Alan Leo on the 12 signs, from Astrology For All


They are very self-willed and often self-opinionated, and it is exceedingly difficult to restrain them, as they are always inclined to act upon impulse without waiting to mature their plans.


The true Taurean may be said to be one great, feeling individual, but as the sign belongs to the earthly triplicity, it is more often physical and objective than a subjective feeling.


They love the variety of thought and all mental pursuits, and these they sometimes carry into extremes; they seem to take an especial delight in leaving their work unfinished.


The Cancer individual has the most remarkable memory of any given by the twelve signs, and it is no difficulty for them to recall minute incidents of the past. This makes them somewhat antiquated, as they love to dwell on past events or to go over in their memory through past occurrences


They have the power to send their thoughts to any distance, and when conserving their energies, heal through sympathy. They seem to radiate from their center a beautiful warmth like the Sun, which is the ruler of their sign


This sign is especially characterized for its self-containing qualities; it is out of this sign that wisdom is to be born for the majority of individualities.


These persons possess knowledge which seems to be the cream of all the mental characteristics of the preceding sign, and with them it may be said that the balance of their individuality brings them into real touch with the highest form of mind that we have any conception of, which can only be expressed as a refined mental condition which is not dependent upon the brain for its physical manifestation.


When evil they are unmistakably evil, and with the thoroughness characteristic of the fixed signs they plunge into sin with a delight that those born under other signs are incapable of, but when they are regenerate or self-conscious, they may reach a great height of exaltation


The Sagittarians have nearly always clear mental pictures, and they are able to imagine that which they wish to see. It is the sign of the future, the promise of coming humanity, whose thoughts will no longer be scattered, but directed to the goal which all must reach.


It would seem as though all the ideas conceived of in the preceding sign become beautiful crystals when manifesting in Capricorn. With their practical conception of things, they know how to produce in the concrete the ideal that is in their minds.


If we combine the fixed nature of this sign with the airy triplicity, we have the idea of fixed air, from which we may deduce the fact that the thoughts may become fixed and concentrated, and thus become the real.


They are more easily obsessed than any of the other types and are so exceedingly psychic and receptive as to draw many spirits around them, who live quite peacefully in their floating aura.

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