Sun In The Ninth House: Teach Me How To Shine

Sun, planet (star) that symbolises consciousness and awake state, and our most highest potential travels through houses of Zodiac and for some reason when we are born, is placed, just like the other planets in certain houses which represents in short areas of our lives.

When Sun goes to ninth house it is concerned with subjects of  expressing creativity and authority in fields of philosophy, higher knowledge, teaching, international affairs, long distance traveling, teaching, religion or spirituality.

This house represents our higher mind (axis 3-9 lower mind-higher mind) and it can offer a creative expression in those fields for a person born with Sun or/and many other planets in it. With Sun here it can also make one famous for certain study or something he has published in his life, since ninth house is also house of publishing.

When we speak of religion, this can be any form of god worship, be it catholic or muslim, or even satanic cults as we will see further in texts.

People with Sun in ninth house

These people will be very attracted to foreign cultures, languages, travels and adventure experiences. Somehow they feel connected to higher things of life, worship, philosophy of living, seeing the bigger picture in it. They may even become important people in some form of study. Even if they’re not travelling physically, you can bet they travel enormous distances in their heads, regardless of Mercury placement. Some places are nice and offer experience and adventure, other places are not that interesting or even needed, but these people will still go through them. Having Sun sign in Sagittarius in this house will offer journey to be with optimism if possible, unless you’re in squares or conjunctions to Saturn, then you bet Saturn bitchslaps you with a harsh reality shower making your spiritual journey a bit tougher.

Professors, teachers, travellers, philosophers, priests, authorities in the fields on ninth house. Seems like these people are kind of born with a sense of feeling there is something beyond death (remember, ninth house comes after eight house which traditionally symbolises death primarily). They have that need to understand and see the bigger picture behind all the unnecessary sugar coated details such as in spirituality of order-chaos (VirgoPisces axis).

They will also have to make relationships with siblings conscious since Sun is then opposed to third house of communication, early learning, our immediate surroundings and siblings, even cousins. Somehow their siblings, cousins or neighbors/neighborhood they grew up in will have effect on their way of thinking, ethics, philosophy and moral themes which are also connected to ninth house.

Yes, it is true that Sun is a planet in astrology which offers us conscious creative expression, but Sun and Moon are also eyes of the Zodiac, and in most people they are closed, so sometimes fanaticism and ego work inside the themes of ninth house can bring feeling of being the authority figure inside spirituality or religion, which can then bring us inharmonic behavior. There is no place for ego in spirituality since we left our ego in eight house, house where ego MUST die.

So if we really want to experience ninth house, we need to travel through deep psychological vortex of eight house which is traditionally known as ‘IDLE’ house and it’s least constructive one to talk about.

At times I feel like ninth house is somewhat freed of intense relationships but that of course depends on the sign of the planet and other aspects. Ninth house is about freedom, but that freedom which prepares us to face the world (MC). I would say that in ninth house we are being inspired for adventure, to find out the truth about who we really are in higher terms, what is left of us after we die and finally how we publish it outside and then share with world (MC).

Slikovni rezultat za uma thurman quote

Uma Thurman has Sun conjunct Saturn in Taurus in ninth house. Her ninth house cusp is in Aries and her Mars is conjunct Venus in Gemini in 10th house, Venus being closest one to MC and ruler of tenth house.  All while Mercury is conjunct Saturn in 9th, entering 10 and is retrograde. Very special story indeed. This gave her a spiritual background and environment to grow in, and alternatively Jupiter is at 0° Scorpio, retrograde in her third house of early childhood environment.

I choose some people with Sun in Ninth house and we will do it like every other time. Some charts I break down, some you get for homework 🙂

  1. Michael Aquino – “American founder of the Temple of Set and one of America’s leading Satanists. Though the temple was formally incorporated in 1975, its magical and philosophical roots are ancient. Set is considered the supreme personification of evil, the Prince of Darkness and his worship can be traced to predynastic times. Images have been dated to 3200 BC with inscriptions dated to 5000 BC. A few Satanic groups have survived to carry on the tradition of Satan (Set-hen). Aquino states that through the Renaissance alone, some 13 million accused Satanists were tortured and burned to death, considered infidels and heathens. In modern day, Aleister Crowley carried on the work until his death in 1947, and in 1966 Anton Szandor LaVey founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco.
    In 1975, Dr. Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith resigned from the Church of Satan and established their own group, founded as a church and incorporated as a non-profit organization with both federal and tax-exempt status. Aquino, formerly a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Army, believes his to be a more sophisticated form of Satanism. He is the author of “The Coming Forth by Night” and publishes a newsletter, “The Scroll of Set.”
    Rumors began to emanate from the several hundred members of the sect regarding child molestation in satanic rituals. However Aquino vehemently denied such claims, stating that they were harassment by opponents. He states on Oprah and other TV talk shows that Satan is more an energy force than a person so he is not an embodiment. He claimed that the entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of good standing in his church.
    Aquino was reassigned by the Army to a post in Missouri; he separated from his wife and has apparently faded from his diabolic mission. For those who don’t know, Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco.”
Michael Aquino

Who would say a “satanic” (Set-anic) priest would have such a packed ninth house? Well astrology knows this house can be tricky too.  Ninth house ruler is Mercury which is in sign of Scorpio, naturally we connect Scorpio to magick themes and sorcery, but also connected to psychic magic, manipulation of energy and mind control in some cases. So ruler of Ninth is conjunct Mars and Jupiter, both in Scorpio and look they’re making a inharmonic squares to Pluto0Saturn in Leo on the cusp of 8th house of sexuality, magic, secrets and occult. Regarding to rumors about child abuse and sacrifices…Leo is a sign connected to children and both Saturn and Pluto are in this sign, on the cusp of eight house…so without pointing fingers I will just stop with conclusions here and keep my opinion for myself.  Sun is in ninth house not to forget the main theme and it’s conjunct Chiron, both in Libra. Remember how Sun’s fall is in Libra? And conjunct with Sun in this house would bring some painful subjects being activated by spiritual work but only through eight house since Leo rules that house. Let’s just not forget this person was an authority figure and founder of his own church. Sun in 9th gone wrong or no? Seems like he wasn’t that much of a private person either, but someone who somehow misused his powers and on his way lost his sense of moral and ethics judging to all things that went out in the media. Remember, 9th house- publishing! He did publish something, but his 8th house themes got published also… 

michael aquino2

Michael Aquino with his ordens and famous eyebrow style.

I hope you don’t think this man is a joke. Look at his resume:

  • After commencing his military career as Cadet Colonel of the Santa Barbara High School Jr. ROTC in 1964, Michael Aquino was commissioned in the Regular Army as a Sr. ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of California in 1968.After a year with the 1/17th Cavalry, 82nd Airborne Division, he completed the PSYOP Officer Course at the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School, in which he was among select students cross-trained with the concurrent Special Forces Officer Course. During 1969-70 he was assigned to the 6th PSYOP Battalion, 4th Group, Vietnam.As an HA Command & Control Team Leader, he was responsible for both tactical (HB) teams in combat operations, and audio-visual (HE) teams in the Civil Operations & Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) program, and flew numerous PSYOP air support missions throughout III Corps Tactical Zone with both the U.S. Air Force and Army aviation.

    In 1972 he joined the 306th PSYOP Battalion (Strategic), USAR at Fort MacArthur, California, and for the next seven years served as Research & Analysis (FA) Team Leader, Operations Officer, and finally Executive Officer.

    In the 306th – whose members ranged from eccentric Hollywood personalities to dour L.A.P.D. officers – he oversaw highly-classified Basic PSYOP Studies for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, PSYOP support for the training of units such as the 12th Special Forces, and use of the 306th’s atmospheric World War II-era bunkers for space combat scenes in the original Battlestar Galactica television series.

    In 1976 he was selected for the Foreign Area Officer career program, completed that qualification at the Special Warfare Center and Central Intelligence Agency during the next three years, and participated in NATO REFORGER exercises as a Western Europe specialist. In 1976 he also completed the remaining course requirements for Special Forces, and was awarded that Tab upon its creation in 1984.

    From 1979 to 1981 he served as the FA Team Leader for Headquarters, 7th PSYOP Group in San Francisco, during which time he and the Group Commander collaborated on the predecessor concept paper to this MindWar book.

    Returning to active duty in 1981, he was transferred to Civil Affairs Branch, completed its Advanced Course at the Special Warfare Center as the Distinguished Graduate, and received the rare Primary Skill identifier of Politico-Military Affairs Officer (48G).

    In this capacity he was sent to the State Department Foreign Service Institute and the Defense Intelligence Agency for Attaché qualification, completed the Military Intelligence Officer Advanced Course at Fort Huachuca, and in 1986 was reassigned to Military Intelligence Branch. In 1986-7 he was the sole USAR officer selected to attend the Industrial College of the National Defense University.

    During that year he worked with the U.S. Information Agency representative at the National War College on the PSYOP Ethics paper which is also a predecessor to this book. In 1990 as one of the Army’s first officers to be certified in Joint Space Intelligence by the U.S. Air Force, he was assigned to J2 HQ U.S. Space Command, where in Section X, out of the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD complex, he was involved with those files until he retired from the Active USAR in 1994.

    Since the Army had waited until the exact date of his final USA retirement 2006 to create the PSYOP Branch, it graciously transferred him “posthumously” to the Green & Grey in 2011.

    He has retained his original affiliation with the 1st Special Forces Regiment out of respect for that unique honor.

    American decorations include the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal, three Army Commendation Medals, two Army Reserve Achievement Medals, Parachutist Badge, Special Forces Tab, and USAF Space & Missile Badge. Vietnamese decorations include the Gallantry Cross, Psychological Warfare Medal, and Air Service Medal.

    Academically he received the Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of California in 1980 and the M.P.A. in National Resource Management from George Washington University in 1987. He taught as Adjunct Professor of Political Science at Golden Gate University 1980-86.

    Professionally he is a member of the Special Forces, PSYOP, Civil Affairs, Former Intelligence Officers, and Air/Space/Missile Defense Associations.

    After the conclusion of his U.S. government service, the Constitution permitted him to be recognized by Scotland’s Lord Lyon King of Arms as the current Baron of Rachane, Argyllshire. He, his wife Lilith, and several cats live in San Francisco. Bio from the book “Mind War” by Michael A. Aquino

2. ANDREW FORSYTH – “Scottish mathematician and author. He discovered a formula showing the relations and identities of structural forms invariant under transformation.
Forsyth was the son of an engineer in the Glasgow shipyards. When the family moved to Liverpool, young John began to show his exceptional math abilities at secondary school. He entered Trinity College at Cambridge in 1877 and graduated in 1881. Placing first in the ranked list of grads, he was appointed to a fellowship at Trinity where his thesis proved deep results on double theta function. Forsyth’s remarkable talent took him to an appointment to a chair of mathematics at the University of Liverpool at age 24.
In 1884, he took a lectureship at Cambridge and two years later, was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of London. In 1893 he published “Theory of Functions of a complex variable” which had such an impact at Cambridge that function theory dominated there for many years, having a greater influence on British mathematics than any work since Newton’s Principia.
Forsyth was appointed to the chair of Pure Mathematics in 1895 at Cambridge where he remained until 1910. He was forced to resign his chair that year due to a scandal caused by his love affair with a married woman, Marion Amelia Boys. After her divorce, the couple married and spent some time in Calcutta before he eventually found another post in England, being appointed to the chair in Imperial College London in 1913. He retired from his chair in London in 1923 when reaching the age of sixty-five but continued to publish mathematical texts until he was close to eighty years of age.
Forsyth died on 6/02/1942, London.”

Andrew Forsyth

Sun is still in the ninth but more closer and entering 10th house of career connecting themes of these two houses. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all in very airy, intellectual and mutable Gemini to give mind quick thinking and basically collect all the informations needed to see the big picture. Ruler of ninth house is Taurus and Venus is conjunct Saturn in Cancer for the love of natural and exact sciences. Only problem is his dignity of Jupiter in sign of it’s detriment so he didn’t really think the whole “sleep with your friends wife thing”, nor did he think about rules – Saturn is in Cancer, also detriment. But we are not here to judge his character based on his private life, but to take a look at that damn t-square SUN IN GEMINI 90 to MOON on 29° Virgo and Neptune at 24 Pisces. This man had no time for nothing except delivering his urgent task. Eventually his Mars on half of fixed signs brought him fame. And it’s in the sign of crisis and transformation…and other ruler Pluto is in the eight house Taurus, also conecerned with death, transformation and sexuality. But above that digging deep and making new from old. 


Andrew Russell Forsyth, what a typical-untypical Gemini 


British writer, a novelist and essayist who used the English language superbly. After the death of her father in 1904, she and her siblings moved to Bloomsbury where their home becoming the center for the avant-garde literary salon, the Bloomsbury Group. Her first two novels were traditional in format; in 1921 she began her experimental, impressionistic style. The subsequent novels had greater success, “Jacob’s Room,” 1922, “Mrs. Dalloway,” 1925, “A Biography” 1928 and a feminist essay, “A Room of One’s Own” in 1929. Four of her books were published posthumously and her total output was 9 novels, 1 play, 14volumes of diaries and letters as well as many essays, portraits, reviews and memoirs.

The daughter of Sir Leslie Stephen, Virginia was the youngest of four children by her dad’s second marriage; her mom died when she was thirteen. The family had a total of eight kids due to prior marriages of her parents. Educated at home, she had the run of her father’s magnificent library.

She married Leonard Woolf in 1912. They were true companions though it was a sexless marriage and she later fell in love with another woman, Vita Sackville-West.

Virginia received income from a small trust fund but it was insufficient to meet her needs. In 1917, she and her husband, Leonard, founded the Hogarth Press. With a small, kitchen-table model printing press, they taught themselves to set type and print. Virginia and Leonard were budding novelists, reviewers and essayists. Their first publication, a 32-page pamphlet, sold 134 copies of the 150 printed. Within several years, they developed a commercially successful publishing company that produced 25 to 35 books per year.

Virginia and Leonard were prolific writers and managed the publishing company as a part time enterprise. The authors they published included C. Day Lewis, T. S. Eliot, Anna and Sigmund Freud, Maxim Gorky, Rainer Maria Rilke, Gertrude Stein, H. G. Wells, and many other notable writers. In the 1930s, they began using their influence in the literary community to address their social concerns. They published books on disarmament, feminism, peace, the League of Nations, problems of race and slavery, economics, education, economics and psychology. One biographer stated the Woolfs considered Hogarth Press the child their marriage never produced.

Woolf suffered from a mental breakdown during WW I, followed by subsequent periods of physical, mental and emotional breakdowns which doctors treated with psychiatric drugs. Her early childhood experience of sexual abuse by her half brothers, Gerald and George Dunkworth, was thought to be the cause. Gerald later became her publisher. Virginia had a complicated and stormy relationship with her sister, Vanessa Bell, which biographers reveal was also physical. She is also reported to have an early love interest with a close friend, Violet Dickinson.

Her writing expressed the themes that troubled her the most; life, death, suicide, madness and past memories. She was hypersensitive to criticism. Virginia was a noted biographer and critic and used writing as a distraction from realty. When she realized she could not write any longer, she chose not to live. On 3/28/1941 she drowned herself, fearing the recurrence of a mental breakdown, Sussex, England.

In December 2002, the film was released, “The Hours,” based on Michael Cunningham’s prize-winning Novel. The movie stars Nicole Kidman as Woolf, wearing a false nose to elongate her face.”

Virginia Woolf

Wow speaking of packed 12th house and a strong karmic links? Look at this chart, but really just look at all this. Where to start? Yet again Sun is closer to 10th house cusp so themes are again related. Virginia was Sun in Aquarius, a weirdo, unusual lady who somehow shocked with her work. Sun is conjunct Venus sitting on last degree of Capricorn. Last degree always gives lots of that sign and extreme cases related to that sign in general. In short, it’s finishing up something and with this it was extreme ammounts of publishing in her case. More so, Sun and Venus are making squares to ruler of ninth house- Saturn which is standing firmly in tenth house, entering 11th house of hopes, dreams and groups. Two planets are on degrees of half fixed signs, and suprisingly it’s Mercury at 18° Aquarius in tenth house and Chiron, Jupiter, Neptune in 12th house. She decided to quit her life because of self-doubts probably unable to cope with constant pressure from society. May you rest in peace, and thank you for your work. ❤ Mercury is also chart ruler…


My head is a hive of words that won’t settle. – Virginia Woolf

4. ROBERT TOCQUET – “French teacher and author, a professor of physical, chemical and natural sciences, known for his encyclopedic knowledge in many fields.

He was the author of 53 books, translated into a dozen languages, on subjects as varied as health, the art of staying young, personal development, memory, conjuring, etc., and for which he received various prizes and awards.

He was also known to have invested in parapsychology, by various studies and interventions in areas such as psychic drawing, ectoplasm formations, clairvoyance, telekinesis, telepathy, and so on.

As such he was a member and became president of the International Psychic Institute (9 October 1982) and was able to meet and interact with leading parapsychologists of that time (Charles Richet, René Sudre, Eugène Osty, René Warcollier).

Having written a book called “Vivre cinq fois vingt ans” (Living Five Times Twenty Years), he died on 23 September 1993 at the age of 95.”

robert torquet

One more time we have Sun in curious information sucking machine called Gemini conjunct Pluto at the same degree. Sun is also conjunct Neptune and Gemini itself is on the ninth house cusp. We have ninth house ruler Mercury in the eight house of deep psychology, paranormal and death subjects. There is a triangle of learning between 00° Libra Jupiter sitting on 12th/1st conjuncting ascendant, Mars on late degrees of Aries and Moon in late degrees Sagittarius sitting on cusp of 4th house and opposing Neptune in 9th. Saturn is additionally opposed Sun in 9th , making a life long study. I find it interesting that both Uranus and Jupiter are at 0° degrees too.  So what made him famous? Mercury and Chiron in 2nd house which are close to our half of fixed signs  that bring public themes. 

Slikovni rezultat za robert tocquet

Robert Tocquet in laboratory 

It is now a time for your study.  Here are some more interesting people with Sun in ninth house. Clicking the link will open a astro databank website and show you biography and chart in new tab, so you can learn in peace and still open other tabs or even better, research what all this blog has to offer!

5. Roger Leray– French freemason, a grand master of ‘Le Grand Orient de France.

6. Mata Hari Dutch prostitute and exotic dancer who also served as a spy.

7.  Milena Quaglini– Italian artist, a talented painter and designer. She has had two husbands and three kids. Her first husband died of diabetes and the second was murdered by her. After that time, she killed two other men, claiming in each instance, self defense (in reaction to their violence).

8. Veronique Nichanian– French fashion designer, artistic director of Hermes menswear since 1988.

9. Erling Christie– Norwegian author. He was among the pioneers of modernism in Norway both as a poet and a critic. Christie published five poetry collections, which were collected in the posthumous collection “Samlede dikt” (‘Collected poems’) in 1998. In 1959 he suffered a falling accident that led to brain damage and blindness.

10. Lenore Canter– American pro astrologer with a private practice in upstate New York that first began on 8/13/1969. After several years study, mostly on her own, a gifted craftsman-friend asked if she wanted to do consultations from his shop. This gave Lenore a professional environment and her friend, added publicity for his business. She began writing an astrology column for a local magazine, analyzing the charts of prominent people in the area. Her analysis was even quoted in an editorial by a local newspapers on the mayor of that time, Lee Alexander.

11. Paul Otlet – Belgian author, entrepreneur, visionary, lawyer and peace activist; he is one of several people who have been considered the father of information science, a field he called “documentation”. Otlet created the Universal Decimal Classification, one of the most prominent examples of faceted classification. Otlet was responsible for the widespread adoption in Europe of the standard American 3×5 inch index card used until recently in most library catalogs around the world (by now largely displaced by the advent of the online public access catalog (OPAC)). Otlet wrote numerous essays on how to collect and organize the world’s knowledge, culminating in two books, the Traité de Documentation (1934) and Monde: Essai d’universalisme(1935).

Other people with Sun in Ninth house: Whoopi Goldberg, Jose Saramago, Colline Serau, Ursula Andress, Donald Kinman, Richard Pryor, Renato Sanches, David Brewster, Kenneth MacMillan, Jean Marrais, Graham Dawson, Toni Kroos…

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