Moonday mineral: S E L E N I T E

This beautiful and enchanting stone is actually one of the four variants of the mineral gypsum, along with desert rose, gypsum flower, and satin spar. Sometimes these variants are grouped together and called Selenite. 

Nate Ricketts Design on Instagram: “Selenite Crystal Mirror popping nicely against the dark wall in this vanity by Ventura Custom Homes. Thanks @Micky_klein_interiors for the…”

Selenite Crystal Mirror  (Ventura Custom Homes )

Just like other forms of gypsum, it’s composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate (contains two molecules of water) and its chemical formula is CaSo4-2H2O. 

Selenite is a monoclinic crystal and it comes in varieties of brown-green, brownish yellow, greenish, gray-green and gray-white. Of course his transparency and ability to reflect make it more valuable than other forms. Its texture is earthy, dull, clay-like texture with no visible crystalline affinities, as howlite.  There are thin, elongated fractures produced by crystal forms of intersecting cleavages, like asbestos.

Selenite is very soft, only number on the Mohs scale of hardness.   

It’s also non-radioactive, non-magnetic & fluorescent.


gratefulgemhead: “Desert Rose Selenite ”

Desert Rose Selenite


This mineral actually contains no selenium, it’s similarity comes from both substances named after the Ancient Greek name for Moon. The whole name literally means moonstone, from Greek selenites (lithos). The ancients believed that certain transparent crystals waxed and waned with the Moon. From the 15th century, “selenite” has referred specifically to the variety of gypsum that occurs in transparent crystals or crystalline masses. Mostly it is used in ornamental purposes. The crystal also occurs in most continents and it’s one of the most common sulfate minerals. 

It can frequently be found in alkaline lake muds, clay beds, evaporated seas, salts flats, salt springs, and caves. Selenite and other gypsum varieties can also be found in conjunction with other minerals such as copper ores, sulfur, and sulfides, silver, iron ores, coal, calcite, dolomite, limestone, and opal. 

Slikovni rezultat za selenite

3.5″ Selenite Crystals on Matrix – Mexico (source:–2)



  • Known as the stone of clarity of the mind
  • high vibration stone
  • aids in letting go of past hurtful memories
  • soothes emotional wounds
  • helps in building emotional security
  • removes emotional turmoil and despair
  • cleanses other crystals and charges them
  • good for communication with ancestors or Ancients & Masters
  • cleans negative energy
  • can aid in past lives memory & karmic ties
  • as above-so below – reflection


CAUTIONSelenite is very soft so caution is needed because it’s very easily scratched and damaged. Also if you want to keep it shiny, avoid charging it in seawater or salt. It’s great to charge selenite on moonlight, especially during full moon & wash it in natural lakes. 

CHAKRA: third eye, crown chakra, universal

ASTROLOGY: This stone is connected to Moon & therefore it’s connected primarily to sign of Cancer. Other signs that can use this stone are Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Capricorn (moons detriment), Scorpio (moons fall). But of course, it’s just like Moon, universal in its energy and anyone can welcome this stone in their living place, in form of jewelry or chandelier or simply by having one selenite wand or pebble. You will definitely not regret it.



Remember to carry this stone with you on Mondays ❤ Muah!



The article started on Moon day- Saturn hour, finished on Moon day, Mars hour



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