3 of swords: Expression of Heartache

There are few cards in Tarot that are bringing so much “negativity” at once. Like there is actually no “good” in them.

Not to get all philosophical on what is good or what is bad, let’s for a minute be down to earth, logical and realistic. Card Three of Swords really doesn’t bring much joy to the querent.  There will most certainly be tears, unhappiness, separation, depression, sorrow, upset at least.


To be true, when someone is in pain, it is the present moment for them, it is hard, saying or/and thinking things like “sun comes after rain” won’t do much.  Instead acknowledge someone’s pain, or yours for that matter, don’t try to hide from it with all that positive thinking nonsense, or with anger towards someone who is in pain or/and depression, but then again,that overdramatic thing- skip that too.

With the card Three Of Swords we are talking about love pain, yeah, but not only love, any relationship, it is a attack to your emotion center. Separation and loss, quarrels.. Change of heart and mind from others towards you. It is mostly acute thing, but you always have to power to make it chronic! 😛


The card can indicate the serious heart problems healthwise. Checking your pressure and a visit to the doctor is recommendable when this card appears in reading connected to health.

It is a pretty bad card, this fact cannot be hidden, or sugarcoated. When we look at problems that Three of Swords brings, we just cannot only say, oh look at the bigger picture, everything will be fine. Sure it will, but that is not an issue. We can’t hide from bad moments, from pain. The best way to get over something is to confront it, relive it if you have to, feel it to to fullest, let it all out. Only then the needed transformation will come.

When is bad is bad and running away from that, really is potentially very dangerous, because it will come back someday and bite you right on the ass, and all positive thinking on the world won’t save you.

When we use that technique of sugarcoating we are looking on just one side of the issue, focusing on the positive, deliberately avoiding the negative – which is both prone to subjectification. It is important to see all pros and cons, not to live only on pros and boosting pros with imagination, nor is ok to dwell in cons in negative context. It is important to see clear.

When negative situation hits you, face it. Deal with it, don’t put it away, acting all fine and good. Cry if you need to, yell, listen to that sad songs damn it!


The best way to get over negative situation is to face it all clearly and you can try with channelling that energy on art, on meditation, some form of physical exercise, you can write down your feelings, name them, in that way you will know with what are you dealing with.

And yeah, of course it shall pass 🙂 . But don’t underestimate that feeling of pain, and don’t glorify it aswell and let yourself get addicted to the role of the victim.

So, back to the Three of Swords.. In the best solution, when that card hits you in the reading it will tell you not to listen to some criticism, it’s not worth it, don’t get upset about evil tongues.  In the worst case scenario it will tell you- man, we should call 911 , you are having a heart attack.

But, luckily, nothing is so black and white, it is that grey zone you should explore. Depending on the other cards in spread and the nature of question, Three of Swords is always bringing some setbacks.

But don’t be afraid of that card, actually do not be afraid of your pain, and loss, and separation…  If something has to end, let it end, don’t beat the dead horse and do not pretend that everything is ok when it isn’t.


Being afraid of your own feelings is the worst, taking feelings under control with knowing them and then dealing with them is the best policy. Three of Swords can bring some pain, but just like every pain it will go away, it will bring something new, better, stronger, reliable, but only if we confort our present state, acknowledge our pain and understand its origin.

So don’t get all dizzy when you see Three Of Swords in spread. It is only reminding you that you have done something terribly wrong and that you suck big time 😀 , no, no I’m kidding, wait 🙂

It is a reminder that in occasional setbacks we can find peace, that we can master our self expression. To be brave and face ourselves in every way.

And few more interesting things about Three of Swords:

HERB: Pluerisy Root is an

Antispasmodic, diaphoretic, expectorant, tonic, carminative and mildly cathartic

. Pluerisy Root clears  mucus from the lungs and bronchioles. Much of the plant is edible, including the young shoots, flower buds and stems. The milkweed fibers can be used to make fabric or rope.



And when it comes upside down, it doesn’t bring much light either, but not so severe as the right side. “Think before you speak” is one of the perks when you get this card upside down.

Disorder, errors, confusion, mental anguish, inner-turmoil and loneliness. It also says that you should apologize, that you were wrong about something. It is a mild warning to take a better care of your health. Balance your words, your thinking and diet.

This card is very often when Venus hits the Scorpio or some other planet, so I think all this can relate pretty good in this time when all bunch of planets are in the Scorpio too. Even though this card relates to Saturn and Mercury, signs Libra, Capricorn and Virgo.

Self expression, folks, remember that- SELF EXPRESION 🙂

Bye bye

Ija Nazor


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