Astrology with no ethics is dangerous

There are many astrologers and even more mindsets present and each one is offering their own perspective on subjects. While some are more focused on humanistic and psychological approach, some are more focused on the financial part of the whole story.

Some astrologers, especially in beginnings are very satisfied to be right usually giving out readings for free. This is in some cases, great, you do get a chance to learn by each new chart, and make notes about certain placements; such as in an experimental way. But, not all people have the wish to analyze so many charts and paying attention to repeating patterns.

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In my own personal beginnings in astrology, I remember I was taking a big interest in karma, Black Moon Lilith and of course, death and dying (I do have a planet in 8th house). Death was something that interested me because I’ve lost many close people in my life, and yes…I went to more funerals than weddings (I’m not even sure if I ever been to a wedding before). So I was curious…why is it like this in my life, and in other peoples lives it’s more filled with childbirths, weddings…you know, things we consider happy.

When I started learning astrology I can honestly say, I was smart and quick to learn, but I still had internal issues with past. Thinking about it now, if somebody told me on which ways I will die and when will I die, I would completely go crazy counting the days to that moment or simply go crazy because of the way I will die.

Interestingly, before I started courses, I had somebody told me that because I had Mars in 8th house and as an 8th house ruler, that I will die by gunfire, knife, or during a fight. I needed to know, and I needed to learn why would someone say that in the first place? By learning astrology and meeting other astrologers, I learned that person who told me that probably knew some basics and it was the first thing that came into their mind.

My Mars is a specific story, my neck was always a sensitive area (Mars is in Taurus), and I have always thought that sometime in past life (maybe) I died a horrible death (like someone cutting my throat), or I died by suffocating on something that was stuck in my throat. I can’t say. Nor do I wish to know, because ever since I have accepted it, I have no problem with it. I do believe my Mars in 8th is more prone to the research of 8th house themes and subjects, paranormal and occult ones. Death surely fascinates me more than any other subject. At times I can close my eyes and unite with people dying. It’s hard to explain, but I can go to the moment of a mass shooting and feel everything. Or I can come into a moment of victims dying from serial killers and feel it. It surely isn’t the feeling you would wish to have…but I feel like there is a canal open between me and some worlds I can’t exactly put my fingers to. I wouldn’t even dare to name it, since even though I know much…I am well aware I know nothing at all. I am limited with my perception, smell, taste, touch and, sight. Feelings are irrational but not less worthy than a rational mind. I just feel like naming those things or places would be labeling them. And I myself don’t like labels that much.

Speaking of labels and bad astrologers, one astrologer told my friend that as soon as she would turn a certain age, she would become alcoholic and junkie.  What??  How can anyone guarantee that? And thankfully this person has some consciousness and she knew that she isn’t that type so she laughed it off. But my fear was fairly rational…if this astrologer told that to her, he probably gives away similar diagnosis to his other clients, who may not be so conscious and that information stays imprinted in the subconscious but it’s still imprinted. 

Conformity is dong what everybody else is doing, regardless of what is right.  Morality is doing what is right,  regardless of what everybody is doing.

If you’re astrologer you become responsible for things you say to others. PERIOD! And you’re also responsible for giving a good or bad name to astrology. This is also true for tarot and other forms of divination.


So what are the ethics of astrology anyway?

It’s a touchy subject yes, and it’s hard to put ethics and moral views into somebody, each one of us has their own set of values they consider moral or ethic which is why we have so many different types of astrologers as I already mentioned.

I could say I was lucky to get a mentor and teacher who shared some of my moral and ethic views and his words had a huge impact on me and my psyche. Sometimes when I first started learning astrology, class started with talking about what things are allowed and what things aren’t and mentioning how there are times when the astrological chart doesn’t work.

  1. Reading charts to children is a no, at least until they’re 12 – This is what angers most people. Especially worried mothers that are over-protective of their children. Of course, we can take a look into our children charts, but not in the way we would look at the chart of an adult. Why? Because child personality is not developed yet, the child is learning and picking up genetic patterns, parents behavior and picking up behavior from their immediate surroundings. The child is therefore limited in the way of the chart. Chart probably doesn’t work for them, sure they can show some traits of their signs, but remember Moon is the ruler of 0-4, Mercury to 4-14 and so on. And the most important reason why you shouldn’t read child chart in the way you read charts for adults is because you will imprint something on either parents or child that they will consider truth, since they take you seriously as an astrologer and if you’re wrong, you may be putting them on the path they’re not even supposed to be on. This makes so much sense since psychologically we remember things, and we remember them in random times, especially when some things like that happen. But just because there was an event that was sketchy, doesn’t mean that it’s the way it’s supposed to be forever. We may look at the child chart in the sense of health and prevention but also caution is needed. I personally decline to look at children charts until they’re 12 unless it’s urgent and something bad is going on, but even then I will be very careful with choosing my words. Some may complain it’s slow reading, but I’m not here to satisfy your personal need for speed, you may always seek other astrologers who suit you.  
    Slikovni rezultat za ancient astrology reading painting
  2. Reading charts to people who are not present at the moment of reading- This is a tricky one. Each one of us begged others to give you their correct time birth and place, eager to find out something about this person without actually asking them about it. Or you simply get a birth date with no time and ask astrologer to read it for you. First of all, this is very disrespectful towards the person whose chart this is, and secondly, it’s impossible to read the chart without the person being present and it’s also not that possible to read the chart without asking questions. Whoever tells you-you shouldn’t ask questions while reading chart is wrong! You don’t let a doctor GUESS what’s wrong with you, you tell the doctor SYMPTOMS and then the doctor can make a correct diagnose. False information given may risk giving a wrong diagnose and put you in danger.      A similar thing is with astrological charts. Sure we can see Venus in Scorpio in fall, but is that Venus necessarily problematic? It doesn’t have to be…which is why astrology is research, making data, exploring and asking a question. And when a person is not present, it can’t give you the feedback you need, so you can only assume. And assuming is not the same as knowing. So you “assume” that person is this and that, you send information to a person who asked you to look at the chart and they MAKE A PICTURE about that person based on what you said to them. Of course, you may read another person chart without their presence in SYNASTRY wise thing. But only looking at relationship dynamics between those two people. In magical societies and magical practice, during initiations, you receive your secret name which is used for protection and it’s usually connected to egregors of a higher realm. Why? Because the name, Akasha, birth charts are private places where we’re sensitive and there may or may not be, people that are curious about you. Being curious and good is one thing, but being both curious and evil is a dangerous thing. New age charts are transported through astrology groups like HIV, simply everybody wants to know something about their chart. I can understand it to some point, you get a chance of free reading (who knows who’s reading your chart and what they’re knowledge span is), and you may find out something great about it but all in all, imagine how many people scroll through your chart, something so intimate and private. And it’s even worse when they paste a chart of their boyfriend or husband or a friend with: “Can you roast him? Can you say anything about this?”  Nope…I don’t wish to. * scrolls away *.
    Slikovni rezultat za ancient astrology reading painting
  3. ASTROLOGY DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYBODY – Yes, it’s hard to accept that, but it’s the truth, charts don’t just work for everybody because not everyone is the same. Once you start learning astrology and making data of your patterns you will notice how everyone is simply UNIQUE and has their set of traits that are not comparable to others. Yes in some sense two people who share Mercury in Sagittarius may think alike but have completely other life paths. Why is it like that? The story may be hidden in some gnostic teachings that explain that not everyone is the same, actually, it was Valentinus, a most successful Christian theologian said that: He taught that there were three kinds of people, the spiritual, psychical, and material. Or simply to re-formulate it we had three types of people: SLEEPERS, THOSE WHO ARE WAKING UP AND PEOPLE THAT ARE AWAKE. So not everyone takes the information in the same way, some people are not interested in certain things, some people tend to identify with a group (sports, nation, race, spiritual group they’re in) and it’s impossible to read charts for them, since as Jung says, they haven’t stepped into the process of INDIVIDUATION so their chart is not working for them, since they’re living their lives according to set of rules that belong to the group. Another case when chart won’t work is with people who already are awake and don’t have the need to find out anything since they got into the process of knowing themselves and eventually they stepped out of their story and therefore have less and fewer happenings in their lives. Interestingly, these people usually step out of society and don’t have any need to be in the spotlight. Three types of people in gnostic traditions were separated to 1. SARKIC-  earthly, hidebound, ignorant, uninitiated. The lowest level of human thought; the fleshly, instinctive level of thinking, 2. HYLIC- lowest order of the three types of human. Unable to be saved since their thinking is entirely material, incapable of understanding the gnosis. & 3. PNEUMATIC- “spiritual”, fully initiated, immaterial souls escaping the doom of the material world via gnosis. So with all that information, we can’t read the charts for everybody in the same way. It will simply not work, try it 😀   Watch video below for more information about a particular gnostic subject about different types of people.                                               


4. MATTERS OF DEATH AND DYING- There is little point in explaining how and in what matters you should speak on death since it’s a very touchy subject and each of us probably reacts differently to it. Truth is, as my teacher said: “While there is life, there is hope. ” So diagnosing somebodies death is absurd, and may put one in state of paranoia and you can make more damage than help. I will also never forget my teacher’s words: Things that may be liberating to some, may be very destructive to others. We may talk about death with clients but to a certain extent. And also judging by their state of mind, we can intuitively feel how far can we go. Death is a touchy subject perhaps in West only, in the East it’s pretty normal to receive a reading where you can find out the date of death and birth in past life, present life and birth of next life. But still, I think that since not everyone is the same, those pieces of information may or may not be true and pieces of information can do some harm to other peoples psyche than help them. Death certainly is a taboo subject and I enjoy exploring and thinking about death, but speaking to death to other people may be sketchy.

Povezana slika

Basically, you get the point, not everybody is the same and not everybody takes the information you give them in the same way. And while some may like your readings because of interesting information you give them, some may not like your approach and will demand more information since they are looking to find out about a certain subject that interests them. Give them information about books, teach them so they can try and figure it out themselves since after all, it’s a personal story. Predicting is fun, but choose your words very wisely, mention books that offer more information because not everything is black or white, it’s both at the same time, and more information someone gets, more they can kick what they disagree with and incorporate things that vibe with them.

It’s Tuesday, day of Mars and currently Mercury hour.

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