Tarot report for the 4th of May-4th of June – Energy and activity

Do you feel like the tone of weight is slowly falling off your chest?
Finally, you can break through your own feelings, interpretations, fears and remorse?
Do you feel that energy flow that is slowly but safely coming your way?
Well, release yourself from the chains of guilt, fear, and low stamina, confusion and regrets, the good wave is coming!
Almost like everything was stagnating for the past month or two, wrong words were said, some wrong deeds were done. You had to deal with everything and everyone, there was no rest.
Finally, something’s is going to change.
This bubble of fog and insecurities, delays and misfortune are going to break.
Everything that happened before you will learn how to deal and how to get a good experience from it.
It’s time for work, maybe there are still some lazy moments, but in the mid of May energy will mos def get on higher points, and you will be able to comprehend things that are comin’ in your way.
I m talking about work, about career, about creativity and power.
It’s time to use all of your assets for completing some unfinished work and plans, do it easy though, there is no reason for burning yourself out for your work, but rather to have the right balance with splashes of creativity and organization.
One step at the time, remember the period before was intense, maybe you do not feel consequences now, but they will sure come, so the best way to deal with them properly is to be truth to yourself and push yourself a bit more.
The interesting spread is before me, there are two cards from the Wands suit, and Wands are always telling us about creativity, reputations, goals, work, enterprise, efficiency, aspirations and desires.
Page of Wands that is my first card in this spread is telling us that some news and messages will come into your way, new beginnings are ahead of you, feel that vibe and let it on!
Another card is Ace of Wands, talking about energy? Oh yes, enthusiasm, fortune, will, invention, start, new plans, everything is growing, opportunities are in your hand, just be in the moment and grab it.

Major Arcana Judgment is saying there is regeneration, rebirth, rejuvenation in your way. Spice it all with music, sing, listen to your media devices, be one with the sound.
So, you see, a pretty strong vibe is going on, but card Eight of Pentacles reversed suggest there may be a desire to achieve but some kind of laziness and loss of focus can stop you in your goals. Try to be patient and calm, you are not obligated to do things at once, take your time, breath and be stubborn for your ideas.

I’m rambling about work, ideas, creativity, and nothing about love 🙂

Well, it just may look like it, but, there is a connection with love actions in all of these.
Many new relationships, friendships, etc., are taking place right now.
Well, if you stay focused there can be some great experiences.
You will meet people and feel like you know them for centuries, the connection will be remarkable, but, hold your horses! Misunderstandings are hiding behind a tree because energy flows maybe too intense and you can react wrong on a tiny spark. Try to be tolerant. Communication is the key! Your Ego is not your Amigo!
Relationships that survived last period tend to get stronger, ideas for family, marriage, moving in together, big plans, ideas for vacation. Just try to stand behind all of that, don’t react from passion, think it trough. You may feel that you have all that energy and you maybe have it right now, but think about the future, do not take bites that are too big. This is a warning for finances.
Family situations could be a bit intense, it’s like everybody’s planning something,  BBQs, dinner parties, festive mood is on for some reason. Even with your friends, events are everywhere and you are invited to all of them. Remember to have a rest that you need!

Planning, activities, trips, adventure, work, creativity, energy – are some positive tag words for this month, negative ones are- fast lost of interest, losing focus, megalomania, vanity, greed.

Card’s suggestion for your diet is whole grains.

To calm all that fire in you, and to get a brighter focus to try eating more whole grains, in any form, they regulate the body’s energy and metabolism. They are nutritive and will help you with balancing all these new stuff that is going on through your system.

So to sum things up, it is a very active period,  it is purifying free yourself from limitations that were stopping you for the last couple of months, now is the time when past efforts will yield positive results and rewards, of course, if there were any efforts at all. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Have fun and good luck!

Ija Nazor

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