My first card readings started spontaneously when I was around 11 years old. There were a lot’s of fortune telling games that kids in school practiced for fun, one of them was with Belot playing cards. Belot is a popular game around a region where I grew up, so everybody had a deck of that Hungary cards at home.


I remember that fortune telling spread we all used was fun, but a bit boring to me, so I upgraded the style of spread, and my readings were scary accurate.
I always had that string for connecting myself with other energies and auras around me, but I didn’t know why or how, I thought that everyone can do that, so I was often misunderstood, thinking that sometimes I do not have to say everything, that people around me can just feel what I’m thinking, feeling, wanting..

Well soon enough I realized that is not a case and started to nourishing my senses and with that my readings were getting better and better.
My spread was fun trough my high school and collage parties, gatherings, I was reading for friends and we all had a good time out of it, and for the most of the time I nail the point with it.
Gradually I got a real Tarot deck and everything started to be more serious and now I feel that Tarot readings and others esoteric methods are my calling and the way of life.
But why am I telling you all this?
Well, I want to say more about one fierce and sassy deck of cards that are reminding me of my beginnings.
It’s a Gypsy card deck by Piatnik, which have 36 cards with illustrations of daily situations.

It’s nothing like Tarot, deck does not have that profound spark and metaphysics in it. It’s pretty straightforward and sometimes rude, like my friends and clients like to say 🙂
When you ask these cards questions like- ” does he love me” or “should I apply for this job”, they can be so upfront and say something like- “No, he would rather be a widower” or “No, you do not have a talent for it” , they don t mess around, they are not tryin’ to be spiritual and deep, it is what it is with them.

When I first got this deck it reminded so much on this school fortune telling games and it was pretty funny to me, they have that childlike sincerity in them and do not take situations worthy of any deeper analysis.
Just like when we were kids and did not think much about inner growth or why some things are the way that they are.

I often use them to get answers for YES/NO questions and when I do not need deep answers or client is impatient and needs quick solutions without backgrounds.
They are very good and you do not have to be experienced reader to understand them. They off course have some rules and regulations but they all are quick to learn.
Cards contain many of the delicate romantic Romny Gipsy Lenormand Colours and symbolism’s and have vivid illustrations.
There are many ways to read them, but most frequent is with three or nine cards.

Three card spread:

First card- past situation and influences

Middle card- current situation
Third card- most likely outcome

Nine card spread is similar but more detailed because for every period (past, present, future) we use three cards

Other popular spreads are 12 card spread, love spread, using all cards etc.

Now a bit more about each card:


Card YEARNING-  longing and wishing for something, impossibility to move on
Card BABY- new beginnings, offspring, pregnancy, new idea
Card  SADNESS- card of lost, material or physical, sometimes both, negative card
Card JUDGE- trials, court, accounts, lawyers, law, justice
Card DISHONESTY- lies, hypocrisy, illusions
Card WIDOWER- loneliness, poverty, weakness, old man
Card WIDOW- loneliness, old women, women problems, ends of relationships ^^
Card GIFT- gift and presents, good situations ahead, positive card
Card ENEMY- gossips, fights, low tolerance, bad communication
Card LOVER- happiness, sex, love, affair
Card HAPPINESS- wealth, well being, security and comfort
Card OFFICER-  someone in uniform can help you, responsibility , order
Card WEDDING- happiness and joy, new enterprises
Card UNEXPECTED HAPPINESS- new love, surprises , positive card
Card THOUGHT- planning, inner world, fantasies,  imagination
Card DEATH- end of relationship, death, transformation
Card BAD LUCK- failure, incompetence, disability, sickness
Card HOPE- possibilities, patience,  positive card
Card TROUBLE- bad news, worries, negative card
Card STABILITY- balance, solid life situations
Card SICKNESS- illness, unrequited love, sickness in family, negative card
Card PRIEST- wedding, big decisions, inner growth
Card LETTER- news, messages, reveling secrets
Card JOY- new love, gains, positive card
Card LOYALTY- trust issues, loyalty in relationships
Card MESSAGE- love secrets, beginnings, start ups
Card SOME MONEY- little gain is ahead, praise for your hard work
Card HOUSE- home, retreat, deep thoughts, conventions, family
Card VISIT- something could come in your home or someone, stay alert
Card MONEY- good health, gain, positive card
Card LOSS- lost of money, credits, debt, obligation, negative card
Card THIEF- fraud, watch your stuff, someone is after your stuff and partners
Card MISTRESS- love, cheating, good times, energy
Card TRIP- new acquaintances, meetings, journeys, travels
Card JEALOUSY- love scams, cheaters, end of marriages
Card LOVE-  content relationship, good luck, positive card

This are some crucial keywords for each card, it all depends what cards are around and if card is reversed or not. If you want to try your luck and your skills, this deck can be fun and useful 🙂

If you want me to read it for you contact me on my e-mail address-
Or if you would like a Tarot reading, advice or talk 🙂

Have a great day and good luck!



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Tarot reader, astrology admirer, spiritual traveler “Tarot is a practice rich with history and cultural knowledge. It is a science of the mind.” ― Benebell Wen

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