Cold Moon in Gemini, literally…

So each full moon in one year has it’s own name, this December full moon is in the sign of Gemini, and it’s called Cold moon. For cold symbolism we had Sun conjunct planet Saturn the other day, so we definitely felt that cold.

Everything seems a bit cold, since the only planets in fire signs are Sun and Saturn in Sagittarius, and  slow moving Uranus that is wilding out in the sign of Aries.

Our emotions and relationships have been in a testing mode for a long time now, yet again we experience Venus and Mars in Aquarius, non-personal sign, sign of friendship, sign of humanitarian societies, sign of science and metaphysics. But Aquarius is not a love bug. Aquarius is more friendship and freedom oriented, so many Leos will experience sense of cold, rejection and loneliness; since we all have to remember Saturn as the first ruler of Aquarius from the past times.

Image result for aquarius and saturn art

Yes. Uranus is Aquarius ruler too, but we can look at it this way. We have Venus and Mars in Aquarius, first ruler is Saturn (restriction,lessons to be learned), which is currently in the sign of Sagittarius and conjunct Sun (vitality, creativity, consiousness). Second ruler is Uranus, retrograding in Aries for a long time. So can we see the stories being connected here?

We have planets of relationship, sex and creativity being restricted but given chance for conscious growth and understanding. Yes, we have that chance but we also have a problem.

Many relationships are failing for a long time now. It’s a test for the strongest ones. Foundations (Saturn) are being shaken by earthquakes (Uranus) and we’re experiencing it all with our eyes (Sun/Moon). By talking to many number of people I could see similarities in their relationship stories, yet I still had to focus to save my own foundations in my personal life.

Who ever says they’re immune to transits is lying, especially if they’re not already learned. You can handle transits, yes. But transits will still play role in the heavenly play, maybe they’ll not be manifested in real life, but maybe in a creative work, or for example in the directors creating of a movie. But don’t think that some transits will be ignored. Simply said, Universe has it’s way of showing us lessons (in a more or less pleasant way) depending on our attitude towards it.

What to do? What the fuck is going on?

That’s the moment when you realize picture is crystal clear and you’re about to confront shadows and projections. Projections is a key word here. Most projectful couple of signs is Aries (me) and Libra (others).


Opposition is an aspect that forms when there is 180 degrees between planets. It’s an aspect representing two complimentary signs. Each of them so different that forms a whole when integrated. Both sides are constantly dragging their own way. Each actor wants his part in the play. We have Jupiter at 18° Libra, almost reaching degree of biggest fall of the Sun, and not only that but he is a Sun/Saturn ruler.

It will be very, very important for us to look at midpoints and sabian degrees of these planets that are playing important roles. Not only in our personal lives, but mundane matters too.

Full Moon in Gemini in us, represents a symbolic for our emotions and our feelings of unsaftey need to be verbalized and spoken of. We need to think but not stress our nervous system with it. Both planet Moon and sign of Gemini are of oscilating, changable nature. Moon changes phases, while Gemini changes thoughts.

Uhm..yeah, not so sure I should open that Pandora's box. Partial quote from 'Red Book.':

Gemini and Sagittarius are complimentary signs. Gemini collects many many images and informations but doesn’t know how to make something of it, how to see the big picture and Sagittarius can see that big picture, a bigger sense. Both can do wonders education wise, learning or teaching. If you can collect many information and put it in the big picture, you might have a hint how to solve this opposition. Both signs mutable, one in air (thought) and other in fire (vision). Luckily we have Saturn as a ruler, to manifest visions. But we feel that our mind is one big mess, one the one hand we see everything, but we also see nothing. Seems like destiny is taking a route only a higher sense (Sagittarius) would know about.

Reality is always plural and mutable. Robert Anton Wilson:

Yet Jupiter is in the sign of Libra being busy solving opposition to Uranus in Aries. So so busy trying to understand a need for love and closeness (Libra) and a need to break free and alone (Aries).  Uranus likes to act rough and wild out when he gets bored. And heh, guess what sign has no patience and wants to go his own way, to break it off and  tells you to fuck off? Aries. Yes, so we have two sides again, that need to find balance.

Lovers don’t seem to find time for each other, everything is busy and rushed. Libra is not happy. She wants closeness and cuddling, kisses and flowers, she wants peace. She wants things to be fair. And Aries thinks there is plenty of time for that later not taking Libras emotions in conclusion. We’re confronted with shadows of selfishness and giving love. Jupiter in Libra will give too much and feel left out. Aries will think he’s super and his ego will be boosted. We need to find balance ASAP.

So we need to look at the midpoints of certain oppositions.



Sun/Moon midpoint 21° Pisces 58′

“Man comes down from mountain Sinai bringing the new Law. ” (M.E.Jones) – mandate, enforcement

This symbol speaks on our interation of higher laws with laws around us and inside us. If we use this in a positive way we can succesfully transfer our highest experiences to others. People who manifest this in the right way will always act right. Of course there will be some patience needed for this to be acted out and lots of self-sacrifice. Lesson to learn here is to change our view on morality and ethics.

Because in the negative play of this degree may make our morality weak and our ethic choices wrong.

Some keywords for this degree include: moral renewal, role model, new religion, responsibility, inspiration, warning to the people, self-sacrifice, restoring order, legalisation, consistency, addiction to pleasures, wastefulness, dangerous sexuality, seduction, moral fall, prostitution

Midpoint in Pisces also tells us to carefully choose our idols and what we worship. Take a look at details and the big picture of what we became passive and victim to? It could be an ideal relationship, ideal job, ideal religion what serves us no longer, even harms us in some way.

Moon/Saturn midpoint is on 20° Virgo 25′

“A girls basketball team.” (M.E.Jones) – expression, qualification, integration

This degree brings such a strong and important picture for us all. And just as I mentioned full moon in Gemini is about verbalizing (expressing) our inner insecurities and feelings that are cloggin up our minds, and our body. We can look at this symbol as if certain emotions and thoughts are going through a competition in order to qualify or fail in the process of integration.

Some of our thoughts and feelings have a harmful effect on us. Especially when midpoint is in Virgo, we tend to overthinking and analyze all the small details that anybody ever said to us (Moon). Moon remembers everything, and wants to build sheild (in this case with words and thoughts) to protect itself from being harmed. Saturn here offers a chance for integration and physical manifestation of all those things that bother us. Take a pen and a paper and write, simply let it out, or talk to a somebody about it. Even this that you’re reading right now, is a part of a creative healing process between me and you.

Keywords for this midpoint degree: common goal, finding your own place, common actions, adaptation, coordination, sharing tasks, speculations, conformity, selfishness, greed, avarice, stiffness, indifference

In relationships with others, and relationship with ourselves we need to find common purpose as soon as possible. Lovers need to be reminded what brought them together and what is their common goal, as they seem to be forgetting. There should be shared goals and visions, and actions too. If one person is trying to save a sinking ship and other one is jumping up and down for ship to sink faster, nothing will happen. Ship will sink, and lovers will become enemies. Saturn is cold and avoids emotions, Moon can’t help but feel. Moon needs to be taken care of just as Saturn needs to know the order.

Both sides need to learn how to cooperate and coordinate their common path instead of turning into hateful enemies, which is so possible with all these influences around us. And what may seem like a chaos is actually buildin us and preparing us for something bigger and helps to shape our spirit for something else.

Be prepared to accept the view that spirit is not absolute, but something relative that needs completing and perfecting through life. ~Carl Jung; CW 8; P. 645.:

Let’s do more midpoints for projections, to see Jupiter and Uranus midpoint.

Jupiter/Uranus midpoint is on 19° Cancer 03′

“Gondoliers singing serenade” (M.E.Jones) – emotions, show

At times we feel we’re basically choking on our own tears and emotions are too deep and too intense to express; wether it be an anger, or sadness this degree speaks on different roles in our psyche and emotions that play their roles in our own movie. What we need to understand is that we are the director of the play and we need to give appropriate roles for parts of ourselves to play our. If we ignore the actor, it will become worse, and maybe even play out roles we hate.

For example we can take relationships. Everything is going great, then when certain changes happen (action) we see ourselves reacting in the way we would hate it (reaction). We project shadow (what we don’t want/fear etc.) on other person. Sometimes when you hear couples arguing, you can even sense the hatered. It’s because connection we once had is forgotten, clogged with different kinds of feelings, but feeling of fear and being left alone is the main one.

Keywords: emerge, exaltation, joy of living, positive thoughts, building our ideal world, manifesting talents, imagination, creativity, romance, social integration, transience, neglecting needs, sacrificing talents, subjectivity, dangerous emotions, sinking

“ Cupid and Psyche   (1810)   ”     by Henry Fuseli

Cupid and Psyche by Henri Fuseli


In conclusion…

Current skies are very childful playful kind of. Chart signature is mutable air which is Gemini, very mental and childish kind of sign. Gemini doesn’t feel emotions, he thinks about them, and anti signature is cardinal fire, which is Aries. We may feel very intelectual in our thoughts, and outspoken about emotions that bother us. On the other hand, just because there is a lack of some element doesn’t mean that some people won’t project bad traits of Aries such as hiper sexuality and selfishness. Chart shape is locomotive with a leading planet Jupiter, being in the degree of Sun’s biggest fall- 19° Libra.

Think, then act. Express your emotions and thoughts through a creative process of art or simply speak your mind, but don’t let emotions take over you. It’s important to know your emotions and yourself, but just remember this is simply a passing moment in the wheel of life which exists only in now.


We need to be reminded again and again of how much we are valuable to world as a whole, to collect pieces of us and to integrate it. To remember we’re the creator of our own play, we’re the director and we’re all the actors at the same time.

We don’t need others to confirm our value, we are just as valuable as everybody else. Shadow work, or meeting your shadow and things you project is so important because it helps process of building so much more. If we don’t confront our shadows, each time there will be a similar lesson to learn, with different actors and a bit different screenplay.

Important questions to ask ourselves during this period are:

  1. What are my goals?
  2. What are my longterm goals?
  3. How much I am ready to handle and sacrifice?
  4. What are parts of me that belong in past that I need to let go?
  5. Am I feeling loved and safe?
  6. How can I fix shaken foundation I’m standing on?


Also pay huge attention to your dreams, some fears and shadows may project in the world of dreams. Write them down and think about them. What is that you’re scared of? How can you feel safe? What do you need in order to feel safe and are you ready to work on it?



May you have a nice thinking, and feeling of full Moon in Gemini.  I know I haven’t mentioned any harmonic aspects like trine between Moon and Mars and Mystic Rectangle in the form with Moon-Jupiter-Sun-Saturn-Uranus, but Mystic Rectangle can only express if we deal with what’s inside – oppositions.

I’m finishing this up in the Moon hour on the day of Mars. Mars and Moon are making a trine. Perfect time to ACT ON YOUR EMOTIONS.

Much love,

Hermit Fool






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