SKY REPORT: Steamy melodrama

“Lay me down, let the only sound

be the overflow, pockets full of stones.”

-What the Water Gave me, Florence and the machine


Feels like it’s been forever since last time I posted a sky update. Many thing happened since then and we’re all here, witnessing the outcomes of past events and trying to connected dots in this confusing swirl of past, present & future all wrapped up and synergized.

Whatever time comes, it carries it’s own challenges and prosperities, not all the transits are the same for everyone because not everyone is the same. And while some frown about how they hate Cancer season (who would say people dislike sign who symbols emotions and clinginess? (shock)) , others who have important planets and positions in the sign of Cancer could probably experience some very important changes in their lives in this season. But not only Cancers, this will affect all the cardinal signs as we mentioned in other articles: Libra, Capricorn and Aries will all feel the joys or inconvenience at this period.

To understand better what themes of your charts will be activated through Cancer season, check where Cancer falls in your chart, which houses it rules, and of course, most importantly check your Moon and dispositor. Since Moon is ruler of sign of Cancer, and Moon is connected to phases and eclipses, we are approaching a Partial Lunar eclipse in 41 days, which happens on August 7th, 2017 (19:10:32 CET) which I will mention shortly below in article, but I will break it down in much more detail sometime in July.

Not only that eclipse is approaching, but we also had New Moon in Cancer on June 24th, 2017 which happened on 2°Cancer 51′ and it was conjuncting Sun in Cancer that was maybe few minutes difference.  More so,we had Venus in it’s own sign & in the sign of Moon’s exaltation.

More so we had Moon nodes switch signs into Leo & Aquarius. South node is in Aquarius and North node is in the sign of Leo. This is after spending so much time in Pisces and Virgo.

Here is new Moon chart. Clearly we can see how Summer starts, it starts with New Moon (don’t take this officially, I know when Summer starts) in Cancer and whole stelium in one. And regardless that we have Venus in her own sign, we have Mars in his detriment. And both Mars and Venus are in some way connected to Moon.

new moon

Mars is in Cancer which is Moon sign, and Venus is in Taurus, sign of Moons exaltation.

What makes this situation so melodramatic and intense is that this whole stelium is opposed to Pluto and additionally Venus makes a exact trine to Pluto too. This play should be interesting.

It seems like everytime I decide to write an article, relationship issues are up in surface, couples are spitting in each others faces, saying “I hate you!I hope you die!” , and in the next second they’re already having some hot and steamy make up sex.

Of course, not everybody…not everybody carries inside same energies, not everyone has same signs in houses and same aspects, and most importantly we don’t all live in the same place either. And not everybody deals with this in the form of relationship between two people, some battle these demons inside, or at work, or in health. While others made friends with these demons and don’t see them as demons any longer. In short?

Intensity bubbling up with this t-square of a New Moon is pretty extreme, Saturn and Mars don’t get along and don’t really understand each other at this point. Fighting for freedom and trying to see a higher sense in all this mess is more of an imperative than a simple suggestion.

If we could only focus our minds and act flexible in situations like this, but with so much cardinal and so much water, and mutable only in Saturn, Fortuna and Neptune, we are prone to think in a more pessimistic way as we meet obstacle after obstacle, and try to trick ourselves (most importantly) that things are fine and we have everything under control. At the same time we’re trembling because we know we can’t control and manipulate situations in physical world forever. Or as Neptune likes to call it Fake it til you make it . 

Still, there is that quiet voice who is for some reason pushing us into negative cycle of emotions, thoughts, fears, self-doubt and doubt in others. And with New Moon in Cancer and so much cardinal water in the air, we are getting to meet with protection- overprotection, find our inner goddess where our motherly instincts lie (regardless of your gender really) and admit to ourselves some bitter truths. It’s a time for a new fresh start of one period and to welcome eclipses with calm mind.

Let’s see if Sabian symbols can tell us more about this Sun and Moon conjunction, this interesting moon phase – New Moon that symbolises new beginnings, intuitive decisions, pioneering work and great vision. I will use book called “360 Pandoras boxes” by Igor Ognjenović, croatian astrologer and author.

New Moon was on 2° Cancer 51′ (3° Cancer) and it’s described as:

“Man wrapped in fur walks one very hairy deer. ” (M.E.Jones-1)


“Arctic explorer walks reindeer through the snow canyons.” (D.Rudhyar-1)

-going deep

– testing Will

Keywords: pioneer, adventure, independence, courage, strong Will, drastic problem solving, wilderness, going through obstacles, passion, sensuality, coward, defensiveness, immobility, destructive relationships, self-pity

Igor mentions how positive manifestations of 3° degree Cancer gives great strength and immunity to hardest conditions of existence and gives a chance for contact to everything that is unusual and exciting and they’re not scared to take others into unusual and new too. They’re the ones that make this world a bit less boring.

And on the other side in the negative manifestations it leads to emotional instability and sinking deep into greyness of daily life. Although these people might have big potentials , they are constantly self-sabotaging themselves for chances for future perfectioning. Often times in this case they’re getting help from completely wrong chosen friends and lovers. Their Will is weak, so they’re very conditioned by others and influenced by them, and influences are most likely destructive.


Round ??  ! FIGHT! 

Dear reader, if you have been dealing with relationship problems and emotional tornadoes this past year (almost) I have to tell you this is another storm approaching and problems are still here, bubbling on the surface and Pluto is successfully pulling them out.  I can’t explain how important it is to recognize your strength and power and watch over your words and your ego. There is so much energy where we simply want to feel emotionally secure and safe, but time is kind of testing us how long can we handle this.

Of course it’s not like this all the time, we have our good days and bad days. Let’s see where we are now, few days after New Moon.


sky report

Chart of the moment cast for Zagreb,Croatia

Our consciousness, our mind and our acting on it are all in the same sign of Cancer, led by emotions that are cardinal, which means reactive. And I know most people feel Cancers are crybabies (never seen one) but I like to think that sadness is really not the only emotion we experience, regardless of being Cancer or no. Cancers are moody, and yes they can get very sensitive about subjects that are important to them. But it is through feeling and intuition that they get these intense emotions and luckily as a cardinal sign they can act on them.

Mars doesn’t feel that great in Cancer. Mars is connected to activity, masculine, movement, acting upon, sexuality, libido and of course arguments and fights, it is a god of war after all. So in Cancer Mars feels like all that he wants to express..he should then express it with emotions. So Mars in Cancer acts like emotional warrior.

It’s not that smart to fight right now, when Pluto is in Capricorn and Mars is in Cancer. Mars will for sure lose against Plutos overwhelming intensity.  Power is tremendous but we have to think smart at this point. Any books on self-control, breathing exercises and meditations will be very useful at this point, and of course spending more time near water, using water-colors in your paintings and drumming will be of much help here.

I can’t help but feel so sorry about people that are oversensitive (I find that even the word oversensitive gives emotions bad name) and not just in this period of time, but usually. They’re the ones that people label as “too demanding, heavy to deal with, manipulators, etc.)

Not all emotions are bad, in fact. All of them are important and equally needed.

See you soon in another article, I have yet to write about Sun in eight house too.

❤ H E A L A N D R E S P E C T S A C R E D F E M I N I N E, H E A L A N D R E S P E C T S A C R E D M A S C U L I N E



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  1. Yup, totalno spot on… s kaj ovo citam koji tjedan poslje tog dark moona, al da bas tak…heh…
    Trebam cesce bacit oko na ovaj blog…^^
    Keep up the good work… Bless


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