Alan Leo’s The Art of Synthesis – on imagination and individuality


IMAGINATION.—In Occultism this is not to be confused with fancy, as it is one of the plastic powers of the higher Soul, and is the memory of the preceding incarnations, which, however disfigured by the Lower Manas, yet rests always on a ground of truth.

INDIVIDUALITY.—One of the names given in Occultism to the Human Higher Ego. We make a distinction between the immortal and divine Ego, and the mortal human Ego which perishes. The latter, or ‘personality’ (personal Ego), survives the dead body only for a time in Kâma Loka; the Individuality prevails forever.

PSYCHOMETRY.—Lit., ‘Soul-measuring’; reading or seeing, not with the physical eyes, but with the soul, or inner sight.

PSYCHOLOGY.—The Science of Soul, in days of old: a science which served as the unavoidable basis for physiology. Whereas in our modern days, it is psychology that is being based upon physiology.

SOMNAMBULISM.—Lit., ‘Sleep-waliking,’ or moving, acting, writing, reading and performing every function of waking consciousness in one’s sleep, with utter oblivion of the fact on awakening. This is one of the great psycho-physiological phenomena, the least understood as it is the most puzzling, to which alone Occultism holds the key.

From Alan Leo’s The Art of Synthesis


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