Tarot reading for the 7th of March-7th of April 2017

As we have  Venus retrograde on the sky and the Moon is skipping into Cancer routine it’s not weird that in this Tarot opening I have pulled the card of Major Arcana- THE EMPRESS.
The Empress tells of how we manage to make ourselves and others happy. She represents giving, sharing,caring, compromise, beauty, love, compassion and the Arts (Venus).
The Empress signifies the ‘queen of life’, the perfect woman, the archetypal mother, and represents the goddess of nature, fertility and sexuality. As the  mother, the Empress is connected to the Earth and the natural rhythms.
With Empress in this reading I have opened  3 more cards- Page of Pentacles –  who represents information, news, learning, skills, intelligence  and King of Pentacles who represents a man who is very talented , but who is also modest and humble. He is adaptable, intelligent, confident, versatile and communicative. He is known to be energetic, curious, enterprising and studious.
And the last card is JUDGEMENT but in reverse way, telling us to not allow fear to hold you back or locked into an unsatisfactory situation. It implies that confrontations may arise from different opinions creating conflict. It tells that you may be blaming others for your own problems, instead of applying yourself and seek for solutions. You are warned that procrastination prolongs the delay.
Judgment reversed may be suggesting of a prejudice and negative attitude which is causing unhappiness.

So to sum things up, and to get a unique information of these pulled cards. This is the  period which may get yourself into deep thoughts, you may also get some news, messages or information about past situations, even in your dreams which will get you thinking and analyzing things from the past and  comparing it with your present situations.

That is not so bad, but it could get you thinking maybe in too abstract way which will  put you in some surrealistic circumstances in your mind.  Surfing on waves of fear and unhappiness mixed with emotions and questions may trigger your beliefs and be very intense. It’s important to know who you are and what you want, slowly embracing all situations that have happen to make a solid grounds for future.
In love and relationships you may start to question your habits, some old/new opportunity may come in your way that will rock your emotions. Seeking for stability will be a hard thing in this period because everything could seem so different from what we used to think. It could be scary but it’s good way to do some “cleaning” in your  emotions, but try to be realistic and be brave. “Solo swimmers” may get some interesting and unusual invitations- don’t overthink, do what you feel is right, but remember, one day it will all come back to you 🙂

The best way to relax from all that roll-coasters is to read some old books, watch old movies, do things in nature, do some art, like photography, capture the moment when everything seems to go so fast and out of way. Do some fine cooking, surprise yourself and your near and dear ones with some new ingredients and spices. Enjoy in scents and colors of the food you are making- potato, sweet potato, carrots and every other root vegetable pulled from the soil to get on your plate should taste great, with a pinch of love naturally 🙂

There could be endless scrolling on your news feed on social networks and some pretty professional stocking – the things you will see on your ex partners, friends etc., pages could be a pretty fun guilt pleasure. But it is better to detach yourself from your ego, help others, be good with women figures and to woman within you, meditate and try to consummate the herbs like Orangeroot, Don Quai and plain Chamomile in tea or in tonics for your well being.
It’s kind a overwhelming period but it’s also necessary- Spring cleansing, don’t dwell in past, stop indulging  your ego, separate what is important and what is not and take it easy.. Did I mentioned to be extra good with women around you ?! Don’t forget that and embrace your femininity regardless what sex you are 😉

Have a great month!

Ija Nazor


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