Scorpio: the good, the bad, the ugly

Throughout much of my life, I have met many Scorpios & went through a lot of Scorpio related themes in my life. Scorpio surely is one of the most fascinating signs judging from how many people that are Scorpios like to express their enthusiasm for being Scorpio.

Sure Leo is the sign that generally revolves everything around them, but 9/10 Scorpios have their own sign tattooed on their skin. Yes, a very deep devotion indeed…

If we count signs, Scorpio is the eighth sign, and therefore connected also to much of the 8th house themes: death, sex, regeneration, to put it in short. But far more mysterious, Scorpio is also a sign of deep ocean depths, diving, navy, “ugly sea monsters”. It’s that part of the ocean where nobody goes, it’s very dark and pressure is way to high but still, there are some extraordinary people that aren’t afraid to dive deep in the depths of mystery that ocean brings. Can you imagine? We apparently explored more of space than we explored our own oceans on Earth.

“Consider that we’ve sent 12 people to the moon since 1969 over a handful of missions; only three people have descended to the deepest part of the ocean in the Marianas Trench [source: Thar]. (And note that one of them was filmmaker James Cameron, who reportedly spent $10 million of his own money to finance the undersea craft [source: Broad].) Even more shocking? The ocean takes up about 71 percent of Earth’s space, yet a whopping 95 percent of that ocean is completely unexplored [source: NOAA]. “

Povezana slika

If you find this image relaxing and not disturbing-good for you! Just the other day on Facebook as I was scrolling there was a short video of the world’s deepest swimming pool and all I got was mini heart attack by the end of the video. I may have some Scorpio placements and Pluto in aspects to lights but brrr. Uh NOPE! Here is the video if you want to check it out:

Back to sign of Scorpio. This sign is a water & fixed, and hahaha female sign and it represents death, sexuality, deep psychology, diving deep, transformation, but most importantly crisis. 

Scorpio is known very well for making drama out of small things, similar to Leo in that sense. But strangely enough, these people can react very well in crisis situations. I’m mentioning crisis factor because each crisis does lead to a transformation and to a completely new identity. It’s interesting how small things can make them explode, but when shit actually goes down, they stay calm and can operate in very stressful environment-similar to Virgo, as both have tendencies to fix. Simply on different ways.

Scorpio just like every fixed sign, stays fixated on particular subject. In Scorpio world those themes can range from: criminal novels and cases (detective tendencies), investigation, detecting lies and negative energies around them, extrasensory perception (with this I mean mind & emotion reading), persuasive techniques, surgeries (Mars effect), politics (wanting to transform society), trauma, deep psychology, paranormal subjects, sexual subjects, taboo as favorite subject.

There is a huge desire to speak of taboo subjects or something that is forbidden to talk about and matter of sin in general is appealing to them. As many astrologers mention there are few levels of Scorpio sign; one being scorpion, being of darkness and humidity, capable of suicide when endangered, very defensive and untrusting to anyone around. Next level being the snake and in this sense it’s connected to Bible story of Adam & Eve, where snake (also form of Lilith) talks Eve into taking a fruit (apple-Eris) from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In this form Scorpio-Snake-Lilith-Eris serves as “awakener” to Eve about good and bad side of story and eventually gets them casted out of heaven. Snake is also connected to kundalini energy that connects lower and upper part of our body, raising up our spine from our lower part of the body and genitals. It’s a form of practice used in many occult and spiritual meditations and it serves as awakener of consciousness, energy, and sexuality. It’s using sexual energy to energize all the other parts of our body and according to some spiritual teachings sexual energy is the most powerful form of magic that exists combined with the power of ones true Will. Also snake symbol is often connected to healing; like symbols of snake in medicine, where snake is wrapped around caduceus.

Love this, Dappled With Shadow, by Douglas Smith, the detail in this is fabulous.  ~~  Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Dappled With Shadow, by Douglas Smith, the detail in this is fabulous. ~~ Houston Foodlovers Book Club

Another and higher form of Scorpio is eagle, as shown in many alchemical textbooks and magical books next to the other fixed signs; Leo, Aquarius and Taurus. Sometimes Scorpio is shown as eagle or burning phoenix. Eagle is often shown carrying the snake up, especially in secret societies.

Slikovni rezultat za eagle snake symbol

The sculpture features an eagle grasping a writhing serpent (Roman)

Eagle is connected to Phoenix that is rising from the ashes. And the last level of Scorpio is a dove,often shown as symbol of peace. 

All these symbols make lots of sense when we think that lower Scorpio type is prone to self-destructive and destructive behavior in general. In times of crisis, when these people shed their skin to make room for new things, they are often ruthless, autocratic, cold, and destructive. If anyone will feel pain intensively, it’s Scorpio. Many people would like to have some Scorpio in their chart reading all about mysterious and sexual, but you get that in the package with; hello I’m going insane today, and you’re going down with me type of mood. It’s not so simple.

Enneagram Comic via Clare Cherikoff

Enneagram Comic via Clare Cherikoff

Mars being traditional planet of this sign, gave it a dose of sexuality, energy, warlike tendencies, but also strategy in war & manipulation. But Pluto as modern ruler here also gave symbols of deep unconscious, even suppressed emotions. Water as a memory is very deep, and in Scorpio is the deepest, we can have odd fascination with the past and not be willing to let go (such similar with Moon; and this especially happens to those who have Moon in Scorpio, where Moon meets is fall). In Scorpio world there is no in between, it’s either this or that side all the way.

Their keen feelings for things hidden or unspoken gives them good capabilities for jobs of psychotherapists, surgeons, detectives, but also magicians and politicians…and criminals. Some manipulate instruments, other manipulate thoughts and feelings, some manipulate mundane subjects, and some manipulate their Will in magic.

"The first state is the hidden state, but by art and the grace of God it can be transmuted into a second, manifest state. That is why “the prima materia sometimes coincides with the idea of the initial stage of the process, the nigredo. It is then the black earth in which the gold or the lapis is shown like the grain of wheat. It is the black...~Carl Jung, Psychology and Alchemy. Pages 312

“The first state is the hidden state, but by art and the grace of God it can be transmuted into a second, manifest state. That is why “the prima materia sometimes coincides with the idea of the initial stage of the process, the nigredo. It is then the black earth in which the gold or the lapis is shown like the grain of wheat. ” C.G.Jung

While in love Scorpios, from the most often matches like to choose earth types of Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn, but it’s not strange that some Scorpios may connect to Leos & Aquarius since shared fixed quality also plays it’s role in synastry. Scorpio likes his fellow waters signs too Cancer & Pisces, but other things need to be taken look at. Of course Scorpio can connect to air signs, such as Gemini or Libra; but the problem is, Scorpio can’t help it’s depth and search for something deeper in each one of us, not getting tired of searching for the weak spot- just in case something happens. Gemini can supply Scorpio with fresh new information daily, but it can’t give him the deep embrace that leads to complete physical and mental revelation. They might want to strip your body, but it’s because they want to strip your soul. As long as there is something for Scorpio to dig, own and transform- you’re good.

Once they set their eyes on you, you’re theirs.

The one thing that makes Scorpio such a good magician is the power of silence. Law of silence is well known in many religious but also occult societies. Scorpio is great at not telling secrets but has desire to find out all the secrets. Which is why Scorpio is also drawn to magic and anything mysterious enough. Why is silence so important? Because sometimes we run our mouth and say stupid things, we sometimes also harm others with what we say. Our words can easily become weapons, expression of rage, and war. But also of love and peace. And sometimes if we don’t know enough, we may even spread things that aren’t true. Sometimes, to say little, is to say much.

Let this remind thee ever, O Neophyte, how easily by a careless or unthinking word, thou mayest betray that which thou hast sworn to keep secret and mayest reveal the hidden knowledge imparted to thee, and implanted in thy brain and in thy mind. And let the hue of blood remind thee that if thou shalt fail in this thy oath of secrecy, thy blood may be poured out and thy body broken…(Regardie 130)

Even the name of God is something that can’t even be spoken with words. And if anyone is good in keeping secrets, it’s definitely Scorpio. It will not be that easy to get into the private world of this sign or people who have dominant Scorpio or Pluto in their chart. And truth is not so simple. There are some things that we rarely speak about, and those are the things that make everybody uncomfortable; just even the slightest…death & sex. 

You may now say- oh I have no problem talking about sex or death, neither do I but how often do you open up sketchy subjects that are extremely taboo; such as rape, incest, sexual trauma and wounds and its psychological effect on a human being? Yeah, I thought so…

Scratchboard illustrations by Douglas Smith

Scratchboard illustrations by Douglas Smith

How often do you actually speak of the details of someone falling from the 10th floor, dying in a very violent and not so aesthetic death? Yeah, I thought so.  How many times do you close your eyes and imagine mass shooting and the last thoughts of people involved? Maybe a bit often. But you get my point, Scorpio and Pluto realm also involve things that aren’t so nice, things that are collective unconscious and trauma behind them. Where after aesthetic (Libra) we come into area of ugly. Not as ugly as Saturn ugly, but both Pluto and Saturn share the death symbol, simply in a very different shade.

Extraordinary powers continue into the themes of Scorpio, such as paranormal, demons, magic and so on. If there is one who thinks of making spells, especially love spells; it’s Scorpio. But one should be careful with love spells, because with all the knowledge of chaos and atoms we have today (and ancients wrote about it) the outcome of any spell involving emotions and will of the other can turn very bad and give us the exact opposite of what we wished, or same person in zombie mode, unanimated, dead to say. So, be careful what you wish for, you might just get it back (three times stronger).

Scorpios are also creatures of the night, so if you’re a Scorpio and born during the night, congratulations, you will leave some Scorpio stings (hopefully transform) in our world.

A linocut from Giacomo Patri's 1940 wordless novel depicting the hard times of an artist during the Great Depression titled White Collar. Description from I searched for this on

A linocut from Giacomo Patri‘s 1940 wordless novel depicting the hard times of an artist during the Great Depression titled White Collar. 

Final advice for Scorpios and warnings are fairly simple. One should beware of fixation on negative things such as revenge or destruction, even if that means self-destruction. Remember that you have a power to heal and power to wound, choose the power to heal and you will be healed back.

Use your sexuality in controlled way and don’t let it dictate your life. You have a Will needed to transform. Leave the past to be the past but use your knowledge of past to overcome present and future. Re-build, re-use, re-cycle, re-birth, re-start is okay. Turn something old into something new.

*This descriptions are also involved with dominant Scorpio (Sun, Moon, ASC), dominant Pluto or Pluto in aspects to luminaries or other personal planets and angles of chart.

Sun in Scorpio celebrities: Francis Israel Regardie-occultist, Jodie Foster-actress (Panic Room, Silence of The Lambs), Pablo Escobar (painter), Charubel-astrologer, Sai Baba– spiritual guru, Terence McKenna-ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author, Lisa Bonet-actress, Björk- musician

Moon in Scorpio: Marcel Duchamp-artist, Robert Hand-astrologer, Abdul Al-Biruni-astrologer,Charles Chaplin- actor, Whoopi Goldberg- actress, Will Ferrell-  actor, Helio Amorim- astrologer, James Dean- actor, Johnny Cash- musician

Scorpio rising (Scorpio ascendant): Francis Israel Regardie-occultist, Emma Jung-psychologist, wife of Carl Gustav Jung, Rudolf Steiner- philosopher, social reformer, architect and esotericist, Liz Greene- astrologer, psychologist and author, 

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