Leos (23 July- 22 August) – Royale kittens

I fucking hate writing about Sun signs, but then again I’m always trying to deliver something for my fans and readers and make sure they get their doses of astrological drugs I try to supply as often as my brain bag gets full of ideas and thoughts and I eventually  toss them on virtual paper.



"Lion" acrylic on canvas, 10x20 inches, sold

Christine Karron “Lion” acrylic on canvas


Leo is a male, fiery and fixed sign. Usually we will read lots of texts mentioning egoistic behavior of this fire sign and of course their negative behavior patterns such as selfishness, too much pride and ego and of course choosing their elite circle of friends.

This behavior can be connected to the sign of Leo, but it is mostly connected to human personality trait of being an asshole, and it’s connected to all signs, and not just Leo.

Leos are very territorial about their work, artwork, their stage, their partner, marking their existence and leaving a trace that will stay in other people’s minds for a long time. Much more than being selfish or egotistical these people are very generous but always choose their company. There is simply no way Leo would be friends with someone that makes them feel bad, or risks their position – forget it.

Leos need to see loyalty, fidelity, honesty and humbleness in others to accept them into their circle, or else…or else nothing :). You will probably hate them while they make you feel like you’re not good enough to enter this special “elite” circle they made, but luckily now you also know the reason why Leos don’t want to flex with you. 


horoscope:Leo   illustration:Yoshimi Uchida   内田善美 「愛のギリシャ神話」より:しし座


Balancing their inner animalistic behavior will be a challenge for all Leo, since it’s one of the brutal signs even if it rules heart. They can over-do things, but not like in Sagittarius overdoing way, but Leo will do it more to show off which can bring them into embarrassing situations, probably when a harsh Capricorn shuts them down and tells them to shut up.

Father roles or authority figures are very important to Leo, especially since it’s ruled by Sun. Relationships with father or father figure is always in the question and if it’s a problem it will bother Leo in some way, or he will search his whole life for authority figure forgetting to apply authority to themselves and recognize it inside. 

All these issues can clog up most important potential of Leo – c r e a t i v i t y .


This fabric would make such a fun sundress or summer skirt.   Floating On Cloud9: Happy Drawing! -- Ed Emberley


Perhaps not even Leos themselves realize it but they’re far more creative than any other sign. Well maybe not that much more creative, but they surely don’t care what anyone thinks of their Work, seriously.

You will never see a Leo quit acting because someone made a bad comment about it, since Leo realizes it’s uniqueness (Aquarius opposite) and it’s not afraid to express it, more so, Leo will probably pull his friends up once they themselves catch eye of the public and start getting some clout themselves. I promise you, these people will not let you down. If they do make friends, they’d like to think it’s mutual loyalty from both sides that takes a lifetime to unwind and perfect, something similar to Capricorn but these two are so much different and usually not that very fond of each other as two see work as much different subjects, while Capricorn sees it as necessity, Leo sees it as just another filter to express themselves on creative and personal way.


peter max leo by Al Q



Necessity of a group is very important to mention. We should always look into opposite signs to balance our sign. Aquarius as the opposite of Leo is also very creative but in non-personal way. Aquarius has no need to push their beliefs on group, or turn into a dictator to make things work. Aquarius is also not afraid to serve others in humanitarian purpose which Leos often lack as they feel too indulged in their own pursuits forgetting to pay some dues to society or try to make it better.

Leo needs to find a cause to work for, because then every work will bring another satisfaction to restless creative spirit that always feels the need to share with others. As we incorporate Aquarius traits into Leo traits, we do have a chance of balancing those two, in one way or another.

As far as work goes, they like to make their own kingdom where they can freely express themselves without rules or restriction as similar to Aquarius.  And as far as relationships go, they have a need for attention from their partner, need to know they’re the best and irreplaceable, but in return you will get a loyal friend and companion for life, but if you cross them…well, you will find that out by yourself. You know better than to mess with fixed signs; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquariusthey take no bullshit and will cut you off, all on different ways, but none of them painless.

Fixed mindset makes these people unstoppable, and plus there is this creative vortex deep inside them that makes them not want to stop, until they drop dead…which will take a while since Leo is ruled by Sun, and Sun is connected to vitality. Make that Sun have aspect to Mars and you have superhuman vitality.



"life sized" early 20th century lion poster; may have been originally used for target skill games--the lion's mouth was cut out to create an opening into which paper balls could be tossed


They hate being excluded from happenings, parties, hangouts as they feel they should be invited which is probably true based on how much they actually give to their friends and partners, so they actually deserve to be there. And if you don’t invite them, well then guess who’s not getting an invitation to Leos birthday party? That’s right bish – you.


Who do Leos get along with well, and who they can’t stand?

Usually Leos get along very well with their fire tribe folks such as Aries and Sagittarius , but all of them are much different.  Leos usually feel they have to watch over Aries like they’re younger brothers but Aries will surely appreciate how Leo stays the same regardless of how others treat them. Leos will admire Aries need for independence, but two can be much different on their looks on love, relationships and business as Leo can’t understand why would someone start so many projects without finishing them. Aries can start the same thing thousands of times and not finish it because it’s boring, Leo will cry with frustration and deliver it. It’s the cardinal-fixed difference.

As far as Sagittarius goes, goals are common and Leos most likely admire how Sagittarius makes visions practical and manifested inside society. Sagittarius feels no need to separate people through their own logic, such as Leo because it’s one of the universal signs that sees one truth that is common and universal. Leo might never admit it, but they would for sure like to have that trait. Sagittarius loves Leo as it sees it like fountain pouring with ideas, and Leo can definitely inspire Sagittarius to get free, get loose and get their creativity on. They may have much different outlooks on life, since Leo is fixed, Aries is cardinal & Sagittarius mutable quality. 

These signs are in natural trine, connected by common fire element which brings ideas, visions and manifestations of visions. Their qualities are different and can of course bring conflicts between them, so please stop looking only at Sun signs. 

As far as conflict goes it can happen between signs that are in natural square to sign of Leo. Such as conflicts with Taurus, as Taurus looks to make things practical, natural, long lasting and with no risks. Leo can’t do it without taking risks. Taurus looks for enjoyment and rarely filters their friends. Taurus gives everyone a chance at first, but Leo thinks that is too risky. Both are creative and inspiring and have much more in common than they think, after all fixed quality could make their work together long lasting. And while Scorpio and Leo often connect as good friends, they may have some problems finding a common ground and common language. Scorpio will definitely appreciate Leos loyalty and honesty, but they will secretly hate them for showing off so much, for being too personal and of course for making drama in public. Scorpios can’t fuck with that, these folks put so much energy into hiding themselves, and now Leo comes and asks Scorpio a loud question in front of other people: “You really slept with him?” 

Whew! Scorpio already killed Leo with sharp eye. Leos, if you want to make friends with Scorpio use discretion, honesty and mutual manipulation lol. 

You're a Scorpio...

Aquarius… as I already mentioned. Aquarius thinks Leo is cool until they actually meet them. Then Aquarius thinks Leo is too damn lazy, getting everything served on plate with too little effort (which is and is not true, Leos work hard but not common jobs), and is generally too much personal, and too little group person for their taste. Leo admires Aquarius non-personal nature and would definitely like to connect with them on more personal base. After all these two have so much in common, it would be stupid not to use the chance for mutual growth, either in friendship or a relationship. Both are interested in both science and metaphysics, art, theatre, paintings, astrology etc. Together they are much stronger, and can incorporate their differences very well.  Both are fixed so finding a common ground can be irritating. But what irritates us in others, can indeed show us something about ourselves.


From “Was It The Impossible Dream” (January 1979. Archie’s Girls Betty and Veronica, Issue #277)


Capricorn as the sign furthest from the Sun (natural ruler of Leo) makes Leo sign probably most uncomfortable. Capricorn strict nature prone to obeying rules upsets Leos as it makes them feel very restricted in the world where there is so much to express without thinking about time and Capricorn always seem to remind others about time and how much time is left, and how doing nothing is actually wasting time.

Leo doesn’t like it because if the world is not meant to deliver creativity, then what good the world is for? They have a common ground in ruling. But as I already mentioned they’re much different in their rulings.

While Capricorn feels the need to rule all the people, Leo feels the need to rule group of people. And probably the most obvious difference is that Leos don’t care what other people think.

Both of these signs can learn much from each other as well. Leo can incorporate self-control, work discipline and perhaps sometimes listen to harsh hand of reality, without taking it personal. And Capricorn can learn to let their footloose and do a little dancing, painting, molding, singing without feeling guilty for “taking time off work”. Capricorn can as well learn to unlock/ unblock their creativity and share it with the world.

Leo also likes to hang out with Libras, Geminis, Cancers, and all the other signs whom Leo can find common ground too. 


Famous people born in the sign of Leo:



Max Heindel (00° Leo 14′) , Amelia Earhart (02° Leo 28′) ,  Benito Mussolini (06° Leo 01′), Wes Craven (09° Leo 41′), George Bernard Shaw (03° Leo 10′), George Grosz (03° Leo 49′), Marcel Duchamp (05° Leo 06′), Geri Halliwell (14° Leo 09′),  Mae West (25° Leo 36′)  , Mata Hari (15° Leo 16′) , Carl Gustav Jung (03° Leo 18′),  Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (18° Leo 29′) Matthijs Maris (24° Leo 13′) , Daniel Roche (02° Leo 22′), Charles Jaynes (07° Leo 18′) , Antonio Machado (02° Leo 45′), Sudhir Kakar (01° Leo 38′) , Phil Andros (00° Leo 36′)… 



Max Heindel (04° Leo 55′), Emma Jung (28° Leo 04′) , Gloria Steinem (07° Leo 54′), Leona Paraminski (29° Leo 27′), Marlene Dietrich (07° Leo 06′), Marc Edmund Jones (16° Leo 30′), Sepharial (22° Leo 43′), Monica Bellucci (02° Leo 41′) , David Bowie (03° Leo 59′), Kirsten Dunst (12° Leo 37′) , Clint Eastwood (01° Leo 43), Marilyn Manson (10° Leo 43′), Gladys Knight (26° Leo 58′), Queen Latifah (07° Leo 33′), Carlos Santana (27° Leo 20′), Winston Churchill (29° Leo 36′)…



Paramhansa Yogananda (29° Leo 01′), Max Heindel (06° Leo 39′), John Addey (05° Leo 43′), Anita Bryant (22° Leo 45′), Pablo Picasso (05° Leo 38′), Živorad Mihajlović Slavinski (14° Leo 34′), Josip Broz Tito (13° Leo 49′), Alan Leo (27° Leo 02′), Arthur Dee (02° Leo 12), Jessica Adams (21° Leo 16′), Aleister Crowley (08° Leo 00′), George Carlin (14° Leo 33′), Jessica Alba (27° Leo 57′), Maya Angelou (23° Leo 55′), Ted Bundy (25° Leo 02′), Johnny Depp (12° Leo 26′)…




Any questions? How do you like the sign of Leo? Happy birthday and solar returns to all my Leos.

Much Love


-Hermit Fool’s Sofia ❤

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