“Use your Intuition” NOT!

It’s so hot here in the Balkans region that everything is just so irritating, plus, my natal chart and transits are having a ball,  “getting ready for the Gladiators combat” kind of a ball. Not cool, noooot cool..
Always when the heat is so high I remember that episode of “Twilight Zone”, episode “The Midnight Sun”. Heavy shit- watch it if you’ve missed it.
So, when I’m not working with my clients or trying to get myself to write something interesting, reading something or watching Rick&Morty or DS9, I hang on the Facebook. For some reason, and I still do not know what reason that is, I’m in many “Tarot groups” on FB..
I just get so pissed sometimes, usually I have that calm approach and deal with things normal, compassionate, la di da.. But now, my nerves are on the sharp edge and ready for action, plus, once again, here is 41 Celsius in the shadow, SHADOW!
Ok, what was my point besides angry moaning- Lot’s of people think they are spiritual gurus, life coaches,  new age has done more harm than anybody would like to admit it. Everybody thinks they are enlightened, rambling on with positive energy stuff, ignoring the real deal, and real problems.
So, in Tarot “scene” the big percentage of people just swap endlessly with their decks, buying the new ones (just because the nice pictures and colors ) , opening Tarot apps and think they’re some kind of a wisdom gurus, telling other souls in pain their future with sugar coating, or there are others telling bad stuff and selling their “skill” of breaking the spells and black magic etc.
images (2)
I don’t know, it’s a mess! It is a real huge mess, and there are soooo many people hooked on that, thinking they are doing the right things- when someone new asks how to use Tarot- their advices are- follow your intuition and stuff..
KEWL! That is right, but, without the knowledge of the cards, without learning, without sharpening your intuition you can do shit! I’m fo’ real now! Don’t fall for this nonsense! There are people who just know, clairvoyant, ofc, they do not need cards or other methods, they just know. But! They are in minority, so selling stuff like ” You just need to follow your guts” is WRONG! SOOO WRONG! It is hard to be one with your intuition, it is hard to escape the subjectivity, that needs time and knowledge. Your guts can be wrong too, especially when you are telling to someone you don’t know, to use their guts, their guts could be telling “kill ’em all”, what do you know FOOL or are you just playin’ to be Dolos*?!
There is a place and time when you say things like that, not to some kid that just decide to be a Tarot Master because there are 549600 of  them in the in the FB group, so it seem so easy- much easier than finish their school or smtng.
C’mon! And then that generic articles like – ” 15 reasons that confirms you are enlightened” WTF??? Like if(?!) when(?!) you are enlightened you don’t know that, and you need to read to some crappy poor article to watch now—> ENLIGHT YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE ENLIGHTENED?!?!?!
Please do not use apps for Tarot predictions, how could anyone think that is legit?
Cards are “sacred” they are material tool which helps intuitive and qualified reader with experience to elaborate their unmaterial craft, or some readers just reads what the cards are telling them, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE MEANING of the cards.
Tarot is complex, it not easy to learn, but it gives you another window in life, a new perspective, deeper sense and hidden truths. New age is the biggest bullshit there is, I know that people hang on to it because they are lost, but is diletant and harmful.
Please if you have that call in you, if you want to learn Tarot, Runes etc, find a valid mentor, or/and read, read and read, learn about things, combine your knowledge and skill, don’t fall for the crap like- just follow your intuition, if you don’t know shit about the cards meaning.
So, sorry for cursing and ofc there are people in this groups  with common sense, I’m not accusing anybody personally, and I’m not claiming to be the smartest humanoid  living on this planet, this is an observation and the warning.
“Energy” horseshits, “I see your aura and past life” bullhits,”think postivly”donkeyshits just don’t work on a blank sheet(p). And they are potentially dangerous.  Thinking that you know something is a great danger by itself- always question, always have your senses and mind on ON button. Use terms like “maybe” or “if”, don’t be the egoistic jerk telling people your opinion wrapped up in the some divination form or “higher knowledge”. Some souls just have that karma to follow new age, sects,etc. , their have low capacity and are prone for idealisation and idols, don’t be Fool and follow their journey, be the Hermit from time to time and use your introspection wisely.
*In Greek mythology, Dolos or Dolus (“Deception”) is the spirit of trickery and guile. He is also a master at cunning deception, craftiness, and treachery. In norse mythology you have Loki, etc. 

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  1. Great! I definitely agree with you and share the same attitude towards shallow and perfect positive illusion that is being offered. Yet I feel that people who do that, get their own set of clients who are not particularly looking for truth at the moment, but more like comfort. Of course everybody likes to hear that they’re intuitive and mysterious, and have special powers, or that money awaits them just around the corner, that their husband is definitely not having an affair…whatever.

    I think one of my worst experiences during my beginnings in astrology, a moms friend who found out I was “good at it” (I really wasn’t at that point) wanted me to “look at her sons chart” and tell her how to separate her son from his girlfriend. I wasn’t even that good, but even then my own set of moral and ethic values stopped me. I literally laughed to her face for even trying to manipulate other people’s lives. Funniest thing was that she claimed to be a very powerful witch…so after she said “I’m too weak with my powers” because I declined her “assignment” I told her that she can freely try and do it on her own since she is so powerful.

    She’s been trying for years apparently lol. I call those people spiritual peasants. Just like spiritual new agers are like spiritual rainbow, rain is “gone” (sure, hahaha) and rainbow is everywhere (rainbow is a demon now).

    Great post ❤

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  2. I think this is among the most important info for me. And i’m glad reading your article. But wanna remark on some general things, The website style is ideal, the articles is really nice : D. Good job, cheers


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