Sun In Twelfth House: Transcending



One of the two Earths most valuable luminaries, Sun, beautiful shining star that makes life possible here on Earth, is one of the most important points in astrology.

Even though in astrology language Sun is described as a planet, Sun is actually a star, the shiniest and biggest one seen from Earth. 

There are many other stars in our galaxy, but Sun could be the most important one, including our nearest satellite Moon.

The Sun - Ancient Tarot of Lombardy:

Ancient Tarot of Lombardy

Sun in astrology

As already mentioned, Sun was part of classical seven planet sect. Traditionally Sun represented vitality and strength of one’s vitality, ruling ones, authority, father figures (with Saturn too, Saturn representing old age), but also it was connected to music and sports.

Sun represents our Ego, but also our potential for conscious creative expression, and our highest chart potential. It also describes our way of how we view authority, and our potential to be an authority.

Sun rules sign of Leo, it’s exalted in Aries, it has detriment in Aquarius and it’s fall in Libra. This means Sun feels good in the fiery sign of Aries, it feels slightly less good in the opposite sign of Aquarius (Leo-Aquarius 180°) and feels worse in the opposite sign of its exaltation – Libra.

This doesn’t mean that Sun in Aquarius or Libra is bad, it just means that self-focus and self-creative expression could be harder to achieve here. Aquarius has problems with authority (Sun), and Libra seem to find it very hard to work alone (Aries) and tends to search for partnerships where she will be able to express creativity, after being secure inside an equal partnership. Aquarius is also very group focused and doesn’t have any wish to rule, unlike Leo.

Sun in sign and house colors the nature 

Whenever I talk to clients about their chart, especially if they don’t know much about astrology, I would often get questions such as: “I’m a Capricorn, but I don’t act like one. Why? “

Then we cast a chart and see Sun in Capricorn being placed in 5th house, naturally ruled by Leo. The fifth house brings subjects such as sport, recreation, children, but also sex, and relationships that are not long-term, or the public, like in the 7th house.

So house placement colors the nature of the planet in sign. Some houses are considered strong, while other houses may be considered weak (such as the 6th house of health/illnesses, 8th house of death/regeneration, and 12th house of where we’re closest to ideal but also the house of sorrow and hidden things, such as our hidden strengths and weaknesses.

No house is good or bad, and it’s completely wrong to analyze them that way. Of course, planet placements is important, especially in the traditional sect schedule, where some planets depending on day/night sect feel better or worse being placed above or below horizons.

Since this is the first post of it’s kind, I took some time to explain and make an appropriate intro for 12 Sun in houses articles. And we’re starting from last to first.

Sun in 12th house

The Sun that’s being placed in the 12th house may feel somewhat lost about their identity and “hidden” from the eyes of the public. Often these people feel like they’re able to see behind of other things, being lead by fantastic creatures showing up in their dreams or thoughts, often offering inspiration and mystical experiences.

"Flammarion engraving (Unknown artist; first appeared in Camille Flammarion's - L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888)" by PoorHighClass in Heavymind - Imgur

“Flammarion engraving (Unknown artist; first appeared in Camille Flammarion’s – L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (1888)” by PoorHighClass in Heavymind

Self-identity is found through various tests of situations. At times, and depending heavily on other aspects, this could indicate a father that was invisible, not present, alcoholic or drug abuser. In other cases, it can represent an inspiring father figure, but still absent in some way.

Pisces house carries some of Pisces characteristic. These characteristics will mix with any sign Sun is in, blending character in two forms (at least lol). This is the house where it’s really easy to get lost as it’s a house of endings and boundaries are not that visible.

Regardless of that, Sun being that planet that offers conscious expression, still gives this native a chance to consciously recognize it is hidden, and choose some way of expression where it can be seen. Usually, Sun in 12th house is very widespread in movie directors, astrologers, spiritual authorities and gurus, but also actors, musicians, dancers, photographers, but also those who fell victims from drugs, alcohol simply not being able to cope with isolation and world – wound. It’s very important to remind ourselves, if we have Sun in the 12th house not to get lost in an ideal world where there is no pain, but to open ourselves and love ourselves like we love others. And sometimes not to take the role of the one being sacrificed.

All the cats


Sacrifice and victim role with any placement in this house can be something we do out of the habit, and constantly suppressing the need for self-expression. Ego here gets lost and it’s recommended to build a healthy Ego, discover higher self and discover a beautiful inspiration that lies deep in the collective unconscious hole, such as Piscean house.

With progressions, this Sun will enter the first house and show itself, so the hope is never lost. Even though early childhood could carry some painful memories, it will make a great impact on the character.  Sun here needs to make conscious decisions of discovering it’s hidden strengths and weaknesses, watch out for hidden enemies, and watch out not to identify with dangerous things; such as black magic spells, curses, doing too many drugs or alcohol.

There have been reports of astral travels when Sun was in the 12th house since it’s a world beyond our reasoning, house of spirit and invisible things. House of magic and fairies, and other creatures not visible to our eyes. Sun and Moon being the eyes of the Zodiac, offer to see such entities. It’s important to always do a ritual of cleaning before and after astral travel, so that body would stay clean of inharmonic astral influences.

So if you’re a 12th house Sun person, I recommend a great book by Dion Fortune called Psychic self-defense where you can find plenty of important pieces of information on how to protect yourself from unwanted psychic attacks and learn some useful cleansing methods.

What do other astrologers say?

“This suggests an emphasis away from the outer world towards an inner direction, in
an attempt to shine the Sun’s light into those darker recesses of the emotions, mind
and psyche. Your conscious identity needs to be redefined in a way which takes
account of your whole nature, and has the healing quality of inclusiveness rather than
tending towards a separatist exclusive bias which has consequences of inner
alienation and personality splitting.
The 12th house has deep associations with the collective unconscious mind, the
personal subconscious, and the past; and it is the psychic content of these that
interferes with and infleunces your present life experience. Residues from the past
and the constraints of ‘unfinished business’ may still litter your psyche, and you may
need a phase of releasing energies and blocked emotions from your nature by
experiencing a healing and liberating inner cleansing . (…)

  • -Haydn Paul, astrologer

Sun in 12th house  keywords

– inspiration from higher places, seeing conscious in collective unconscious, creative self-expression behind the scenes, magic, occult, spiritual, hidden, addictions, fear of self-expression, absent father/authority figure in life, “light body” feeling (especially with connected 1st,12th and 6th house themes), transcendental stages, astral journeys, creative visualization, levitation, mysteries, secrets, creative expression inside closed institutions, expressing authority in closed institutions// falling victim to the unconscious, not being able to express creatively, identification with wrong people, addictions to drugs, alcohol

*this depends highly on conscious/unconscious behavior patterns and other aspects and rulers in the chart

It’s really good for people with Sun in this house to get in touch with tools for divination, such as tarot, dream analysis, symbols, and occult knowledge but to make victim role conscious and not to fall under bad influences. Also to use stones and meditations for healing and making vitality stronger.


Famous people born with Sun in 12th house

  1. Janduz -French astrologer and Kabbalist, the author of “Les 360 degrés du Zodiaque – Symbolisés par l’image et par la Cabbale – Nouveau procédé de rectification de l’heure de la naissance”. Her book was illustrated by Claude Lhuer. The supposed 360 degrees of the Zodiac are very interesting as they suggest a correlation between the 12 Zodiac signs and Pythagorean numerology. This could be the essence of the Kabballa. Her book “The 360 symbolic degrees and their interpretation” (1938) inspired Dane Rudhyar and the Koppejans to study and write about transpersonal astrology. Her “per degree 12*30 astrology” was used by Dane Rudhyar and the Koppejans (Beeldgids van de dierenriem) and others. Another source (1925) of the so-called Sabian Symbols (360 degrees of the Zodiac) is the work of astrologer Marc Edmund Jones who cooperated with the spiritual medium Elsie Wheeler (See:

    Another writer on the subject seems to be the theosopher Sepharial, also known as Walter Gorn Old (1864-1929). He translated the “La Volasfera” by Antonio Borelli in the year 1898. His “The Degrees of The Zodiac Symbolized” contained for every two 360-degree interpretations that were a different healthy-unhealthy version of it.

    Janduz died by suicide on 3/24/1954.

Sun in Cancer conjunct detriment Mars in Cancer in the 12th house did really some heavy spiritual work in her lifetime, Sun/Mars ruler is Moon within last degrees of Libra next to SN in Scorpio. All those enter a t-square involving Neptune/NN in 10th house and 12th house dispositor, Venus in Leo being next to Uranus on one side and Mercury sitting on the ascendant. So final final dispositor is…Sun again. This inseparable connection between these important planets made her a very talented astrologer. Her apparent suicide in the very old age (79 as Astro databank reports) is also very mysterious and very unusual too.

2. Alan Leo-                                                                                                                                            “British astrologer, businessman and author, a Theosophist who is considered the father of modern astrology. Leo wrote a series of astrological textbooks, founded a successful astrology magazine, and established an organization that remains vibrant some 90 years later. He shifted the focus of astrological work from prediction to personal analysis and is responsible for articulating the popular astrological precept that “character is destiny”.

Brought up by his mother in difficult circumstances, Leo had no formal education beyond grade school. He worked in various jobs until becoming a traveling salesman. In 1885, Leo began studying astrology and met F.W. Lacey (Aphorel) and Walter Gorn Old (Sepharial), members of the inner circle of the Theosophical Society. Through them, he met Madame Blavatsky and became a Theosophist himself. He kept his day job as a salesman, however, until 1898 according to “The Astrology Encyclopedia.”

Using the professional name of Alan Leo, he and Lacey decided on November 12, 1889, to launch The Astrologer’s Magazine, later renamed Modern Astrology. Choosing a publication date of July 20, 1890, they gave away free horoscopes to subscribers. In the four years between 1890 and 1894, they dispatched more than 4,000 written horoscopes. When Lacey withdrew in 1894 to pursue other interests, Leo became the sole proprietor. He met his future wife, Bessie, when she became a new subscriber to his magazine and placed an ad. They married in 1896, a relationship that was said to be platonic.

By 1898, the magazine was doing so well that Leo was able to abandon his sales job and give his full energies to astrology. His Modern Astrology Publishing Company grew steadily and built up a big business in astrological materials. In the early 1900s, he wrote several substantial books as well as a number of short works on astrology. His books were so popular that they were repeatedly reprinted, and almost a century later they are still in print.

Through his publications and tireless efforts, Alan Leo became so widely known that he created renewed interest in astrology, but with a different emphasis than astrologers who came before him. Whether by inclination, philosophy or events of his era, Leo emphasized character description rather than prediction. Amidst his success, he was twice prosecuted legally for “fortune-telling.” In the first case, in May 1914, he was acquitted on a technicality. The following year, 1915, Leo established the London Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society, and two years later he was brought back into court on a second case. In July 1917 he was fined £25 pounds, equivalent to over $3,000 in early 2005.

Alan Leo died on August 30, 1917, 10:00 AM in Bude, England, just one month after his second court case. Bessie published his autobiography after his death, in 1919.”

Alan Leo
Yet another famous astrologer, Alan Leo, who also popularized many of modern astrology we know today is a Leo Sun with many Leo planets put in 12th house. His Mercury ruled 2nd house made him a fine trader and salesman, and Sun in the 12th house making a smaller grand trine to Gemini Uranus in 10th house, made his work quite intellectual, being able to connect both active and passive principles, to investigate mind, soul, and body.  We must remember 12th house is also house of jails, and closed institutions, so his life lead him in the way that he was even prosecuted for fortune-telling which he explained that he wasn’t selling fortune-telling, but rather teaching people methods to work with their character and made their life better, as he believed character was destiny. His Sun is also on 14° Leo 52, a degree of the public.

3. Max Heindel –

“Max Heindel, Rosicrucian Initiate and founder of The Rosicrucian Fellowship, was born on July 23, 1865. His father was Francois L. Von Grasshoff, of a noble family connected with the German Court during the time of Prince Bismarck. After emigrating to Copenhagen, Denmark, he met and married a Danish woman, three children being born to them. The oldest of these was Carl Louis Von Grasshoff, who later adopted the pen name of Max Heindel. At the age of sixteen, Max Heindel entered the shipyards of Glasgow, Scotland, where he learned engineering. As Chief Engineer of a trading steamer, he took trips into many lands, thus gaining a wide knowledge of the world and its people. For a number of years, he was Chief Engineer on a large Cunard Line passenger ship plying between America and Europe. Between the years 1895 and 1901, he was a consulting engineer in New York City. During this time he married, the marriage is terminated by the death of his wife in 1905. A son and two daughters were born of this marriage. After going to Los Angeles, California, in 1903, Max Heindel became interested in the study of metaphysics, joining the local branch of the Theosophical Society and serving as its vice-president from 1904-1905. During this time there began to grow within him an increasingly intense desire to understand the cause of the sorrows and sufferings of humanity and to help alleviate them. He began the study of astrology, which he found to his delight gave him the key by means of which he found he could unlock the mysteries of man’s inner nature. The events in Max Heindel’s life immediately subsequent to 1905 are given in the following account of the birth of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. Until his transition on January 6, 1919, he was active in doing the pioneering work of launching the Fellowship, including the acquisition of land for the establishment of International Headquarters in Oceanside, California, the building of necessary buildings, publishing of books, etc.”

Max Heindel
Max Heindel, Sun sitting on 0° Leo (special story) and Moon sitting in 12th house. Sun rules 1st house and ascendant where Fortuna and Mercury are. Being able to transcript the message from unconscious to conscious. Special and emotional contact with something higher than self. Mercury, again on half of the fixed signs makes a quite nice fifth house, retrograde Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius. Max probably enjoyed philosophy subjects and higher learnings and did it with much joy which he was able to express and learn from opposite 11th house (societies, brotherhood) Venus in very intellectual Gemini.

4. Violette Szabo-

“British secret agent during World War II.

She was born to an English taxi driver and a French woman. She spent her early years in France but her family moved to England during her teen years. On August 21, 1940, she married a French Army officer, Etienne Szabo, who was soon after transferred to Africa. She stayed in England and joined the Air Defense in 1941, giving birth to her daughter Tania on June 8, 1942. Her husband was killed in late 1942, in the battle of EI-Alamein. In 1943, saying, “My husband has been killed by the Germans and I’m going to get my own back,” Violette joined a British Paratrooper unit. Because she spoke French, she was sent to France and successfully completed her first mission. On her second mission there, however, in June 1944, she was ambushed by a German patrol. She was imprisoned and tortured. Taken to Ravensbrück Concentration Camp in August 1944, she was executed in January 1945 by firing squad.

After the war, in 1946, she was posthumously awarded a George Cross in 1946. The King presented it to her 4-year old daughter. She was also given the Croix de Guerre. A plaque was erected in her honor on June 26, 1988, at her cousins’ home “Cartref” in Wormelow, near Hereford, England.”

Violette Szabo
secret agent in the house of hidden things and secrets. 🙂 Who would say 😛 Sun in Cancer conjunct detriment Mars in Cancer & Pluto, Mercury rules the 12th house and third house of communication. Not only that, Mercury sits exactly on the ascendant, and it’s retrograde, peeking back into 12th house.  I wonder if she knew where life would take her 🙂

Here are some of the other people I found in my database that is born with Sun in 12th house: Alida Valli (Sun 19°Aries) , Arthur Dee (29° Cancer) , Jessica Adams (02° Leo), Susan Aiu (16° Virgo), Chuck Berry (24° Libra), David Bowie (17° Capricorn), Johnny Cash (6° Pisces), Leopold Sacher-Masoch (06° Aquarius), Jimmi Hendrix (04° Sagittarius), Patrick Swayze (25° Leo), Nancy Spungen (08° Pisces), Tom Waits (15° Sagittarius), Terrence McKenna (23° Scorpio), David Copperfield (23° Virgo) and many others, but you get the picture, right? 🙂

If you’re still confused about your Sun in 12th house and don’t want a general description, perhaps you should schedule a private consultation and reading which you can do through e-mail form below.

Thank you for reading 🙂


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