cooperating rather than confronting. Especially avoid gossiping since that will only create enemies and environment you will not be comfortable in. Hard work may also reduce socializing this year leaving you torn between personal and public. Career and money are the main thing this year and may be especially rewarding. Just please remember to take naps regularly because with your energy scattered all over the place, you can do so much but not that much if you overwork yourself.



Erika P Johnson – Aries Painting




This could be a very busy year with either studying or journies, or mixed together. Yes, we get it…you’ve worked very hard and you want that recognition…well, you will get it. Either way a very busy year could even include some overseas journeys which will over mind blowing and mind expanding experiences for you. Possible money making also includes foreign connections.


With 4th house Cancer and Moon in Cancer in your fourth house you may be very focused on your inner world and your emotional needs, spending much time reminiscing over past memories of home, family or you may be busy being emotionally involved with family story, particularly mother. Feelings of not being able to express certain emotions will be activated by Moon-Saturn (4th – 10th) house feeling like maybe your climbing up does sacrifice certain things, such as emotional security and in 2018. You will very much be concerned with building a safe and tight foundations. Yay J. Spending time away from home as safe zone is possible or simply you may not spend as much time at home as you would want to, but you will be making some big steps on a road you take to become what you truly are- independent and self-reliant. Trying to balance both will be one of the main challenges this year for you, Aries. Remember to express emotions in a healthy way, and develop patience, a virtue you will find very useful in 2018.



After all the crashing and burning bridges, after all the grudges, you are asked to finally recognize the independent in you, and you can already feel it…After realizing that emotional security is not that easy to find, you have decided to build your own. And that may be the uncomfortable feeling, since you are asked to slow down and develop patience which you’re not accustomed to. Torn between public and personal, you are asked to find a healthy balance between both, which will finally offer you a deep connection and emotional security you so yearn for, but don’t worry Aries, you will not get bored. You still have Uranus making things fun for you until it finally leaves you alone, BUT you will continue to receive things that are spicy and unexpected. Enjoy Uranus while it lasts. Ha, ha.



We get it, you have sooooo much energy, but this is your year of SLOWING DOWN. Neptune with Chiron in Pisces transiting your 12th house of collective unconscious and our hidden strength and weaknesses might put a deep shade of fog over realistic boundaries so please avoid doing hard drugs, alcohol and all the things you could get lost into or addicted to. Even if it’s just a fantasy. There is a saying that if something is harming you- you should get rid of it. Even if it’s a feeling, relationship, food, drug or alcohol. Something going and rushing will definitely stop at one point or another, since this world does have boundaries. Your vitality is exalted, but don’t take things for granted. What goes up, must come down, sorry.


  • Double check informations (Me 90 Ne 6th – 12th )
  • Homesick (Mo 90 Sa 4th – 10th )
  • Nostalgia (Moon in Can in 4th)
  • Quest for creation (NN in Leo in 5th)

1,2,3 TRANSFORM! (Jupiter/Mars through 7th and 8th )



Early Aries rising (0-15 Aries Ascendant)

So, dear Aries ascendant, what do we have for you in 2018? Well, if your ascendant is in the first 5-6 degrees of Aries, this might be somehow a tough year for you – but stay brave as always, dear Aries, because this is the year you will learn so much and grow up and wiser than ever. I know its a tough thing to say, but this year you will have to – man up , but in a way not so familiar to your endeavours. This year your ascendant will be square Saturn, the most powerful force of the Universe, who will teach you patience and justice through this year’s (and the next few ones) experiences. When a planet is making an aspect to your ASC, it usually means that it makes an aspect to your DC, IC and MC, which is why it is so important time of your life; because it affects your identity, your roots and emotions, your  relationships and your public image and your sense of security in terms of your legacy, all at once. I am here to talk about your relationships; so the thing is, Saturn squaring both your AC and DC will teach you how to, basically, sit the f* down. Its probably gonna be hard for you to do so, given your restless and brave nature, but that’s exactly the point, who sits the fuck down first, winner! Saturn is the ruler of Time, the ultimate teacher of Karma – his lesson is always – you will reap what you sow, so you really might consider slowing down this year and plan your actions ahead, because that’s the only weapon if you want time and karma on your side (and you do). In terms of relationships, there will probably be some power struggles, but not the classic (Pluto) ones, showing off who can play dirtier, but who’s wiser and has more patience. The best thing you can do to avoid potential disaster in your relatinoships is to calm down in the crucial moment and POSTPONE your reactions. I know, it’s very hard, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. Believe me. Give it a night or two and you will see miracles happen. Inside of you, of course. And yeah, it won’t be an epiphany, but on the contrary, you’ll probably bang your head against the wall (don’t do that literally, please dear Aries) thinking what a dumbass you are and how you must grow up. And yes you do, dear Aries. Grow up – sit down, make a plan, be patient and work hard. And yes, it works for relationships too. I know that we are taught that relationships should be spontaneous and instinctual and Full of immediate forgiveness and so on, but sometimes it is really necessary to just stop. Think. Rethink. Rethink again. Develop a strategy and then go. SLOOOWLY.  see things through the eyes of a CEO or something.

You can’t just bang on the door this time. You see, if you knock on them and wait half a minute, there is a high probability someone is going to open them, PLUS! If you are nice and patient, the person opening them may even invite you in and help you in your trouble.  Your patience will be rewarded this year, dear Aries!

A friend, (an Aries rising for that matter!) recently gave me a very good advice – when you are about to explode, when you have that fight with that person, when you are just about to burn that fire on them, just stop for a second instead, go have a glass of water, both of you, and don’t talk to each other until you have finished it.

What you survive (relationship-wise) during Saturn transit is probably for good – it means the base is strong. If something fell apart, well, it just means it had weak foundations from the start, so, maybe it’s a better thing to say goodbye. It will make space for better and stronger things!

Good luck dear Aries, this year you will prove your strength, big time.


00607 IMG_8329 11 cm obsidian


2018 Stone for you: Mahogany obsidian for grounding and patience.





Well, 2018., for you guys brings another “boring” lesson about patience. I’ve wrote “boring”,’cause you really do not like to hold your thoughts and actions, and you often think that is a waste of time, and it is sometimes, you are right.. don’t get me wrong or think of me as being patronizing, I’m just saying, this year you should really take things slowly.
Thinking before acting, acting with sense, thinking about other people emotions and feelings. Be wise, care about folks around you, even when they are a bit annoying in any way.
Be kind too.
Just remember that arguing is not a best policy, you may be on the losing side, and we all know that you don’t like losing, so just use your wit and make some strategies how to react and act.


Ace of Swords Whispering Tarot

Whispering Tarot Deck

Your card for 2018 is Ace of Swords, it usually describes Capricorn and planet Saturn and Mercury. So lot’s of that Saturinan energy will be in your way, authorities, rules etc. Ace of Swords brings positive outcome with all thinking matters, you should pay attention on possibilities around you, avoid pettines, concore your temper sometimes and there could be lots of good things ahead of you this year. But remember- BE PATIENT, rather than overly passionate- in love matters also. You can really grow in this year, but in a personal  and spiritual way.

Good Luck 🙂





Important influences:

Venus in Capricorn in 9th house conjunct Sun in Capricorn-pleasant journeys. Venus rules 1st and 6th house of routines, rituals and health. This is a very important period of year when Uranus enters Taurus and that will be on May 15, 2018, when life turns upside down and year is full of surprises for Taurus. Many of them will choose to break free from the same old routines and molds, even surprising themselves, primarily. Some may even decide a full physical change or diet, making a radical and rebellious changes. Of course with Tauren natural stubbornness one is advised to pay attention to their behavior, because of course with Uranus influence it could be reckless. Think twice or trice.



Mercury ruler of your 2nd house of finances is in the 8th house in Sagittarius and it’s squaring Neptune. In this year, Taurus you are asked to double check contracts, files and get your taxes on. Problems may arise from associations involving loans, taxes or finances connected to associations or groups of people. In whatever you do, try to practice EQUALITY approach and definitely learn how to separate personal from business. If you manage that, there is a good chance you will be stacking some guala this year. Oh dear, and don’t be a selfish bitch this year, seriously. All that shit you’re stacking up got to go, seriously…





Ah, the sweet safe zone in constantly moving. We advise you lots of fresh air and short walks, but chances are you might be very busy with lots of travel in 2018 – mentally or physically. And if you’ve been thinking for a while and trying to decide whether you should go or no, it’s most likely a yes. (depending on your whole chart). There is nothing wrong with switching this couch for the one in London or Paris. It’s all about exploring and even though your thoughts may still be focused on past, one side of you eagers to let it all go and leave it all behind. Well at least Uranus promises much fun, twists and surprises. Like a rollercoaster ride, when you hang upside down. I hope you are ready, Taurus.



It looks like you’re on a mission to glorify your past by giving it a higher meaning while you’re also very much finishing up your studies and finally getting the achievement you needed. Even though you like people and friends, you will somewhat feel withdrawn and may spend much time contemplating, finding a security zone within creativity and children. You might take pride in family matters and learn much about authority inside the family. All that contemplation might be explained as a philosophy of learning about your most inner world and private zone. A year of conscious and creative self-work, learning about time, seriousness, philosophy.



If you could speak on your relationships you could say lots of things, like constantly messing up and cleaning up. But, dear Taurus broken glass may be fixed but it’s just not the same anymore. Sometimes in China they fix pottery by adding gold to it, making it more beautiful. But to even achieve gold, we must become golden ourselves, by purifying our ego and actions, by really feeling sorry in emphatic way and to question what we are, and what we are not. Sometimes our words and curiosity harm our loved ones in much more words we can imagine, causing our loved ones harm and pain than we ever thought they would. Serious suppressed problems then stay unspoken and words stay uncommunicated eventually leaving grudges and killing the love away. Nobody is perfect, Taurus that is the true, but you can’t continue killing and leaving graves. Sometimes sex is not even needed to connect with somebody on a deep level. Crisis this year could be connected to sex and money or death and may bring out painful truth to the surface, but that’s nothing to be afraid of. You are growing, and this year will show you more things you could ever imagine. This 2018, Taurus you are asked to collect all the details and then try to put them in big perspective, concerning your behavior and behavior of others and also your relationship pattern which will offer you huge awakening. You are definitely advised to avoid aggressiveness, lies and delusion, maybe similar to chasing a butterfly- a very short fun. Seems like a hell of a year to deal with all the things unsaid and deeply rooted. Go for it Taurus, we’re all cheering for your transformation.


HEALTH: Libra and Venus are both connected to sweets, and Venus is your natural ruler. Finding a spiritual sense in your diet, and paying attention to healthy sugar intake will be very important so incorporate lots of fruits, especially apples (Venus fruit) in your everyday routine. Paying attention to your body will be important, especially physical exercise which will most definitely bring out great results. Especially foreign forms of exercise make it fun Taurus. Just please make sure you’re doing it in a safe environment.


  • Walking the money (Me ruler of 5th,2nd and 8th )
  • Quest to inner me (NN in 4th )
  • Handling others (Mars/Jupiter in 7th)
  • Raising the carpet in search for ghosts (Me in 7th)
  • All or nothing! (Pluto conjunct MC)
  • Selfless friendship (Neptune in 11th)
  • Year from now you won’t know me (Uranus conjunct ASC/Uranus in Taurus from May 15)



Taurus rising (0-10 Taurus Ascendant for Uranus, 15-29 for Jupiter)

Dear taurus rising, this is going to be an exciting year for you. Well, exciting isn’t always fun , especially for your stable and firm world. However, you are about to see the world through the eyes of – the world. You may suddenly feel like you want to free yourself from everything you have found safe and valuable and find brand new, totally different values. You may find yourselves more interested in socializing, meeting new people, broadening your horizons with interests you previously found pretentious, stupid or overachieving. But don’t worry dear Taurus,  there is nothing wrong about change, especially when it means upgrading, right? It means you get something better at the end 😉 This goes for your relationships too, you know. You may end your long-term stable relationship quite suddenly, realising you just can’t do it anymore. You may want more freedom, someone else, something new, or you may just realise that this is not you, this is not what you want, what you need. You may not want that particular lifestyle anymore, and you are about to go on a quest for better things. For things more suitable for YOU. For the REAL you. You may meet someone very exciting and different in a way, you may experiment with things you have never done before love-wise, or you simply may look for variety in your relationships. You suddenly may feel everyone is so beautifully different, everyone has something inside them , nobody is the same. That’s all nice and all, but you also may be quite eruptive in your relationships, defying so hard, sometimes just for the sake of defiance. Oh well, it has to be this way, but… try considering and truly thinking about other people’s emotions and stands.Just for a second. You will find out there is as much joy in understanding people as in defying them. Yeah rebellion gives this extreme satisfaction, but sometimes it’s just not efficient, and we don’t like inefficiency, do we, dear Taurus? 🙂

If your Ascendant is in the later degrees of Taurus, this year brings new opportunities in your love life – Jupiter is already firmly in scorpio, entering in your 7th house of relationships. Jupiter is known for bringing good deals out of nowhere, If Jupiter brings you that special person to your life at this time, it will be someone who has seen the world, someone knowledgeable and opinionated, someone from a foreign country or someone very spiritual. Someone who is connected to colleges, universities and higher education of all kinds. Someone who seems relaxed! Someone Sagittarian, someone Jupiterian 🙂
But as my Saturnian doom-loving ass always likes to point out; Watch out, Jupiter is frequently depicted as a goodie, whereas he is a bad boy as everyone else; Jupiter loosens our nerves so we can relax more and stay open for the good things to come, but it also relaxes our morals and criteria, and in a year you might find yourself asking yourself „wtf am I doing with this person, how did this happen?“ as you may find yourself easily seduced by this person, effortlessly entering relationship with them without even stopping for a second to ask yourself should you really go into this.

„Meh, we’ll see.. we’ll deal with problems later“.

So, as my mom always says to me, «keep your head cold and work hard during Jupiter transit as much as you do during a Saturn one.»




2018 Stone for you : Yellow Jasper for accepting and shining your true self.





For you my dear Taurus friends 2018., may bring development. Well, it should bring it for that matter. It can be spiritual, but also material, like building your home nest, doing some art etc. Reward for your efforts is coming your way.
But you should watch not to be rash or hasty this year while making any choices, even when they are not so significant, like let’s say, color of your wall for example.
Steady as you go, avoid gossip, some friendships may come to an and- but you are better off.

nine of pentacles Infinent Vision Tarot deck

Infinite Visions Tarot Deck

Your card is 9 of Pentacles. It is a pretty nice card 
It has lots of that Air energy in it. So go with a flow sometimes, chillax but pay attention what is going on around you. Many achievements are waiting for you. Fun times and parties.
Nine of Pentacles may indicate that some unexpected income or money is coming your way.
You should watch your teeth and gums, floss and pay attention to oral hygiene more than ever this year- for real! And do some art, really, find your muse or be your own muse, how ’bout that 😉





Evaluation of self-worth. Possible irritations from finances, inheritance. Very concerned with relationships and equality subjects. Asked to treat others with respect. May spend more time isolated or at home in deep thoughts. Solving a BIG puzzle. Year of making the most from darkness, shadow self, year of visiting the underworld (Persephone-Hades).

FINANCES: A very changeable year. Ruled by Cancer and Moon this year, which brings a solid but changeable income. Woman figure, mother in some cases may appear as a source of help or you may take in the form of money or emotional support through help of woman. There will be much focus on finances for you in 2018., somewhat like you’re building a solid foundation for existence. Finances make much more sense in this year, since they not only offer us a financial stability but also emotional support we so yearn for. You may be asked to give up on luxury and reduce spending, as it usually goes with Saturn, which entered a Capricorn this year. Time you’ll spend working will surely be counted and reward will await you, but only if you manage to handle all the multitasking and cut unnecessary work that brings no practical result and pay more attention to things that do. We all learn how to grow up sooner or later, and paths are less or  more painful based on our approach to them. Each problems has its own solution, but only you know yours. Clue lies very close, pay attention. You are advised to pay some attention and self-control in money matters.



What to say? I can’t sugar-coat it. This is the year that you get to deal with your innermost world, full in it’s richness of good and bad. If you know anything about darkest night of the soul, well prepare yourself. Don’t be scared of exaggerated description it’s merely a metaphor for all the suppressed themes and subjects you have opened. You are very curious to find out what exactly lies behind the mystery. Like Pandora, carelessly opening the box, letting out all of the evil out of this world, closing it only to leave the hope inside. Could it mean that hope is also evil? Sometimes we spend too much time hoping something will happen and waste our times missing a deeper meaning behind it, missing all the much deeper and interesting things around. We get attached to the meaning, the idea but not the real meaning of experience. We rarely let ourselves to merely observe, as we feel we have to be a part of it, forgetting we are connected with everything all the time. In any case relationships that troubled you pass the test of deep intimacy in place of 8th house, a place where our ego must die, questioning the themes of commitment, ego battles and value of deep and honest emotions. So, it’s not important that I revealed and spoil you all the fun, your time this year will be focused on doing a major emotional personal research with mind included. Don’t plant death with your words, Gemini. Make butterflies or something.



Ekaterina Koroleva – Gemini


After all the quiet year of learning about yourself, a need to finally share it with others in a friendly environment to get feedback that you so needed is finally here. Along with collecting all the missing pieces of puzzle of your inner self, roots, family secrets and perhaps some few bitter truths too, this year a feedback from others may put a brand new philosophy perspective in your life, offering you a final capture of all your ideas in one big picture. You may like more people, but you don’t love them all. Practice honesty in what you preach and do and strive for truth no matter what. Certain information mishaps may arise in business or romantic partnerships.


You are already aware, and if you have been following your private situation and few mind flips, a catharsis that seemed apocalyptic is slowly finishing but it’s not done yet, conscious of your actions, so you will not be stupid twice, hopefully because dear Gemini, not everything in the life gots to be dual. For the first time perhaps, everything gets a bit serious note, or at least much more serious that past ones. You are asked to cold and heat some of that airy mind, to receive a moment of realization that opening a shell simply takes time, and a realization that mpt every shell carries a pearl inside. Real love, where ego dies takes cultivation, care and trust most importantly. Truth lies in things, hidden. Just as Sol invictus,Black Sun, Darkest night of the soul we discover a huge light deep down beneath. This is your wake up call, a huge inspiration that carries a spiritual excitement but only by listening to your intuition and and your inner voice(s) and work on shedding your ego, getting soul-naked in front of other. You can do it Gemini, we’re out here lighting candles to help you through the underground journey. WOO!

HEALTH: Sometimes you gotta kill the mosquito if it’s sucking out too much of your blood. Sad destiny for mosquito, though. (This is just a metaphor, relax).

At times, building feelings of revenge, anger and not letting go can create problems that harm even our physical bodies. This year seems to be sensitive in questions with intimacy and sex. In some way, there will be excess. You can avoid harmful effects by of course, primarily doing a regular yearly doctor and reproductive organ check-up, and also consciously changing your bad habits and cutting the harmful addictions, especially from things that cause you emotional and mental anxiety and turmoil. Practicing self-control and discipline in sexual matters could also be beneficial, since it will be very easy to overdo when you have Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio transiting your 6th house which concerns everyday rituals and routines, but also workplace. Your special theme this year will be discovering a real transformational sexuality. Finally getting that kundalini on I suppose huh? Again Gemini, we are all cheering for you and supporting your journey towards your emotional and mental bliss. Also since you’re versatile incorporate as many activities you can, but avoid sketchy and dangerous ones of course.



  • Journey into the underworld (8th H stelium)
  • Emotional stability (Moon in 2nd H)
  • In the need of feedback (Ruler of 1st in 7th)
  • Everyday Adventure Time! (Jupiter-Mars in 6th)



Mid-degree Gemini (12-18 Gemini Ascendant)

Dear Gemini rising, if your Ascendant falls between 12-18 this year is going to be magical for you. Neptune is squaring your ASC and DC, opening the doors to another world. It may seem as if you are walking in a dream, feeling no boundaries between you and other people. You may meet someone for who you feel is your soulmate, the One, someone you are not afraid to sacrifice for. This is a period of time when you feel as if some higher force is guarding you, which is why you would trust  that everyone has their best intentions. However, you may be prone to deception in your relationships at this time, intentional or unintentional. Disappointment in another person, easily forgotten and forgiven is also possible. A fear of violence and violent situations might urge you to unnecessarily escape from reality into another world. You may want to find this world via alcohol and other substances, but remember , that same kind of escapist satisfaction can be achieved indulging in other things that may not be so harmful for your body, such as exploring art, faith, spirituality or volunteering to help those who are really unfortunate. This escapist behaviour also comes from a certain kind of confusion , not knowing what to do in a given situation and just wanting to run away to a safe place, feeling you don’t have enough energy to cope and fight for yourself. You may feel very drawn to people who need to be saved in a way, at the same time projecting the same image of  wanting to be saved. Dear Gemini,at this time you will be so open and feel so connected to people that they may abuse your naivete, so the best way for dealing with this is to surround yourself with people you know have the best intentions regarding you. You may feel lost during this time, but don’t get caught up in it – just remember it’s all temporary and try to use it for the best. Neptune transits are best used when transformed into something creative, so this may be time when you could finally start writing that book you so long wished to, go for that painting course, or join the Helping the refugees Volunteering center, or anything you can think of to fill your need for helping and merging!

If you do find that special person you can trust, this period might be beyond magical.

Stay creative, dear Gemini!




2018 Stone for you: Labradorite for protection and letting your inspiration flow.






Investments. 2018., my dear Gemini is all about invenstems. Invest in yourself, in business in future in kids, you name it. And by doing that keep your mouth shut! Even though that could be hard thing for you, but don’t talk too much about your plans and actions…

Pageof Pentacles Tarot De Fuego

Tarot Del Fuego deck

Even though money will be your thing in 2018., don’t forget to be real to yourself and don’t go into relationships that are only good for business etc. I’m talking here any relationship- love, friendship etc. Your card is Page of Pentacles. Pages are always bringing some news. You may start with some new curses, or go to college. Learning will be your super skill this year. You learn fast, but you can forget even faster, so watch out for that.
You will grow the awareness of body issues and will take more interest in achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellbeing. In mental sense you will have to deal with some ghosts from past that you keep avoiding. Anyway, invest smart do your best and try to be more empathetic. Take care dear twins and good luck 🙂




And that is all folks for now, stay tune for Cancer, Leo and Virgo forecast article, Happy new year once again, and use some of this tips to make it even better!


Yours truly 🙂










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