Ascendant decans and their faces, literally: AQUARIUS

(cover art: David Bowie sketch by Sara Captain remixed by @kozmonaut_23)

Aquarius decan 1 (0°Aquarius to 10°Aquarius) rising

Slikovni rezultat za william lilly

William Lilly, astrologer (09° Aquarius 57′)

Slikovni rezultat za sara aldrete

Sara Maria Aldrete, serial killer (01° Aquarius 11′)

Slikovni rezultat za matt damon

Matt Damon, actor (06° Aquarius 01′)

David Bowie (09°Aquarius 10)

Slikovni rezultat za billie holiday

Billie Holiday, jazz musician (02° Aquarius 06′)

Slikovni rezultat za carl gustav jung

Carl Gustav Jung, psycho-analyst  (03° Aquarius 08′)

Slikovni rezultat za kim basinger

Kim Basinger (9°Aquarius 48′)

Slikovni rezultat za coline serreau

Colline Serrau, actress (06° Aquarius 52′)



Aquarius decan 2 (10°Aquarius- 20° Aquarius) rising

File:Publiciste Germaine Greer, Bestanddeelnr 925-6493.jpg

Germaine Greer (13°Aquarius 15)-writer, icon of the modern feminism

Slikovni rezultat za dion fortune

Dion Fortune, writer and occultist (16° Aquarius 26′)

Slikovni rezultat za jiddu krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurti, philosopher and writer (18° Aquarius 53′)

Slikovni rezultat za jim morrison

Jim Morrisson, musician (12° Aquarius 51′)

Slikovni rezultat za leopold von sacher-masoch

Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, journalist and writer (15° Aquarius 28′)

Slikovni rezultat za franco corelli

Franco Corelli, opera singer (14° Aquarius 02′)

Slikovni rezultat za tori spelling

Tori Spelling, actress (15° Aquarius 01′)

Whoopi Goldberg, actress (15°Aquarius03′) (Photo: Academy of Achievement)

Aquarius decan 3 (20° Aquarius to 30° Aquarius) rising

Portrait of Magus Anton Szandor LaVey in front of his altar

Anton Szandor Lavey, writer, occultist, founder of the Church of Satan (23°Aquarius 55′) (


Slikovni rezultat za odetta holmes

Odetta Holmes, actress, human rights activist (20° Aquarius 01′)


Image result for christina aguilera black and white

Christina Aguilera, singer (26 Aquarius 22)

Image result for orlando bloom black and white

Orlando Bloom, actor (21 Aquarius 42)

File:Audrey Hepburn auf dem Bürgenstock (11).jpg

Audrey Hepburn,actress (28°Aquarius 37′)

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