Sun as our true identity

Sun is our brightest star of all, crucial for keeping everything on Earth alive and that includes me, you, plants, animals and probably the rest of our closest solar system.

Regardless of Sun not being the biggest and brightest star in the Universe, it’s the most important for us, citizens of the Earth. This is why old astrologers & astronomers paid most attention to our two brightest lights – Sun & Moon. 

Sun would always appear during the day and Moon during the night, and times, when they would finally meet in the sky during the eclipses, were considered very important. It was believed that eclipses were times when souls were allowed to roam free from one area to another and entrance and exit was fully open and mysterious things could happen. Annually we always have few eclipses, and not only that; but we have both sun eclipses and moon eclipses in the sky, to make it even more special. And yes in astrology as well, those eclipses are considered extremely important, especially Sun eclipses that would stay active for at least 6 months.

Relationship between Sun and Moon was also very important in alchemy where we follow the relationship between Sun the king and Moon the Queen, and their eventual marriage which results in the birth of Mercury. Following these relationships in synastry can also point to marriage potential. Some astrologers suggest that male Sun could be in the sign of female Moon, and that would be “better” since man is an active principle, and women passive. I find that sexist and homophobic since not everyone is even in a heterosexual relationship for start, and some don’t identify with their gender which is why we should always be careful when consulting others in such way. Words are here to be chosen wisely since as an astrologer, people take you seriously, especially if they pay you money for it, so sometimes we can project our inner opinions and thoughts on them and imprint idea into their heads. Symbols are many, but so are souls, from which every one is unique. It’s unique from the time they give us their chart information, there are no two people alike, and no, not even twins.

Marriage of sun and moon. In alchemy there is no creation without the union of…


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So yes, our holy astrological triad- Sun, Moon, and Ascendant are crucial, but different than Moon, Sun is open and showing. We can always guess somebody’s Sun sign and it’s a fun astrological guessing game, but it’s not really hard since Sun is so out in the open, exposed through behavior, way on which they demonstrate things, the way they make things actually happen, in which cases they act as a leader and in which field, and the way the show and receive respect. Sun truly is our heart in the sky.

When we look at the Sun’s astrological symbol, we can see a round shape with a dot inside. And that symbol has been kept for centuries and in alchemy, it represented the symbol for gold but also it represented spirit or egg, of something that is yet to be developed.

The Sun


And lots of people will tell you “I don’t even feel like my own Sun sign”. Yes, this can be true, but even if they don’t feel like their own Sun sign, they will still be expressing conscious behavior that is in the spirit of their Sun sign. Other aspects can easily take over and take us away from our own heroic Sun mission, since where ever in our chart where we find Sun, we are playing that mission in our lives. It’s our own heroic mission, we are the Sun hero.

Since Sun is a ruler of Leo and Lions and cats are animals that sleep the most it’s definitely an area where we need to wake up. Yes, we’re born with potentials but there is nobody out there that can do it instead of us. Sadly, there isn’t anyone who will give you the courage to sing your soul out, it will have to be you. However scary that sounds, it’s the only truth.

Actually, both Sun and Moon are connected to our eyes, so in both Sun and Moon we have to wake up at one point or another. Here with Sun, we need to take a look, and to make that conscious appear since conscious is the highest with Sun.

It indeed is our own important heroic mission and we are the director and actor at the same time if we can only become conscious of it. To use the most out of the source of creativity and vitality, which is ultimately our Sun.

Exist by the Sun  And Love by the Moon .. For you must Live in the Light to…


Happy Sunday.

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