Sun in the seventh house: Mirroring

If the Sun describes our conscious identity, Sun being placed in 7th house may describe people who learn about them true selves through their relationships with other people.

7th house of Libra had a primary traditional meaning of marriage and it was also known as Setting Pivot. Setting point and place of balance. In this house of Libra we’re learning about equal partnerships and justice and any planet that comes into this house will be colored with a little bit of Libra flavour.  Relating to others will therefore be, very important to people born with Sun in seventh house.

Traditionally and very rarely mentioned, this house also described open enemies. As we may see from examples that I will mention in text below, few of people born with Sun in this placement had experiences in both relating to others, but also some scandals with open enemies.

However we approach this house, having Sun in 7th house asks us for conscious actions and behavior. We may have power to rule over (Sun-authority) in relationships (7th house) but that doesn’t mean that we should in any way misuse it, or it will bring us some consequences. In Libra house we tend to identify with others and learn much about our own creativity fuel and expression from them. It’s like each new person brings us a missing piece of puzzle we need to complete our individuality, so this placement can be good for any profession where we’re asked to consult others, reflect their behavior, take on different roles, such as in acting or entertainment, or simply by exploring relationships with others and learning from them- such as in psychotherapy.

Well known astrologer William Lilly describes seventh house in a traditional manner in his book Christian astrology” saying: 

It giveth judgment of Marriage, and describes the person inquired after, whether it be Man or Woman, all manner of Love questions, our publique enemies; the Defendant in a Law-suit, in Warre the opposing party; all quarrels, Duels, Law-suits; in Astrology the Artist himself; in Physick the Physitian; Theeves ii and Thefts; the person stealing, whether Man or Woman, Wives, Sweetharts; their shape, description, condition, Nobly or ignobly born: in an Annuall ingresse, whether Warre or Peace may be expected: of Victory, who over-comes, and who worsted; Fugitives or run-awayes; Banished and Out-lawed-men.
It hath cosignificator Libra and Moon, Saturn or Mars unfortunate herein, shew ill in Marriage. Of Colour, a dark Blacke colour. It ruleth the Haunches, and the Navill to the Buttocks; an is called the Angle of the West: and is Masculine. 

Interesting thing here is that Lilly gives dark black color here. A color that is usually Saturnian. Only thing that is understandable to me is that he names it because Saturn is exalted in Libra and Libra is traditional ruler of this house.

If Sun represents both father/authority figure in our life and our husbands along with Jupiter, we may conclude that Sun in this house will bring male or authoritarian figures in our equal relationships/partnerships. Ones who inspire us and teach us diplomacy in relationships. Making decisions and making compromises again, in a conscious way will be important.

Bad thing about Sun in seventh house is our need for others to shine and show our full potential, somehow we need to find the way to Ascendant and express ourselves by ourselves too, not only through our partners and reflecting because if we are to use full Sun potential- we must express ourselves.

Let’s see what famous people we found with Sun in seventh house and what were their stories. We might find something interesting. Remember, some of them will have much of Libra spirit in it: connecting with others (even sexually), artistic pursuits and artistic nature, justice, counseling…etc.


  1.   Osho – Who doesn’t know Osho? He has become well known in spiritual world by name of ‘Osho‘ but this man was known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh or just Rajneesh.  Rajneesh was an Indian cult leader who created the spiritual practice of dynamic meditation. Sometime in the 1980’s he started a Rancho Rajneesh commune in Oregon. Stories say that after he graduated college he became enlightened and created dynamic meditation but Indian authorities found some of his methods dangerous and conflict that rose made Osho go to Oregon and start his commune there. Needless to say, it became quite popular and attracted a significant number of people. Maybe Osho ran away from India, but conflicts still continued, now with the local community in Oregon which resulted in Osho and his followers committing crimes to achieve their ends. Osho’s teachings were controversial mainly because he said that sex is the first step towards reaching “superconsciousness” which is the reason why he earned the title “sex guru”. In their quest for spiritual enlightenment, Oshos followers would change their names to new Indian ones, dressed in orange & red clothes, and apparently ‘participated in group sessions that involved both violence and sexual promiscuity.’ By the late 70’s his ranch was so overcrowded he was looking for a new place.  As controversy was rising, officials roadblocked his ways. Tensions grew even bigger when he was almost assassinated by Hindu fundamentalists.  In 1981. Osho flew to United States with 2000 of his disciples and settling on a 100-square-mile ranch in Oregon where they started building a new city Rajnesshpuram. Of course, again local community wasn’t satisfied but Osho won in court against it and eventually continued his plans.  Other charges even included murder, voter fraud, wiretapping and a mass salmonella poisoning in 1984 that affected more than 400 people. Immigration frauds made him leave America and head back to India where he found out many of his followers significantly dropped. In later years he reopened commune and renamed it Osho institute.  His works are still very popular in spiritual circles yet his life stays mystery and scandal.  He firmly believed that man is polygamous, and woman is monogamous. 



Sun is of course in spiritual sign of Sagittarius and forming a harmonic trines to Uranus (11th house of organizations and groups) and 3rd house Jupiter in Leo (but retrograde). There is also a mutual reception between Sun and Jupiter which means those two themes are fairly connected. So how come this person made so many followers and used sexual practice with his members? Libra on 5th house cusp of sex is looking for relating and may consider sex (5th house) as first thing to relating (Libra).  But Jupiter also rules MC in 0° Pisces, and who would say…it’s opposed Neptune in Virgo.  Sun may have given him a chance to connected and relate through 7th house, but connection to Jupiter made everything go exaggerated and blown out of proportion, even scandals. When Sun touches Jupiter, even in harmonic aspects, it can significantly increase Ego and our wish to rule and be authority.  Not to mention Moon in detriment conjunct strong Saturn in eighth house. He also mentioned that women with small breasts don’t deserve honor. Interesting huh?




Rajneesh in Chandra Mohan commune


2. Pierre Roy – a bit of different tone now, we’re meeting Pierre Roy, a french painter and illustrator named father of surrealism. He also designed sets for ballet & theatre and this included work on Jeux de Cartes for the theatre des Champs-Elysees and Le Lion Amoureux for Covent Garden. His work is often described as haunting, meticulous and having sort of dream-like mystery. He paints usual scenes with unusual, distorted and dreamlike visions. In 1933. he becomes official painter for the French Navy.  He was taught watercolor painting by his father, amateur enthusiast. It was said that he makes quick friendship connections, many of which brought him to meeting other famous painters and artists. In later life he became a great traveler and had exhibitions from New York to Hawaii. His paintings, containing mysterious juxtapositions of objects, often inspired by memories of his childhood, show some affiliation to Surrealism and Magic Realism. He was in contact with the Fauves, and with Apollinaire, Max Jacob and André Salmon. He painted his first characteristic works in about 1919. He developed a friendship with Giorgio de Chirico, who introduced him to André Breton, Louis Aragon, Max Ernst and the other Surrealists; his work was included in the first group exhibition of Surrealist painting at the Galerie Pierre in 1925 and in several of their other group shows. His first one-man exhibition was at the Galerie Pierre, Paris, in 1928. He designed sets for the theatre and ballet, including Le Lion Amoureux for Covent Garden and Jeux de Cartes for the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées; he also made woodcut and lithograph illustrations for several books, including Les Contes (1946) by Jules Supervielle. He produced several cover images for Vogue magazine.Not many is known about life of this particular painter, and I’m having a hard time understanding why exactly since he is named father of surrealism. Let’s see if his chart can tell us more about his private and personal life.


pierre roy

Wonderful 🙂 Sun in Leo conjunct Leo Venus is a good enough recipe for an artist, but squares to Neptune, Chiron and Pluto in third house made lots of informations about him simply become mysterious just like his paintings. Here we also see planet Neptune on half on fixed signs, just like his Sun, and Sun-Neptune combination is artistic one, remember it was his father that taught him water painting. More so we have Sun in very nice trine to retrograde Jupiter in degree of Sun’s exaltation. But, also Saturn in fall & in square to Venus, I’m wondering how his love life was.  Another artistic thingy here is Moon in Libra, very good eye for proportion, color and shape and it’s making 150° to Neptune distorted images.  No need to mention that Moon & Sun are in pretty sextile, ever inspiring. Now let’s see what pictures are we talking about.


3.  Stanislav (Stan) Grof – is a Czech psychiatrist, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for purposes of exploring, healing, and obtaining growth and insights into the human psyche. Grof received the VISION 97 award granted by the Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel in Prague on October 5, 2007.  He was one of the rare psychiatrists that spoke on the birth & death trauma and healing of the same trauma and held past life regressions as crucial and very important in works of healing the psyche, trauma, anger, jealousy etc. His wife and work partner Christina,(b. Dec 30) was also personally a victim of sexual abuse in childhood, which led her to alcoholism and addictions in later life. But she overcame her trauma and also healed others of addictions and trauma from sexual abuse.



Stanislav Grof had Sun in Cancer in 7th house, conjunct Mercury, Moon is in Capricorn in 2nd house on very important 29° Capricorn. Interesting that his first wife sign was Capricorn as well (Sun-Moon combination). There is also Uranus (a different approach conjunct IC and it’s on degree of Sun’s exaltation. Sextile with Mars in Virgo definitely gave him that zest for making many data & analysis. Cancer Sun is always concerned with life and emotional healing, using intuition and sharp detection of emotions and genuine worry in approach to his clients (7th house). Classical Moon-Pluto connection in psychology/psychiatry is also very prominent here. Chart may seem very tense, but this man is still very active in his work (see Sun sextile to Mars- vitality increased & exalted Jupiter in 8th house of death).




4. Gaston Paris- 

French writer and scholar. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901, 1902 and 1903.

Paris taught French grammar in a private school, later succeeding his father as professor of medieval French literature at the College de France in 1872; in 1876 he was admitted to the Academy of Inscriptions and in 1896 to the Académie française; in 1895 he was appointed director of the College de France. He won a European reputation as a Romance scholar. He had learnt German methods of exact research, but besides being an accurate philologist he was a literary critic of great acumen and breadth of view, and brought a singularly clear mind to bear on his favourite study of medieval French literature. His Vie de Saint-Alexis (1872) broke new ground and provided a model for future editors of medieval texts. It included the original text and the variations of it dating from the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. He contributed largely to the Histoire littéraire de la France, and with Paul Meyer published Romania, a journal devoted to the study of Romance literature.

Paris died in Cannes on 5 March 1903.




gaston paris

Sun at half degree of fixed signs – 16° Leo ready to enter 8th house + Sun is ruler of 8th house. Eroticism & mysticism were one of his subjects in his works. Additionally Sun has trine with Pluto, yet again Planet very close to degree of Sun’s exaltation and where is it placed? In third house of writing and thinking and let’s not forget that Sun also has opposition to retrograde Neptune in Aquarius in first house bringing something new in sense of mystic, unreal, something untouchable.  Again we have knowledge passed from father (Sun) to son. Chart ruler is Saturn in 10th house (strong) in Sagittarius (many books). In short 🙂 No wonder one of his books was called Literature and Evil. Take a look at the only interview just about that subject. 


Slikovni rezultat za gaston paris



Post finished on Sun day & Saturn hour


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  1. I think that you have not done justice in describing the traits of Osho. I am not taking any sides though, because I am myself a Osho fan , and I feel that only time will justify my opinion of Osho. However the facts presented by you about Oshos life are full of mistakes.

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    • I’m sorry, those are informations from the internet, and from conversation with his followers around internet, and also such as news. I agree I did not do justice in describing traits of Osho. He and his community did some other great things, for agriculture, peace and love. But internet is already full of great things about Osho. I would say, honestly, that some things about Osho were extreme, some weren’t. I wouldn’t defend him at all, since I did not know him personally.


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