Tarot Report 11th of April- 11th of May Things are weird!

Have you noticed all the weird emotions, situations and roller coasters that are spinning right in front of you these days?! Well, they won’t stop so soon, so fasten your seat belt, the weird ride is taking the place!
The first card that I’ve pulled is Major Arcana- Strength reversed- that tell us more about helplessness, wrong use of power, domination and manipulation. 
You may find yourself in a position where you don’t know what to do, or what to say, everything is happening so fast and peculiar that you may feel like you do not have any vote in situations around you. On the other hand you may find yourself being harsh and selfish due to some things that you want for yourself without thinking it trough or taking other opinions and wishes relevant.
It’s a vicious circle of loosing control and nerves. 
The best advice is to stand still, count to 100 if it’s necessary, taking a bigger picture, especially on people around you. You are not always right, and your cravings do not need to be taken care of immediately.
Nevertheless, if someone in your close circle is acting up, try to be calm and do not take things so personally.
Like I’ve said things are weird, emotions are gone wild and ego is scrapping the clouds.
Detach yourself from any sudden reactions and breath.

Another card that I’ve pulled is Minor Arcana in suit of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, Court card, also reversed, which tells us about suspicion, inner fear, moodiness and melancholy.
With anger and dissatisfaction that could rise in this period, you will tend to escape in your dream world and start thinking about yourself, but in a dreamy way. All that deep introspection that is provided by feelings of suspicion and mistrust, could trigger some questions that are not really needed to be deal with. The ground of that sentimental and moody state is not solid, it’s more like a boat sailing on the sea of overwhelmed emotions, fear and loneliness. Try not to fall in that trap. Rise above all that, not everything and every one is against you, see your flaws, accept the human nature, heal your bad temper and bad mood with a good book, music, work and love. 
Do not forget about love! It’s normal once in a while to be angry, unsatisfied, with people we love, but they are just humans like ourselves. Everyone makes mistakes, we are not here to judge every step and every word. Relax.


And then we slowly come to the next card in this spread, it’s a Minor Arcana, another Court card, the all mighty Page of Swords.
Why all mighty you may ask yourself, he is just a Page?! But yes, he thinks he’s all mighty, so, let him have that 🙂
He is brave, intelligent, humorous young person, always bringing us some news and messages, he tend to act up like a hero, but he do not have the experience to do so, but sometimes he is not aware of that, and all that courage can easily turn into wrong step, at the wrong time.
Appearing in reading card suggest, that it’s time for learning, for study, for exams and school.
You may receive some news regarding delays and postponing.
In all that circus of freaky, funky and peculiar things, situations and feelings that you may experience in this period, Page of Sword tells you to be tactical and diplomatic, all that will pass, try not to hold grudge for future, be smart and wise.
And the last card of the spread is not that soothing but it’s not so bad either. It is Minor Arcana, reversed four of Swords. It apply to things like social unrest, loneliness, opposition in opinions.
But also that you have the power to undo all that! There are some possibility’s for you, passing by like a fast train, but you have to be alert and on time to catch it! You can do it, try not to splash too much, focus on your work rather than personal drama and then you will surely get things done in a way that you should.
No one to is to blame, blame is not a option. Just work hard and sharp your focus.
Every time you feel disappointment and not-understanding from people around you, do not let that get to you, make that things to be fuel for your plans and actions.
Looking all that, the best advice is not to be too emotional, try to find diplomatic solutions, and think twice before you say something.
That all will pass, but people around us will stay, so be careful in what manner are you doing your communication. Don’t go too deep, don’t think that nobody understands you, don’t feed your anger.
And again- Buckle up, it’s time for a weird ride 😉
Good Luck!

Ija Nazor

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