Zodiac Signs And Their Favorite Drugs

You know we like to break taboo so here are some generalized and pretty dumb post about Sun signs and their favorite choice of opiates.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it, but use it responsibly!


Aries likes their alcohol, amphetamine, cocaine, Xanax. Anything that can either speed them up or make them feel like gods. Of course, tobacco addiction is another trait of fire signs. If other signs apply, marijuana is possible, but generally slowing drugs are somewhat unwanted to this sign, and also drugs like MDMA or XTC, they thing effect is too long and generally don’t like the feeling of having to share with other people. Feelings? Boooooring! Unless other things in the chart say it.
Come on this is just stupid generalizing astrology post! MOVE ALONG!
Lucky Strike - 1985


Taurus appreciates anything that possibly tastes good, and it’s natural. There must be some music playing, and dancefloor free to mingle around. Alcohol is something Taurus likes, but not any alcohol. Taurus will decline anything that tastes like shit or gives a headache the other day. Visionary practical nature of Taurus appreciates psilocybin mushrooms, natural psychedelics such as LSA /LS(D), marijuana, San Pedro, ayahuasca, other natural psychedelics, hashish… Always smoking on that ganja praising on Haile Selassie.
Taurus don’t let drugs make you an asshole, but that works for everybody.
A Gloden Guide: Hallucinogenic Plants


Curious Gemini would like to try everything and nothing. And that’s how they feel on drugs, like some curious butterflies flying around, probably even controlling it very well or you can’t even tell they’re on drugs. They always have that dumb look on their faces either they’re drunk or high. At times they use substances that make them more emotionally available and makes them get out of their curious little intellectual mode.  LSD, MDMA & XTC, alcohol (but how do they ever get drunk wasted…never), or nothing at all.
Likes marijuana but doesn’t care for it.  How about you incorporate higher purpose in small talks?
Brain salt for just about any problem with the brain


The traditional sign will mostly frown at drugs that are not alcohol, but easily marijuana becomes traditional drug by time and it gets included. Other possibilities are psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, but alcohol mostly and primarily, traditional drugs but also cocaine as “traditional drug”, mdma also but in cozy place.
Cancer likes him some coco too. Should watch out not taking things too personally.  
Cocaine for children? What could possibly go wrong?


Any drug that activates heart and vision- MDMA, amphetamine, XTC, mushrooms as well but with people whom they trust and they can act fool of themselves. Tobacco burners, weed enthusiasts. Leos as they choose drugs, they also choose their company for using drugs. Can overdo, so major self-control is needed.
Diggity check yourself before you wreck yourself. 
Cannabis for life | Anonymous ART of Revolution


Psilocybin mushrooms, but Virgos mostly like to get their alcohol on claiming it’s far more safer than other drugs. But Virgos love some weed (not too much), and interested in other natural psychedelics mostly on their effect on the mind. Virgo will also be interested in trying LSD but will think about chemistry and other technicals.
Not everything needs to be logical, bish. Get over it.
ONE IN A MILLION!! New addition to my poison/quack medicine collection! 1947-1959 Sandoz Pharmaceuticals L.S.D. (ACID) UCLA Testing/Research Trial bottle. I knew these had to be out there somewhere but NEVER thought I would find one!! The bottle itself is a very crude, early ABM bottle, mold seem go's all the way up through the lip, also has LSD printed/pressed in the top of cork. Very Neat Bottle!!


Libra likes a bit of everything, but Libra could practice self-control as well, depending on the type and other influences. Libra likes a bit of coke, a bit of amphetamine and cocaine but mostly likes alcohol as it relaxes them into meeting and chatting with even more people. Artistic Libra will like LSD and perhaps some psychedelics for inspiration, but will not appreciate drugs related to expressing too intimate feelings such as MDMA in private hanging, etc. Any drugs that stimulate group dynamics are welcome. Libras also seem to like Ketamine.
Watch that you don’t actually say gossips to people you gossip about on that a-l-c-o-h-o-l-. 
 Quick Hit.  Advertisements for cocaine and cocaine accessories from the 1970s and 1980s. Such drug accessory ads were made illegal in the US by the 1986 a Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute in the Controlled Substances Act. To “sell, transport through the mail, transport across state lines, import, or export drug paraphernalia as defined” became a criminal act.


Scorpios like their liquor mostly. Amphetamine is also something that interests them. They dislike anything which puts them in the situation of losing control so they’ll never take anything properly investigated first. They should at all cost avoid drugs that cause physical dependence as all signs in general. Especially avoid heroin, methamphetamine and other badly addictive drugs. Tobacco.
There is time for a party, and there is time for a purge. Call your favorite Virgo today.
grand manier to go with the coffee


Sagittarius likes to explore higher realms and they will enjoy experiencing LSD, Psilocybin mushrooms and other things that can offer them insightful experience and perhaps inspire their vision for the future. They could also like the feeling of MDMA or XTC but in general, they’re not really interested in using them often. They strive for freedom so much that they hardly let anyone become their burden, and it is a sign that generally lives for fun and laughs. They also enjoy burning lots of marijuana. And sipping on some fine ass liquor. Tobacco burners.
Don’t overdo. Seriously. Don’t. The big car is okay and spacy, but big ole bags of drugs are not okay. Cars can get fixed, you can hardly get fixed if you overdo on shit. Replace it with small amounts and a big heart.
Vintage Ad: The Toke-O-Matic, 1977


Tough cookie. Either these folks practice tremendous self-control, or they’re experiencing a period of exploring and they’re wildin out 70’s using MDMA in the fascination of how opens them up and smirks turns into a smile. Listening to other peoples story without judging, or being cynical about it. Mostly they will stay on favorites: Psilocybin mushrooms, alcohol which is mostly beer or wine and of course tobacco!!
Quit the bullshit grandpa, let us explore our psyche in a controlled environment and amount.
                                one dollar.. what a winner !!


Hmm same with Capricorn, there is either hard self-control or wilding out living out 70’s style. Aquarius is always open for new things as scientist approaches an experiment. Sharing with friends. I will not even start writing about drugs Aquarius likes, but mostly it’s amphetamine, LSD, marijuana…but you have no idea in which ways. Very unusual consumers.
Adventures should always be taken with caution, investigation before intake and taking some rational amounts. Sometimes reading the rules is the best way, and find your group whom you trust enough to explore the world of emotions and feelings as well, you fool! ❤
                                               The Safest and Most Pleasant Preparation of Opium; Chemists Cocalac, Nourishing. Vitalizing. (A0414) - Emergence of Advertising in America - Duke Libraries
Pretty much just like Aquarius, give what you give, but mostly likes a-l-c-o-h-o-l- & w-e-e-d. Otherwise, Pisces are original hippies and trippers, but what Pisces doesn’t like? But there is a great danger here of course, of not knowing limits, so Pisces needs to incorporate self-control on the intake of either drugs or alcohol.
Please practice self-control or again just like in case of Scorpio, give a call to your favorite Virgo and listen to their advice on self-control, you don’t need to incorporate all that gibberish, but at least some of the advice would be good, such as don’t over-do for fuck’s sake 🙂 
dudovich art | Marcello Dudovich (1878-1962)LiveInternet ...

PLEASE DON’T (and I can’t stress this enough) MISUSE DRUGS! (stay safe and responsible)

The article started on Mars day, Saturn hour
Finished on Mars day, Jupiter hour

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