Skyreport: Post-eclipse results are here

Skies are grey, most planets are in Virgo, Mercury is NOT retrograde anymore.  All the personal planets and luminaries are currently in the sign of Virgo, leading us into a new season, giving us all the opposites of Pisces; lots of rain, water, emotions, cleaning, purging, releasing…Most of them are opposed to Neptune in Pisces, bringing its impact through releasing much of things that have been hidden during eclipses, and during the time Mercury was in retrograde motion.

We have Venus on the last degree of Leo, on fixed royal star Regulus or better known as Heart of the Lion (Cor Leonis)This star is said to bring moderation and to calm down the anger. It’s said to have the influence of Jupiter and Mars and it’s the most royal star of all. There is a rulership principle here and a big need for a higher purpose. Regulus is said to give success but if we can avoid revenge. 



It also gives dignity, honesty, bravery, richness, and authority. We must only be careful not to get blinded by success and fame since Regulus here in Venus will be moving into the sign of Virgo on Sept 20, 2017, and sign of Leo (royalty) and Virgo (serving) must learn how to both be king and servant. To be humble when we make mistakes.

This is what Robson says about star Regulus with Venus:

With Venus: Many disappointments, unexpected happenings, violent attachments, trouble through love affairs. [Robson*, p.196.]

So Venus doesn’t feel that good being in the last degree of Leo, entering her fall. We can apply to this on any things connected to Virgo, and focus our desires on repairing what we feel is broken or find alternative ways to express our feelings, our need to be cherished and loved. We realize that we’re broken deep inside us and that we may need some repairings. We may go over thinking about health, body, sexual desires, etc.

Venus in Virgo, in the sign of its fall also brings us fall season. We feel something is dying and needs repair and with so many planets in Virgo, we will have lots of work, repairing, refining to do. It’s the time when we realize that things are in need of a very controlled repair (Saturn squares Sun and Moon). Funny to say, but it looks like Venus is getting some help from unusual Discordian canals; both Uranus and Eris make a trine to Venus causing some changes, new things, unexpected things in our personal relationships.

Or thing could be that we meet somebody who is unusual, eccentric, famous, and make a quick connection to them. But Venus doesn’t seem to be that focused on the relationships at the moment. She had her fun in Leo and seems to be joining rest of the Virgo crew. Even she realizes that views on relationships, dignity, our need to cherish, love, connect on equal level still demands lots of work.

During eclipses Venus made a connection to Saturn, now she makes a connection to Uranus and sextile to Jupiter. Time is great to be brave, to not be afraid to work on something that we find valuable. To refine what’s not shiny, to see more clearly. And we can only do it if we put a little work in it, just Virgo style- smart, analytical, DIY, questioning.

It’s also important to mention that with so many planets in Virgo we should really pay attention to our bodies since the sign of Virgo is best known for belonging into 6th house of health. Allergies are now probably a problem for those allergic to Neptunian things that are everywhere around the house, such as dust, mites and similar.

It’s a good time to keep a schedule of our actions, dreams, magical actions and keeping database in general.

We are currently in the balsamic phase of the Moon. It’s the last phase before New Moon again in Virgo. In the balsamic phase, we are asked to let go of the things that no longer serve us. Sometimes people would do a small ritual on this phase. Get a piece of paper and write down things you would like to let go such as anger, grief, revenge, money problems, jealousy, fear, etc.

Light a candle, meditate for a while in a comfortable position. Now take small pieces of paper you wrote things you wish to let go on and burn them one by one, thanking them for lessons learned. You can stay in meditation for a little longer if you feel you need to, since in this phase we are able to connect to sources important to us (we’re more open to them).

Before you put out the candle, use your fingers to put it down. Don’t blow out the flames since it’s been said that flames keep the energy being sent away.

In the past, this period was very mysterious and secretive since contact with the unconscious was opened. It was connected to healing and magic and it was known as a very karmic phase.  It’s where we get ready for a New Moon, for a new beginning.

It’s indeed that in this phase we can use all the experiences of past phases to create something new. And what better way for that than in the same way we have New Moon in Virgo, and planet Venus entering Virgo as well. It’s in this phase that we actually can feel something new approach, and we feel the connection between past, present, and future.


Slikovni rezultat za new moon painting

We can see all our immature phases in the past, we are finishing something up, relationships, emotions wise. In this phase, we have might have made lots of intense, but short term contacts with others, but those relationships will definitely have an impact in the future. As Moon is getting ready to meet Sun, it will bring us through emotions facing the conscious side, a need to reflect on our past and let it go already.

We have a chance to pay our debts and start a whole new story. We must let go of things that no longer serve us.

On Sept 20, 2017. New Moon is on the sky, a new beginning. We have no idea where the hell is we going, it’s the intuition that will be most important right now. We’re planting a seed that will have an impact on the future. It’s the collective consciousness that we’re reading, vision is here but we don’t really know where it’s taking us.

We should be brave and correct in our judgments. With so many planets in Virgo, it’s easy to be overly critical, to ourselves and others too. New Moon in Virgo is connected to the wisdom of the body, irrationality in rational sign. It’s also making us remember the present moment, and to express our inner child with a big life force.

Our ego needs to be formed again, from the beginning. We let go our last piece as Venus enters Virgo on the same day.

You can now visualize the future. And put in work!

Just make sure that your plans are not in damage to your loved ones. We can all avoid that, there are always alternatives, really.





I’ve been listening to Toro y Moi for some time now….so lyrics to his song Windows will be my outro and my comment on whole sky situation. Toro y Moi is Scorpio Sun, and that’s all I know so far.

I need a new attitude, with a frame of mind
Got a backseat view, with a pastel sunset
And you still feel blue
Baby give me something, a new attitude

Got me staring out my window
Watching shadows touch the light

This is not fantasy
This is as real as me
I would not lie
It’s a sign I just threw my cellphone
Overstayed my welcome
I think I could’ve left you standing there alone
I think there’s some things that are better off unknown

Got me staring out my window
Watching shadows touch the light

I’m just trying to paint my picture as best I can
I got all this weight falling in my hands
I don’t wanna diss your love
Man, I gotta let this go




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