Step by step: How to read natal chart

Art of natal chart interpretation is wide and complex. Who ever said you will not need any private information from your client was lying.

There is no way we can 100% say, Mars/Saturn conjunction in the seventh house, accident by a lover. Or similar to that, each life and therefore each natal chart is completely unique to that person.

Art of chart reading was hardest in mideval era, most of the people didn’t even know their birth time so chart was casted for the moment. And then, unlike this modern era we have, astrologers actually had to hand draw the whole chart, degrees, look at ephemerides and fixed stars positions and then give a diagnose to their client.

Needless to say, astrology was a privilage only kings could afford. Astrologers were kings closest peers and there was no war started or marriage happened without astrologers opinion on it. Needless to say, again, it was very easy to lose your head in those times if you made wrong predictions.

Psychology and astrology might be the best thing that happened to this era. Since we can talk about all aspects and elements of chart without getting too fatalistic about some placements. It’s enough to know what energies do when they’re balanced and what they do when they’re not. Both sides can be possible and not possible, depending on many factors.

There are some cases when natal chart doesn’t work. It doesn’t work on people who identify themselves with large groups (sports fans, identifying with racial groups (KKK), religious groups, fatantics,sleepers), and it doesn’t work for people that are enlightened because they are consciously making a choice to step out of the wheel.

Rules and ethics

Natal chart can be read only in the presence of a person whos natal chart we’re reading. There are cases when we can look up other person chart but only then in synastry wise, or health wise or such. No personal peeking because this is not alright. Natal chart is akashic records of one person and it’s fair that person knows you’re looking at their strenghts and weaknesses.

Natal chart is a pile of our potentials, but it can also point us to some amazing discoveries. Such as our hidden fears, phobias, traumas and things that are blocking our self-expression. It can show us the way we can go and make the most out of our given potentials. Astrological chart is not logical, nor it should be scientific as science is today. Science will slowly acknowledge astrology and it’s already happening, day by day as we explore quantum psysics more and more.

What client tells you, it should be kept secret, but if a client admits he has commited a crime (such as rape or murder) you should listen to your intuition and conscience and react. We’re not like priests.

What seems to be really liberating experience to some, to some it can become a destructive information.

Death can be mentioned while talking to client, but only generalised themes. As my teacher said, while there is life, there is hope. I thought it was the most powerful thing I’ve ever heard. Since I’ve spent so much time thinking about death and it’s meaning.

So let’s get down to work, I’ll choose one chart from my database and we can start 🙂

NATAL CHART, step by step:

Since Sun was at 7° Sagittarius 48′ when I started this text, I searched my database and among them I found Ted Bundy. Since his life has been more or less known in media it will be easy to see .


First what we’ll do is count elements


SUN, MOON, ASC= 4 points




Let’s do it now:

Sun= Sagittarius= Fire =4

Moon= Sagittarius= Fire= 4

Ascendant= Leo= Fire= 4

Mercury= Scorpio= Water= 3

Venus= Scorpio= Water=3

Mars= Sagittarius= Fire=3

Jupiter= Scorpio= Water=2

Saturn= Leo= Fire=2

MC= Taurus= Earth = 2

Uranus= Gemini= Air=1

Neptune= Libra= Air=1

Pluto= Leo= Fire= 1

RESULTS: Fire (18), Water (8), Earth (2), Air (2)

So to explain, dominant function is the one that is the highest and most natural to us, where we feel comfortable expressing it. Inferior function (Earth and Air in this case) is the one smallest, and we act like it when we’re under stress and we can overly express it at times. It’s a shadow projected onto others.

Fire dominant: vision that needs to be manifested, but with lack of Earth is really hard to do so.

Having no elements in Earth can give us lots of thinking about saftey, lack of practical ways, no feelings about returning what is taken, these people do work for other people, they feel they can’t connect to Earth.

Lack of air gives subjectivity and isolation, hunger for society, they don’t trust their own mind through experiences of life. They lack objectivity for themselves and understand themselves only through others.


MUTABLE: Sun, Moon, Uranus, NN, SN, Mars 12

FIXED: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter,Saturn, Pluto, Chiron, Asc, MC 19

CARDINAL: Neptune 1

Fixed signs are focused on one thing, they’re not flexible and they’re slow. They give their attention to making wishes come true, they resist changes.

Mutable signs are flexible, indecisive, they often fall under others influence, relationships are really important, they can’t stand boredom, they’re not so sure what they need to do in their life.

Lack of cardinal: they accept their existence but don’t do anything about it, there’s a huge need to prove themselves through different activities, they don’t have a feeling for the right moment.



Now that we found a sign, we can look at what’s important about the sign of Leo, and take a look at his aspects.

Sign of Leo is the center of creativity in the zodiac. Leo becomes the worst when he’s not creative. Leos don’t have the need to prove their worth in front of others but when disbalanced Leo will show autocratic behavior, speaking of themselves, self promotion, acting like dictator just to get to their throne and that is the biggest issue in Leos who deny their creativity.


Sun aspects

In this chart Sun has no major aspects, it makes 150 to Chiron, but we can call it “unaspected” Sun since it makes no major aspects to any planets.

People with unaspected Sun will have a hard time in finding themselves, in discovering who they are and what they want in their life. They can’t understand or see how willing thay are to make everything how they want and how they force themselves in right and wrong time. These people can’t see what they’re doing.

Creativity urge is strong, they’re full of vitality, but their enthusiasm comes and goes. In one moment they’re shiny and bright, in other moments they’re cold, dark cloud where we can’t recognize them anymore. This can point to identitiy problems in both sexes.

Moon aspects

Moon conjunct Mars (4S09)

This we can  immediately take as important. There is some issue with women in this mens life. Also problems with mother in early age. There is intense inner need to react fast and agressively. Emotional conflicts, eruption of emotions.

There has been a point in their childhood where they didn’t express their anger and had to be quite about their emotions. They react very fast, in the moment. In danger, they’re brave, with no fear.

Mother was dominant, and imposing her will on their sun. Mother was in competition to her sun. In the family past there is some conflict that is passing on.

Moon opposition Uranus (2A47)

Emotional need for freedom, unconventional lifestyle, shocks in childhood. Emotions are not stable, unexpected mood changes. Family that moved often. Emotional independence. Unusual relationship with mother (ambivalent mother). Huge wish to free himself from the past. Stranger in his own country.

Moon trine Pluto (4S20)

Strong emotional story. Intensity of feelings. Need for going deep into roots of our feelings. Need to cure our emotions. Heavy things in family. Killing their own feelings. People often ask them for help. Need for intense emotional interaction. Doubt in others. Interesting and strong bond to mother (mother either cares for a kid a lot, or doesn’t care at all). Mother that has detective impulses, mother had to give kid lots of private space, and be there when kid needs emotional support.


Mercury conjuct Venus

Charm, people that enjoy reading. Artistic potential, good for dancing and art promoting. They think and speak of values. With both being placed in Scorpio we can also think of Persephone and Hades myth and how Venus in Scorpio made Mercury think about Scorpio themes, death and imprisonment.


no aspects


Mars trine Saturn

Longevity, stamina. Impulsivity and discipline. Paralizing individuality, war with authorities, incapability to express anger. Scared of competing with others. Violence theme: either they are the victims, or making others their victim. Something with relationship with father is not right. It’s possible father was violent or not communicative. Sometimes this can point to fathers that were soldiers or fathers moving because of work. There is a huge fear of losing control. This is very sensitive placement for men. There is a fear of domination.


Mars sextile Neptune

There is a strong feeling they’ll become victims in the end. There can be addictions of alchohol and drugs, maybe they’re not users, but opiats are around them. There is not a clear picture of sexuality. This can be very inspirational for art and music .

Mars trine Pluto 

What comes to mind- must be done. Deeply suppresed anger from childhood. They were forced not to fight because of lack of power. There was a physical or emotional damage done to this person. This people are recommeded not to go to war or fight , it’s connected to PTSP. What needs to be done is going through the process of release. Breathing excercises, do something intensive. Martial arts, drumming, doing something where we can move. Sexual relationships are intense.


See you in part 2… :*


BTW. If you wish to book for consultation, or have trouble understanding your natal charts and main themes of your life please contact me in form below. Also here’s a poll on Sun signs. Enjoy!







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