Sun In The Eleventh House: Kings Right Hand

If you are eleventh house Sun person you can probably agree on one thing; in your life you probably found yourself in groups, or organizations or even occult group, or at least you have a big interest in such things.

This house is naturally ruled by the sign of Aquarius, which is ruled by both Saturn, traditionally, and Uranus. This is important to mention because some of people with Sun in eleventh house will express more traditional subjects while others will be expressing innovative side of Aquarius, which is Uranus.

Sun in this house makes one shine within the groups, or friend circle and can make one leader of such groups or lead a great humanitarian purpose but Sun is a natural ruler of Leo, which is a natural ruler of fifth house (personal creative expression), and eleventh house (Aquarius) is opposed to this house (non-personal creative expression), so there could be some problems with this placement.

Purpose of Sun in this house must be cleared of selfish ego behavior and selfish wish to rule over friends or groups because in this house we are to accept everyone for their unique self-expression, to recognize we can rule only if we put our selfish wishes aside and find universal meaning within our humanitarian purpose.

Traditional and modern meanings of eleventh house in astrology

Traditionally this house was known as house of good fortune (Bona fortuna) . This was known as house that ruled friendships and friends, those who help us (benefactors), our supporters. It was also known as house of good fortune but also house of trust (we trust our friends), comfort, house of our goals, groups and wider social circles.

It was said that depending on house affliction and planets within, it would describe how honest or false friends are.  Sun being placed within this house would also indicate friendships with ruling ones, such as kings in the past. This was also described as house of kings favorite, or close servants.

This is also a house where we get paid (as a result of 10th house).

In modern astrology meanings that were applied here mostly suggest same things, such as ones hopes and dreams, friendships, groups and organizations and such. Having many planets in this house may suggest a busy group life, many connections to friends but planets condition, in this case Sun in 11th house will suggest what results will bring.

Having a Sun in this house offers one conscious creative expression within groups, friendships with people in high positions and possibly a support from them. One can benefit from groups and shine within them. Depending on the Sun sign, condition and aspect more will be told about from where and to where will that Sun operate.

Planet closest to 11th house cusp will be main indicator for how to describe ones friends, or groups. And if many planets are there, it may suggest different kinds of friends and groups.

Not many websites mention information like this but there are many occult subjects to this house. And not only occult, but unusual subjects such as science (Saturn), politics , magic, aliens, astrology, eccentric subjects in this house. So one can find their creative purpose in unusual kind of profession and make a huge potential out of it, especially with Sun in this house.


-creative expression within groups and friends, friendships with important, creative and authority figures, rebelling against authority, having your own conscious sense of authority, potential in inventions, seeing (Sun-eyes) the unusual, eccentric personality, unstable ego, personal-non-personal conflict, father issues (depending on other things), either creative and artistic, scientific friends either seeing friends as selfish, egotistical, self-centered, may be fond of perversions, shocks, overly eccentric or overly occult subjects depending on expression.

This person can be attracted to subjects such as occult, astrology, science, crystals, aliens, conspiracy theories, theories in general, relationships with many people, seeing universal connection, expressing themselves creatively but not for selfish purpose. Using heart and mind to act.

Astrologers, magicians, scientists 

It wasn’t really hard to confirm traditional or modern meanings to this house. While going through my astrology program database, list keep getting filled with many interesting names in history of astrology, especially people that worked on unusual techniques; such as John Addey, founder and developer of modern harmonics in astrology, then Marc Edmund Joneswho with Elsie Wheeler developed symbols for 360° symbols of Zodiac,  theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize winner  Max von Laue. I choose some interesting charts to describe again.

Best way to learn is to  observe aspects and life stories. From this reason I only choose AA/A chart rating so we can work with correct informations. But another reason to choose only few people is data from their personal life.

Pay close attention to house condition, planets in the house, planets aspects, dignities, but also to houses ruled by Leo, natural ruler of Sun and houses ruled by Aquarius, natural ruler of eleventh house.



1. John Addey – (biography): **”

John Addey, astrologer, developer of modern Harmonics in astrology (photo:

John Addey was born in Barnsley, Yorkshire in the UK on 15 June 1920 at 8.15 am and died at the Royal Homeopathic Hospital, London at 5.17 pm on 27 March 1982.[1]

He attended Ackworth School (in Pontefract, Yorkshire): Ackworth was a Quaker School, although the Addey family were not Quakers themselves, and Addey was much influenced by the spirit of Quakerism – he was a conscientious objector during the second world war – and was later to marry a Quaker. During his time at Ackworth he showed some talent for poetry, but more so for sports: he was captain of most of the various sports teams organised by the school. He was head boy before leaving in 1939 and going on to Cambridge where he read English literature.[2]

He left university and joined the Friends Ambulance Unit. While working there, he was struck down by severe Ankylosing Spondylitis,[3] and was unable to walk without the aid of a stick for the rest of his life.[2] Initial treatment required an 18-month stay in hospital, and it was during this enforced period of immobility that his energies turned inwards towards the two areas of study which were to occupy him for the rest of his life: philosophy and astrology (he had been interested in both from his mid-teens). He studied with the Faculty of Astrological Studies and was awarded his Diploma in the early fifties.

He rapidly came under the influence of Charles E O Carter who guided Addey’s explorations in both philosophy and astrology. In philosophy this meant an acknowledgement of the worth of all the great world religions and philosophies, but an especial interest in the Platonic tradition; in astrology Carter (who was for some time the President of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society) encouraged Addey’s mystical leanings. Central to Addey’s later work on the Harmonic theory of astrology was the conviction that the mystical and the scientific were not mutually exclusive and that neither was complete without the other.

After leaving the Amubulance Unit (where he had met and married, in 1946, Betty Poole), Addey worked for a time as a private tutor in Wiltshire before taking up a teaching post at Queen Mary’s Hospital for Children, where for many years he taught young polio patients who often were hospitalised for long periods.

John Addey had three children, Etain Addey (author, A Silent Joy), Tim Addey (author, The Seven Myths of the Soul, the Unfolding Wings – the Way of Perfection in the Platonic Tradition, and Beyond the Shadows – the Metaphysics of the Platonic Tradition) and Jane Addey.

Astrological work

According to Addley, astrology was not considered a scientific discipline because of the prejudices of orthodoxy, and a disinclination of astrologers to use the empiric and rational tools being refined by post-enlightenment scientists of all kinds. For this reason, Addey helped found the Astrological Association of Great Britain in 1958. He was the Association’s first Secretary, and, on the resignation of its President Brigadier Roy Firebrace in 1961,[2] became its second President, holding the office until 1973, at which point he became the Association’s Patron. He edited the organisation’s magazine, The Astrological Journal from 1962 to 1972, and was the prime mover in establishing the Association’s annual conferences. One further contribution to organised astrology should also be mentioned – he founded the Urania Trust as a registered education charity in 1970.

Theory of “Harmonics”[edit]

Addey’s most important contribution to modern astrology was the Harmonic theory, which sought to put the understanding of astrological effects on a clear and rational footing. Starting from the great Platonic statement (Timaeus, 37d) that “Time is an image of eternity flowing according to number”, Addey identified astrology as “the study of effects in the world of flux and change” in a 1958 article, ‘The Search for a Scientific Starting Point’;[4] and later articulated the fundamental law – “all astrological effects can be understood in terms of the harmonics of cosmic periods”.[5] In other words, the temporal world is only truly understood when it is seen as making manifest the great eternal ideas – Platonic Forms – in ordered cosmic periods.

Reception of Addey’s theory of Harmonics

James Holden, in his History of Horoscopic Astrology, writes that Addey’s theory of Harmonics “excited some enthusiasm when it was first announced, but it has not found favor with most astrologers”, adding however that most horoscope programs can calculate harmonics if desired.[6]

Astrology Critics, reviewing Addey’s Harmonics in Astrology (1976), writes that the book starts from the fact that even basic issues such as “which is the best system (Eastern or Western) in astrology, what is the correct house system, where is the cusp of a house, the delineations in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ aspects or ‘good” and ‘bad’ signs.” The review suggests that harmonics could throw a new light on such questions, but concludes that “what John Addey wrote is only the seed. The theory of harmonics in astrology needs more research and development in order to see how can be better applied in practice. Unfortunately it didn’t made much progress since 1976”.[7] ” 


Astro-Databank chart of John Addey born on 15 June 1920

Sun conjunct Venus in Gemini  in 11th house cusp which is in Taurus. A very great potential for intellectual work and a great love towards learning. With Leo rising, this Sun was his chart ruler, and Mercury , Sun’s dispositor is in 12th house (of unseen, secret, hidden, collective unconcious) and not only that….Mercury is conjunct Pluto, both in water signs and in water house. both are supported from Uranus Pisces in again, water house 8th house.   John had three planets in his eleventh house, Moon, Sun and Venus. Sun/Venus conjunction is amazing here, this man developed HARMONICS (Venus-harmony).  I will not talk about health aspects on this post since we’re only focusing on Sun in eleventh house. Additionally, Aquarius rules both his 7th and 8th house cusp. He was involved with secret societies as well, but all this makes one wonder how honest his group or friends was. 


2.  Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (October 1, 1888 – March 5, 1980, age 91) **was an American writer, screenwriter and astrologer.

Image result for marc edmund jones

Marc Edmund Jones, astrologer, writer and screenwriter in this younger days (

Born October 1, 1888, 8:37 a.m. CST in St. Louis, Missouri, as a child Marc Edmund Jones was interested in complex patterns observable in the environment, and he gradually developed a distinctive personal system of thought that later produced notable perspectives on occultism and the cabalistic world-view in general.

He grew up in Chicago in the social framework of a rather formal, late Victorian parental style. Other early influences were the Christian Science neighbors who moved next door and an aunt who introduced him to theosophy. In 1913 his lifelong interest in astrology was kindled, leading to further investigation into occult principles, and an interest in spiritualism that developed later on.

Marc Jones has been called the dean of American astrology,[who?] and is perhaps best remembered as the major leader in the twentieth century of a movement to reformulate the study of astrology.

He developed the seven categories of horoscopic patterns or distributions of the astrological planets around the zodiac, which are called the Splay, Splash, Bundle, Bowl, Locomotive, Bucket, and Seesaw shapes or patterns.

He created the Sabian Symbols with the assistance of the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler in 1925, and in 1953 he published The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, a book that renders a specific symbol and interpretive character for each of the 360° of the zodiac that are found on the astronomical ecliptic.

Marc Edmund Jones (photo:

Early in life he became a prolific and successful writer of movie scenarios, and worked in that profession for many years. He founded the special-studies group known as the Sabian Assembly in 1923, still in existence in the twenty-first century. [1] He was ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1934, and later received the PhD degree from Columbia University. He taught and lectured across the USA for many years.

His most voluminous written work is the set of Sabian lessons on philosophy, the Bible, astrology and cabalistic pattern, at which he labored for decades.

Dr. Jones died on March 5, 1980. His major visible legacy exists today in the Sabian Assembly which he founded and his many books, most which are still in print.

Astro-Databank chart of Marc Edmund Jones born on 1 October 1888

Eleventh house cusp is in Mercury sign of analytical Virgo, which suggests many friends and groups in intellectual fields, scholars and practitioners, such as ritual work (magic). More so, Sun is conjunct Uranus in 11th house and Uranus in this house is strong. Both Sun and Uranus are in air sign of Libra, sign of intellect and mental harmony. But we can’t forget that he was also interested in movies and art, which is mainly Libra purpose. His 11th house ruler Mercury, is more so placed in 12th house of unconscious and mystery and is conjunct Venus (Sun is in Libra!!). Yet, again we have occult subjects activated, but once again supported by 12th house/ascendant placements and 11th house. More so, Sun rules Leo MC, a place of profession and ambition where are MoonSaturn conjunct in Leo.  Saturn here offered a fame,but not easily made. Yes, this 10th house brought him fame, but he was very unsure of his visions as Saturn in Leo acts ruthless to unconscious Moon in Leo which seeks to creatively express itself. Sun in this chart also has aspects that offered this person, even with Saturn in Leo, to express his high potential and leave his community (11th house) a magnificent set of pictures burried deep in collective unconscious (12th house) . Thank you, Jones!



3.  “Max Theodor Felix von Laue (9 October 1879 – 24 April 1960)** was a German physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1914 for his discovery of the diffraction of X-rays by crystals. In addition to his scientific endeavors with contributions in optics, crystallography, quantum theory, superconductivity, and the theory of relativity, he had a number of administrative positions which advanced and guided German scientific research and development during four decades. A strong objector to National Socialism, he was instrumental in re-establishing and organizing German science after World War II

In 1906, Laue became a Privatdozent in Berlin and an assistant to Planck. He also met Albert Einstein for the first time; they became friends and Laue went on to contribute to the acceptance and development of Einstein’s theory of relativity. Laue continued as assistant to Planck until 1909. In Berlin, he worked on the application of entropy to radiation fields and on the thermodynamic significance of the coherence of light waves.

File:Max von Laue.jpg

Max von Laue, physicist (photo:

It was in 1913 that Laue’s father, Julius Laue, a civil servant in the military administration, was raised into the ranks of hereditary nobility. Thus Max Laue became Max von Laue.[9] Laue married Magdalene Degen, while he was a Privatdozent at LMU. They had two children.[9]

Among Laue’s chief recreational activities were mountaineering, motoring in his automobile, motor-biking, sailing, and skiing. While not a mountain climber, he did enjoy hiking on the Alpine glaciers with his friends.[7]

On 8 April 1960, while he was driving to his laboratory, Laue’s car was struck in Berlin by a motorcyclist, who had received his license only two days earlier. The motorcyclist was killed and Laue’s car was overturned. He died from his injuries sixteen days later on 24 April.[7] Being a profound believer, he had asked that his epitaph should read that he had died trusting firmly in God’s mercy

Astro-Databank chart of Max von Laue born on 9 October 1879

Max von Laue is also Libra Sun with Scorpio rising, but this time Moon is in the sign of Cancer and is placed in the 8th house/entering 9th house position. This time we have 11th house cusp in Libra, and Venus retrograde in Virgo (it’s fall) in 10th house of profession. Virgo is the natural analyst, that pays attention to small things and details, and when Venus is in this sign it gives love towards all things connected to study, information processing and rituals and trainings. Again, we have a connection. Venus is in Virgo and Mercury, ruler of Virgo is in 11th house and conjunct Sun. This person got a chance to creatively express himself within groups and receive recognition from important people. More so, his work got him famous. And look where Uranus is? High on the horizon, conjunct house of vocation and profession and receiving a square from Mars/Pluto in weak dignities in 7th house, both retrograde and both chart rulers since this person is Scorpio rising. Other people had huge impact on this person, and it wasn’t really easy for him since most of people he worked with were his competitors. Both Mars and Pluto hold huge power, and this was a game to win. Let’s not forget he was also the person that re-birthed German science after WWII. Mars is war and Pluto is death and transformation.  Symbolically both Mars and Pluto (energy, active principle), Uranus MC (invention, unusual mind,eccentric, to rebel against & 11 chart ruler through Aquarius) & 8th/9th house cusp Moon in Cancer (birth, to care about, passive principle, emotions, unconscious) form a small trine which offered huge potential, but only if one is not lazy. But when you have Sun conjunct Mercury in 11th house Libra and opposition to Saturn Aries in 5th house of hobbies and joy, then you can be sure you will never act childish or immature because since young age you are aware of duties, routines and perfecting through time.  Additionally Aquarius is on the cusp of third house of communication and thinking processes, offering this person to see the unusual side of mind, and ask unusual questions.  Leo is on the cusp of 9th house, he was a famous scholar, professor, in the fields of higher knowledge, perhaps seeing the philosophical side in science. 


4. Henri Martin (biography)*

French impressionist painter.

In 1879, Martin relocated to Paris and with the help of a scholarship, was able to study in Jean-Paul Laurens’ studio. Four years later, he received his first medal at the Paris Salon, where he would hold his first exhibition three years later in 1886.

Henri Martin, french impressionist painter (photo: Anatole Louis Godet (1839-1887)/Wikipedia)

The year after he won his first medal, Martin was awarded a scholarship for a tour in Italy, where he studied the work of veterans such as Giottoand Masaccio. His 1889 canvas submission to the Salon earned him the gold medal for work that has been described as Pointillist. That same year he became a member of the Legion of Honour. At the 1900 World Fair, he was awarded the Grand Prize for his work. During this period, he became friends with Auguste Rodin.

Although Martin’s work as a neo-impressionist is not considered groundbreaking, his work was rather well-received, and has been associated with world-class symbolist painter, Puvis de Chavannes”

“Though a well established and commended artist, Martin remained shy and introvert throughout his life, even refusing contracts from many successful Parisian dealers. By the turn of the century he found that he no longer enjoyed living in Paris and began searching for an ideal home elsewhere. Eventually he bought a mansion overlooking La Bastide du Vert, near Cahors. In this relaxed and tranquil setting Martin began painting the countryside around his home almost exclusively and found a style and technique with which he was comfortable. The colourful and light filled canvases he produced at this time are widely considered to be amongst his most successful works. Henri Martin’s painting changed very little from this time onwards and he continued to paint the environs around his home until his death in 1943.”***

Image result for henri martin

Henri Martin, Summer




Astro-Databank chart of Henri Martin born on 5 August 1860

Henri Martin has a busy 11th house Leo. We have Sun conunct Mercury and Jupiter and additionally we have Saturn in Leo here, again. But this 11th house cusp is in Cancer, so Moon is important here. And look at this beautiful formation. Moon is in Pisces and conjunct Neptune in Pisces in 7th house of other people. There was a huge inspiration coming from other people, whether it was good or bad, it definitely had a huge impact on this person. Yet, intorverted nature was probably projections from Saturn and his aspects to both chart ruler (Mercury), 11th house ruler (Moon/Pisces/Neptune/7th house) , and very strong yet uncomfortable Mars in 4th house, which works and acts in private area, traditional but yet so dedicated to work in that field. Sun in the 11th house, we are aware he made friends with Auguste Rodin, another important artist. 


Some of the other people with Sun in 11th house just to get general idea of both positive and negative influences:

Mabel Collins, theosophist (Sun conjunct Venus in Virgo in 11th house, 11th house cusp in Leo 180 to Moon/Neptune in Pisces in fifth house)

  • Margaret Thatcher, politician, “Iron Lady” (11th house cusp in Libra, Sun conjunct Venus in Libra, Mars in Libra conjunct 11th house cusp, t-square to 8th house Pluto and Jupiter in 2nd house Capricorn, Scorpio rising, Saturn oon the ascendant)
  • Yves Klein,artist  (click on the name to study chart yourself)
  • Dirk Borgarde, actor, craftsman
  • Thorwald Dethlefsen, astrologer, occultist
  • Viswanathan Anand, indian chess master

and when things went wrong:

and some more interesting people charts you can study:


Now you have some foundations to start studying yourself and if you have more questions send us a message on Hermit Fool facebook page and we’ll try to help you out more.


Happy Mars day, engage in a friendly competition today and act on something. Don’t engage in low Mars energy such as fights and unneeded wars.


** (Wikipedia quotes from biography)

*( database biography)

*** ( biography on Henri Martin)









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