Aquarians, original punks!

In my head I’m trying to come up with how should I start this text. I was thinking something like: “So I’m a Leo…” and it just hit me how funny this is.

Of course Leo would start a sentence like that, especially Leo in Sun, Moon, Mercury and south moon node. A person with that many planets in Aquarius would probably never start a sentence in this way, putting themselves first, such as Leo does.

It’s really funny once you understand opposites / complementary signs. I can’t really remember when was the first time I ever met Aquarius, but it was not until after high school, when I started going out, meeting people, joining groups and courses.

Actually, joining a graffiti workshop, I’ve also met someone who became a very close friend of mine, who introduced me to astrology that had Aquarius moon, opposing my Leo moon. We became close friends but also have breakups in friendship. Opposites have such a strong potential, but both sides need to get what they need.

Astrology and Aquarius

Quality: fixed

Element: Air

Male or female sign: oscillating between male and female

This sign has a structure of vibration, changing poles. If we want to know a place where we oscillate we should look what houses are ruled by Aquarius in our chart.

That part of chart becomes very important for us, because in that spot we should be expressing ourselves in a dynamic way. A place where we should be active and creative because Aquarius becomes horrible when he is bored.

Aquarius will sometimes even provoke problematic situations because of boredom.

In a similar, but different style than Leo, Aquarians are expressing themselves in creative,but non-personal way. They also have tremendous need for freedom and destroying any rules that are standing in the way of expression, especially old, outdated rules that restrict freedom. Let’s say, Aquarius is destroying rules made by leading ones (Leo), which is why these two signs could function together like pattern filled glove on hand.

Through the opposite sign of Leo, Aquarius can learn something about their self identity and Leo can inspire Aquarius to express themselves more. Aquarius always gives a feeling of being different, being from somewhere else. Aquarius children always make a step out of their family, being black sheep , or simply being different from the rest of their family. They have come to this world to do something different. 

They’re much more relaxed when they’re working with a group, but they need to be careful of losing their identity. 

This is a sign of joint projects, group, individuality, unity, respecting what is unique in others and different.

Voltaire Moon 2° Aquarius 00′ (rating C)

This is a social sign, always taking a chance to fight for a freedom of individual and justice. They have intuitive and inventive mind and are always fighting for freedom of expression.

Some of negative characteristics can involve problems of not fitting into any unit, always insisting on their uniqueness; being different from others, forcing their own eccentric ideas on others, asking constant freedom from something and then clashing with others because of forcing their own will.

They need to develop their individuality and fit into a group where they can freely express themselves with no restrictions to make society better.

There are Uranian Aquarius that is turned towards future, inventive, free- minded, modern and futuristic. And Saturnian Aquarius that’s turned to traditional values, but still different. Saturnians connect past & future together.

This sign is everywhere except in present moment. It’s connected to ankles, teeth and circulatory system, especially in legs.

It’s connected to occultism and hermeticism, especially in magick, astrology and divinatory techniques.

Symbolon card for the sign of Aquarius and planet Uranus.

Different Aquarians 

What I’ve learned deeper in astrology is that there were two kinds of Aquarians. There are Saturnian type, and Uranian type. Saturnian types are more serious, more prone to tradition but not in Capricorn way, they’re still turned to new things but they’re claiming traditional values. While Uranian type is very much in the future, very inventive (even when coming up with solutions to problems) , free minded, modern and always step ahead before anyone else.

Some people will say it’s wrong, but I’ve also met very different Aquarians, either they’re serious, polite, friendly, involved in groups, not prone to drugs or drinking, more scientist type or they’re type of what society rejects, either because they don’t approve certain lifestyle these people are having, but these are people who can put tons of drugs in them, handle it like a pro, do it again and so on. Their artistic potential always amazes me. I have not met a single Aquarius that doesn’t do something unusual, new, interesting, provoking.

I think this is why I started appreciating them so much in past few years when they finally came into my life, either through art or friendship. Both Leo and Aquarius care for people, but Aquarius seems to have that kind of feeling of welcoming everybody, and giving everybody in the room sense of value. I don’t know how to describe it, I just never really saw anyone in that sign degrading someone or making groups smaller just because they don’t like that person.

This is truly the sign of friendship and it teaches us what it really means. It also teaches us about non-attachment which is really hard to learn. Not to have any expectations. Loving but not too much , loving in friendship, friends-lovers, loving your lover like a friend.

This doesn’t mean that all Aquarius people have friends with benefits (I haven’t met one yet), because that is generalizing. I’m talking about how Aquarius needs a lover that can also be his/her friend. Because when you’re friends before lovers, there are many adventures to go to together, discover new things, simply enjoy life together.

Aquarius people through the history 

So by searching by astrological database for people with both Sun and Moon in Aquarius, I’ve found several interesting stories.

Yes, each of these people are different, but you will notice that also each of them had a part of them that shocked provoked thoughts , trolled , or was simply something unusual. 

Angela Davis, Sun 05° Aquarius 24′ conjunct South Moon Node 06° Aquarius 12’S, Moon 17° Aquarius 12′ all in 10th house trine Uranus 04° Gemini 57′ R & Mars 06° Gemini 25′ with 5th house Neptune 04° Libra 07′ R. Revolution spirit that shocked, a voice that was heard. 

We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.

-Angela Davis

Angela Davis 

Angela Yvonne Davis (born January 26, 1944) is an American political activist, academic scholar, and author. She emerged as a prominent counterculture activist and radical in the 1960s as a leader of the Communist Party USA, and had close relations with the Black Panther Party through her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Her interests include prisoner rights; she co-founded Critical Resistance, an organization working to abolish the prison-industrial complex. She was a professor (now retired) at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in its History of Consciousness Department and a former director of the university’s Feminist Studies department.[4]

Davis was prosecuted for conspiracy involving the 1970 armed take-over of a Marin County, California, courtroom, in which four persons were killed. She was acquitted in a federal trial.[5]

Her research interests are feminism, African-American studies, critical theory, Marxism, popular music, social consciousness, and the philosophy and history of punishment and prisons. Her membership in the Communist Party led to Ronald Reagan‘s request in 1969 to have her barred from teaching at any university in the State of California. She was twice a candidate for Vice President on the Communist Party USA ticket during the 1980s.[6] (from Wikipedia page)

You can see Angela Davis natal chart here.

Kenneth Anger 

Making a movie is like casting a spell.

-Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger has Sun 13° Aquarius 34′, conjunct Mercury 17° Aquarius 49′,all in 3rd house with Moon 28° Aquarius 00′ conjunct Venus exalted 01° Pisces 12′ conjunct Jupiter 03° Pisces 38′. Wow! Such as busy house of communication, thoughts, speech with very eccentric, occult and spiritual combinations. Interesting fact is that Kenneth said he never used speech in his movies.  29° Capricorn 33′ at the cusp of 3rd house, Saturn in Sagittarius conjunct his ascendent making squares to his third house stelium. Neptune in Leo in 9th house making 180° to stelium and sensual Tauren Mars in 6th house of work. 

Kenneth Anger (born Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer February 3, 1927) is an American underground experimental filmmaker, actor and author. Working exclusively in short films, he has produced almost forty works since 1937, nine of which have been grouped together as the “Magick Lantern Cycle”.[1] His films variously merge surrealism with homoeroticism and the occult, and have been described as containing “elements of erotica, documentary, psychodrama, and spectacle”.[2]Anger himself has been described as “one of America’s first openly gay filmmakers, and certainly the first whose work addressed homosexuality in an undisguised, self-implicating manner”, and his “role in rendering gay culture visible within American cinema, commercial or otherwise, is impossible to overestimate”,[3] with several being released prior to the legalization of homosexuality in the United States. He has also focused upon occult themes in many of his films, being fascinated by the English poet and mystic Aleister Crowley, and is an adherent of Thelema, the religion Crowley founded. (From Wikipedia)

You can find Kenneth Anger natal chart here.


Colette has Sun 09° Aquarius 06′ conjunct Moon 11° Aquarius 34′ in fifth house making oppositions to ruler Uranus 03° Lava 36′R, and of course same ruler making another opposition to first ruler Saturn in his sign, placed in very deep house of past, family. Saturn is also conjunct Mercury, ruler of 12th house.  If you are confused, it’s good to mention Saturn rules both 3rd house of communication, thoughts, writing and fourth house of family. Mercury is in sign of Capricorn, and Mercury rules both 9th house of publishing and 12th house of hidden things, illusion, closed insitutions, something that is finished. But also photography, Pisces related things like movies, music, dancing, inspiration.

Colette (French: [kɔ.lɛt]; Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 28 January 1873 – 3 August 1954) was a French novelist nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1948.[1] Her best known work, the novella Gigi (1944), was the basis for the film and Lerner and Loewe stage production of the same name. She was also a mime, an actress and a journalist.(Wikipedia)

French writer of voluptuous fiction, drama, criticism, and literary correspondence for a newspaper. Colette’s personal life was a bedroom farce with male and female lovers who included her husband’s 18-year-old son while he ran off with a Romanian aristocrat. A complete sensualist and libertine, amid her extraordinary carnal energy, she managed to produce some 50 volumes, journalism, film scripts and an average five letters a day. Throughout her long and unconventional life, France’s greatest woman writer devoured with the passionate hunger of an emotional glutton all the sensations of love and hate, sex and ecstasy, jealousy and pain, joy and grief that she could absorb, digest and regenerate. Along with sexual abandon, she danced naked in theaters and music halls. Her books spoke openly of sex from the awakening urges of teenagers to the last desperate flings of fading courtesans, the longings of young women and ménages a trois between people of all ages and sexual tastes. (

You can find Colette’s natal chart here.

Jenny Kee

Mars 28° Capricorn 34′ conjunct Sun 02° Aquarius 48′ with Mercury at the same degree. All in second house of wealth, values, nice things, art. Making oppositions to first ruler Saturn 05° Leo 39′R, and Pluto 12° Leo 24′ all in 9th house of foreign culture, distant travels, foreign language, country. Higher philosophy, and also Sun is ruler of 9th house which brings her fame through fighting for freedom for unique self-expression. 

Jenny Kee (born 24 January 1947) is an Australian fashion designer. She was born in Bondi to a Chinese father and a sixth-generation Australian mother of Italian/Anglo Saxon descent. Kee started her career in fashion in modelling, at one time featuring as the face of Canadian Airlines advertisements.[1] She was married to Australian artist Michael Ramsden for 21 years.[2]

In 1965 she moved to London and became involved in the Swinging London and underground scene,[3] where she sold ethnic and retro clothes, cast-off Dior clothes, and Indian embroideries to a hippy clientele at the Chelsea Antique Market for Vern Lambert.[citation needed]

She was in a long-term relationship with artist Danton Hughes, son of the art critic Robert Hughes. Danton Hughes committed suicide in their Blackheath home in 2001. (Wikipedia)

On inspiration: It’s a hard one to look past nature, because every form, line and spot — everything -— is recorded in nature. All graffiti is in a gumtree. I find it very hard to look past that. Of course art like Picasso, Monet, Matisse — that particular era is the art that I love. But Aboriginal art, I can never go past. I am just standing looking at an Emily Kngwarreye right now. Where do you go past nature? Aboriginal art. It just takes my breath away. The instinct that is in them, the raw nerve that goes into these art works. It just feeds me. Because it is what I am — I’m instinctual and expressive, and Aboriginal people paint that way.
Read more here.

You can find Jenny Kee natal chart here.

Okay, so these people all had both luminaries Sun & Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

Here is a list of some more people with Sun, Moon, and Rising sign in Aquarius.

Sun in Aquarius: Angela Davis, Edward Snowden, Jennifer Aniston, James Dean, Neil Diamond, Yoko Ono, Leopold Sacher- Masoch, Colette, Dr.Dre, Alice Cooper,  John Travolta, Virginia Woolf, Alicia Keys, Bill Maher, Jenny Kee, Sharon Tate, Natassja Kinski, Riff Raff, Josipa Lisac…

Moon in Aquarius: Pope Francis, Angela Davis, Hamilton Howard,  Tito, Stephen Arroyo,  Dane Rudhyar, John Dee, Edward Kelley, Kenneth Anger, Woody Allen, Colette, Uma Thurman, MC Hammer, Brian Molko, David Copperfield, Swizz Beats, Patti Loveless, John Lennon, Manly Palmer Hall, Marina Abramović

Aquarius rising: Pierre Roy, Dion Fortune, Jiddu Krishnamurti, William Lilly, Matt Damon, David Bowie, Jim Morrison, Leopold Sacher-Masoch, Anton Szandor Lavey , Billie Holiday,  Odetta Holmes, Nina Simone, Carl Gustav Jung, Whoopi Goldberg, Janis Joplin…

If you have any questions, or wish to book consulation you can do it through the contact form below:

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